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Links for 11.20.08: …

*Sexy men: Salon says that one of those preppy Ivy League dudes from Vampire Weekend is one of the sexiest men alive. I really liked that “Oxford Comma” song. But not THAT much. I mean. Not even close to that much. [largehearted boy]

*Multimedia: BuzzFeed highlights Paintings on Books, which I liken to people recording videos of their phonographs playing old records, then posting those videos on YouTube. Which is to say, LOVE.

*Videogames: The wondrous Waxy offers a collection of videos of Meta-Musicians, real rockers playing their own songs on Guitar Hero and Rock band. A few weeks ago, I sang Corinne Bailey Rae on Sing Star, though I am not Corinne Bailey Rae myself.

*Digital Rights Management: Apple is talking to more labels about offering their music through the iTunes store without digital rights management.

*Chinese Democracy: You are just three days away from claiming your free Dr. Pepper. Three days. Do not miss this or you will have to pay up to $1.25 for a Dr. Pepper in the future.

*Retail: I did not know that customer service wizards Zappo’s moved their slow-moving stock to 6pm, but now I do.

*Microsoft: Zune has cut prices. I would here like to make a bold stand and say that I prefer saying the word ZOON to saying the word EYEPOD. I’m just sayin’.

*Trends: New York Times columnist (and former Slate columnist) Rob Walker on some of my (and my day job’s) ideas. [Everything redacted.]

*Holidays: First Avenue will hold its second annual “Too Much Turkey” Thanksgiving dinner. [mfr]

*Economics: Perhaps you should listen to Nouriel Roubini on the state of world economics. And then cry. For almost ever. [3 quarks daily]

Links for 11.9.08: Hip-hop tots, Toby Keith’s pits, Swiftian acumen…

*Breaking: Toby Keith shaves his armpits. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!111111

*Country: First the New Yorker, now this? So everybody is going all Taylor Swift on us now? Of the 18-year-old Swift, lobotomized former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler says, “She’s a really smart businesswoman, smarter than a lot of 40-year-olds I know.”

*YouTube: MGM is ready to put full-length movies up on YouTube. Watch for “Bulletproof Monk” and “The Magnificent Seven.”

*Rumor: Is Sony BMG ready to go DRM-free on iTunes after all this time? And will anyone besides tech nerds care? Or maybe it really matters and I’m just tired? Gosh!?

*Toilet reading: This reading is ABOUT toilets! GET IT!?!?

*Music for rich people: Fred Wilson from A VC talks about music on the Sonos with the iTouch.

*Hip-hop: “Hip Hop Speaks to Children” brings the lyrics of Queen Latifah, Mos Def and Kanye West to tots.

*Twitter: Twuffer lets you tweet from the future. I had lasagne for dinner tomorrow night.

*Meta: I put the listenerd on Facebook. I don’t really even like Facebook!!!! Swearz!

Links for 9.23.08: Bono vs. Palin, Gay Aiken, hip-hop Muppets…

*Gaywatch: Clay Aiken is gay. AND he is attracted to men. For reasons sexual.

*Politics: U2’s Bono will meet with Sarah Palin tomorrow. Perhaps you are waiting for me to make an inappropriate joke about two human beings whom I dislike intensely. When I have a couple beers in me, people. When I have a couple beers in me. Ugh. [daily swarm]

*Furniture: Who wants to sit on Hercules’ face? [apartment therapy]

*Ubiquitous: Kanye West is working on a pilot of a Comedy Central show that involves PUPPETS, somewhat like a “black Muppets.” FWIW: I would recommend the classic Muppet Show episodes to even the most adult viewers. Excellent television. [everywhere]

*Lodging: Red Roof Inn taps the power of country music, using music from Phil Vassar and Little Big Town as its telephone hold music and to otherwise promote the motel chain. Personally, I’m a Motel 6 kind of guy. Sometimes a tent. [licensing plate]

*Music biz: DRM-free tracks “[haven’t] moved the needle” according to music execs.

