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Links for 6.10.10: These are all links, it doesn’t matter what day it is.

*Reading: Even just the opener of this Robert Hass The Believer article on Chinese poetry makes it worth the read: “The sky over Beijing on an October morning in 2008 was the color of a bruise, a livid yellow-brown that, my friends explained, was a sandstorm off the Gobi Desert, plus inversion, plus smoke from the coal that heats and powers the city, plus automobile exhaust.” All of those things at the end of the opener are things I like. In the abstract. [harper’s]

*Video: The History of the Typewriter Recited by Michael Winslow. Whom you may know from a series of Steve Guttenberg cop movies whose name must not be uttered. Watch this video. Also, ask me some time about my 1937 Royal Deluxe. [pocket monster]

*Beverages: Beer in a Box. In the fridge. In my mouth. [notcot]

*Books: What classic books wouldn’t get published today? Robert Rowland Smith says “The Waste Land.” “Lolita.” I want more. Not just a graf on it. [mktg]

*Videogames: I was unfamiliar with Theremin Hero until today. TODAY, a day that will live in infamy. Anyway, I don’t even really know what’s going on here, nor the actual day of the week.

*Twitter: Some links from Twitter people: Samhey writes Simultaneity, a story that feels like a modern-day cross between Kafka and Bulgakov. And these two drink guides from Insooutso and Sloganeerist are well-written, informative, thirst-quenching, and feel somehow also life-giving. Huh?

*Pets: Laurie Anderson’s Music for Dogs, a concert for DOGS reminds me of Bros Icing Bros. In what way, I don’t exactly know. YET.

*Today’s links: F.


the listenerd remains ill

*Update: Do not panic.

*Games: I have posted about how the rules of Scrabble need to be changed previously, citing a letter to the editor that appeared in a recent issue of the New Yorker. The Wall Street Journal is now on the case. HOLD UP. Doesn’t Nate Silver have an exclusive contract to write these kinds of article for the rest of the year?

*Music: According to the Performing Rights Society (and the BBC News), revenues for live music in the UK have overtaken those for recorded music. I love this quote: “We’ve been doing some maths back at the office.”

*Charts: Some of the charts in the blog referenced at the end of this sentence have popped up on other sites previously, but I do recommend checking out the USA Sitcom Map along with the other graphic goodness at Dan Meth. I feel like Dan Meth and Andrew Kuo might get into a fight some day. Just like Nate Silver and that Wall Street Journal guy. [mefi]

*Twitter: The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy wants you to write a song about Linda Rondstadt on Twitter.

*Jobs: Don’t read The Economist if you are easily Depressed. See how I capitalized that?

*Beverages: The New Yorker tells you what to drink in a recession – The Long Island Iced 401(k), The Bear Market Shot and more. I’ll be honest: I’ve cut my alcoholic beverage consumption in half over recent months. Mostly because I’m fat.

*Items: Buy these gorgeous straight razors now as a novelty item, rely on them to protect and provide for your family post-economic collapse.

*Note to Google Reader: Google Reader, if we can’t push through like 3,000-4,000 items in an hour, we are going to have a REAL PROBLEM HERE. MFer.

*Today’s links: C-. Too much commentary. IDIOT.

Links for 12.27.08: Pianocktail maker, 2008 = fail, Springsteen’s Wal-mart embrace…

*Inventions: “The pianocktail is a piano that mixes drinks based on the combination of keys played.” [waxy]

*The T-shirt Economy: The New York Times looks at music and licensing. Well, the article starts out on the licensing front, then talks about 360 deals, jingles, and the various challenges of the music business as a whole.

*Lists: Adweek joins in the list-making herd, with the top five “branded music” initiatives.’s “Yes We Can” for Barack Obama and Chris Brown’s Wrigley jingle make the cut. [largehearted boy]

*Words: More on this year’s buzzwords from the New York TimesThe year of the fail. [kottke]

*Social music: co-founder Richard Jones talks about the operational challenges of managing the data the music social network has collected. “It is a huge challenge; the common numbers are something like 300 million different tracks that we’ve recorded (that’s in tons of different spellings), and about 20 million different artists.”

*Money: Bjork is backing a Sustainable Investment Fund. [Tepid swan joke.]

*Retail: Bruce Springsteen will be putting out a greatest hits album that will only be available at Wal-Mart. If things keep going the way they’re going, Wal-mart may soon be the only physical retailer left. [xrrf]

*Local: The St. Paul Winter Carnival will have an indoor blues festival this year. Here’s the schedule. Indoors?

*Twitter: Read these three.

Links for 8.4.08: Lollapalooza sounds, Walkmen recordings, $.03 cent tunes…

*Listen: The Walkmen have recorded a Daytrotter session. OF COVERS. [music slut]

*Downloads: Largehearted Boy has started a page aggregating downloads from Lollapalooza 2008. If you were too old to go. Also: Here are some videos of Wilco playing Lollapalooza.

*Keyboards: Mental Floss has collected 5 legendary musical keyboards, including the Mellotron and the Minimoog.

*Television: Fleet Foxes is on Letterman tonight. Or is that Fleet Foxes are on Letterman tonight? Whatever it is, it will be hippie. [three imaginary girls]

*Digital strategy: One Chinese music platform, Wawawa, is selling tracks at $.03 apiece to combat piracy. Too expensive? Variety has a little more on the plan. [wiredset]

*Goodbye: has closed. I hate most of them. There are a lot of social media sites out there. That is all I will say about the situation at present.

*Hardware: Skullcandy has made an iPod dock that looks like a pipe.

*Local: If you aren’t drinking Prairie Vodka, organic and packed in corn, you need to order yourself a Prairie+Tonic. Or a prairie fire. Except made with vodka. OK; I’m done. (I was in no way coerced – positively or negatively to post this – I happen to love corn kernels as packaging. Thank you.) [minnpost, though about a week after it hit my inbox from 3 other sources…]

Links for 12.10.07: Non-news, Imeem’s coup, Pac-Man X-mas +

*OK: WEIRD. The readers of Hypebot (or maybe one particularly vehement reader especially) have nominated the listenerd in the category of Best Music News Blog. For the record, I do not really consider this a music news blog at all, but rather simply an “amalgamation of crap that is interesting to me” blog.

*Social music site Imeem has signed Universal to a contract; now has deals with all four majors. Wow. (More at BusinessWeek. [mashable]

*Culture Bully tries to call the top ten music videos of the year.

*Bono on U2’s next album: “There’s some trance influences.”

On a tangential note, new listenerd readers should note that I hate Bono. [vicarious]

*Stereogum is worth $5M. OK, nice. [idolator]

*How would you like to read an interview about a list of lists? OK. [fimoculous]

*Commercial: If you want to support Pandora, you may perhaps buy their trippy posters for your friends.

*It is by now well known that Fark has tried to copyright NSFW. Those motherfuckers. Oops.

*Local: The A.V. Club interviews Dan Wilson.

*Cracked does good lists these days. The 9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums of All Time: Vanilla Ice, Nelson… [mediaor]

*Off topic: The Pac-Man Christmas Tree.

*Not THAT music-related, but I recommend perusing the Esquire Drinks Database. For the sake of your palate. [josh spear]