*Local: A contributor to the blog Perfect Duluth Day helps DIY geeks make their own instruments on MAKE. [mnspeak]

*Hodgman: John Hodgman has a new book coming out – “More Information Than You Require” – and Wired has interviewed him about it, as is warranted. I corresponded with Mr. Hodgman for my regular job once, and he was exceedingly polite. That was my brush with fame for 2007.

Links for 8.1.08: Radiohead thieves, Bono haters, Kanye explains…

*Clarity post: “Clarity post will be my new thing 2 de-spell all false rumors.” And by my, I mean Kanye’s. Although since I believe that I normally err on the side of clarity on this blog, I may institute something called an obfuscation post. And perhaps this is the inaugural one. Thank you. (Also: I have been drinking wine.)

*Local: Brooklyn Vegan interviews Brother Ali, who is good. He hates 98% of underground rap. And for that, I love him.

*Music: Rhapsody adds U2’s music to its catalogs, DRM-free.

*Charity: There is now a movement whose sole purpose is to bribe Bono to leave public life. And I did not start this movement. But I wish I had. Rather than just sitting around griping all the time. [xrrf]

*P2P: Illegal downloaders of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” greatly exceeded legal downloaders (who could get the album for free).

*Drumming: On 8/8/08 the Boredoms will hold 88BoaDrum, a performance that will have 88 drummers on each coast. I don’t understand why all these drummers needed!!! Also: It is a NIKE event, but I don’t know if it is NIKE who is pushing all of these DRUMMERS on us.

Links for 6.20.08: Girl Talk samples, Toby Keith’s movie, Diesel’s pants…

*Has the music industry abused us? “To me, Apple’s success with iTunes and its ability to sell 5 billion songs since its launch is an awful event.” Also: Who is “us”? [medialoper]

*Top 45 free music sites: Free, unless you consider the time you have to waste wading through the ads peppering this list a form of payment. Which I do. [red ferret]

*The Wikipedia page for Girl Talk’s new, name-your-own-price album “Feed the Animals” already contains a wealth of information on the samples used.

*Marketing: Diesel will be selling mud-resistant jeans and giving out free underwear at some European musical festivals this year. Mud-resistant jeans. [psfk]

*Listen to the oldest recordings of computer-generated music. Recorded in 1951, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is every bit as powerful today. [waxy]

*The composer of some of the music John McCain is using for his ads is getting annoyed. Also: Who knew McCain was using videogame music?

*Toby Keith: Screenwriter.

*Semi-related: Why does your voice sound different when you hear it from a recording? [magnetbox]

*Off topic: The long-awaited video game Spore started releasing some teases the other day with a Creature Creator download. Within 48 hours users were creating porn creatures.

Links for 3.5.08: Radiohead socializes, Napster earns, Beyonce hitches…

*Radiohead launches a social network. I wonder if 50 Cent will become a member.

*Jay-Z and Beyonce got married. [concrete loop]

*Wal-mart’s music store goes DRM-free without SonyBMG and WMG.

*Napster’s revenue is up again. Yes, Napster still exists.

*Pop culture embroidery: Check out everyone from Bowie to Madonna to REM and more. [pop candy]

Just 3 links for 3.12.08

*Sperm for Tickets: “We need sperm donations, you need festival tickets.” I love it? [xrrf]

*Puretracks will soon let Blackberry users download DRM-free music? I have a Pearl.

*Gibson is suing Guitar Hero for patent infringement. [paidcontent]

*The low number of links is due to my exhaustion. But I will not be destroyed.

Links for 2.15.08:’s future, Google’s music, Spore’s sound…

*Holy buzzword watch: Google, ad-supported, drm-free, music, China.

*The Alternative Consumer tracks down some chic and eco coasters – made from record holes. I want.

* of the Black Eyed Peas claims that mobile music is the future. This is the man who sang “if it smells like elephant shit, it must be us.” Fair warning.

*The music generating algorithm (whaa?) for much-anticipated videogame Spore was created in part by Brian Eno. [listening post]

*Read: a mock Diablo Cody script. Annotated for your pleasure. [defamer]

Links for 1.23.08:’s strategy, Yahoo’s MP3s, Diddy’s shift…

*As signalled yesterday, has announced a change in its model. Users can now stream full songs up to three times, with CBS generating revenue for these kinds of users through advertising. Users who want more can pay a subscription rate for all-you-can-stream. [uk register]

*Yahoo’s been very active in the digital music space of late. Today, Mashable floats the rumor that Y!’s prepping to sell drm-free music digitally (or offer it via an ad-supported model).

*P. Diddy will now be going by the name Sean John. [musicfilter]

*Read: The Village Voice’s Pazz + Jop. [fimoculous]

*I’m all ears: speakers shaped like gigantic earbuds. [geeksugar]

*More gear: A stone turntable. Soothingness, Bedrock style. [crave]

Links for 12.28.07: Bono in 3D, Fergie in love, Strike Beards…

*HUGE NEWS: Fergie, our favorite pants-peeing diva from the Black Eyed Peas, is now engaged. And not to her craft. To Josh Duhamel.

*HUGE NEWS: The New Yorker on Strike Beards. God, huge beards rule.

*If you hate Bono as much as I do, you will probably not like U2 3D, a web production / 3D rendering of a live stadium concert by the band. [josh spear]

*Seriously: Fergie, Bono and awesome beards all in one day? X-mas effing miracle.

* offers up the Top Ad Music of 2007: Cat Power for diamonds at #8. (I really wish this site would update more often; it’s great.)

*Amazon adds Warner Music to its MP3 download store.

*Yes. A list. Top 5 Rock Songs Played by Classical Musicians.

*Black Eyed Peas ringtones are over. Get a tone that reminds you to keep your New Year’s resolutions. [textually]

*The A.V. Club interviews Walk Hard star and director Jon C. Reilly and Jake Kasdan.

Links for 12.23.07: Dylan went electric, Segway soc net, BMG MP3s…

*Sony BMG is ready to jump into MP3s with artist-specific digital download album cards. Weird way to do it.

*Is the Virgin Megastore so done with Union Square? [brooklyn vegan]

*Readable: an essay on Bob Dylan and electricity. [murketing]

*It exists: a social network for Segway enthusiasts. [mashable]

*Hardware maker Neuros has introduced an “unlocked” logo to indicate that products and files bearing it are DRM-free.

Links 12.21.07: Top ringtones, GHIII wireless, Brother Ali’s box…

*From AT&T: The top 10 ringtones of this year include songs from the likes of Soulja Boy, Fergie and Akon. [hypebot]

*iLike and Qloud hop into OpenSocial. With widgets.

*Lou Reed will be delivering the keynote speech at the 2008 SXSW Music Conference and Film Festival. Maybe I should go? [the daily swarm]

*The Future of Music: Super-compressed DRM-free files.

*Fimoculous has come out with its Best Blogs of 2007 That You Maybe Aren’t Reading. Otherwise known as 25 blogs that are better in concept than they are in practice.

*BB Gadgets highlights the iPhones “Rub My Clit” application (NSFW). Oh my.

*Verizon has secured an exclusive wireless deal for Guitar Hero III. [hypebot]

*Mashable runs down its top music stories of 2007.

*Local: Brother Ali’s boombox is available on eBay. [mediation]

*I would be remiss if I did not pass along Am I Wasted (not exactly safe for work – or safe for the holidays). Buddy Lee.

Links for 11.28.07: Weather Channel jazz, Starbucks rock, Sleater-Kinney vidgames +

*Twitter informs me that The Weather Channel Jazz album now holds the #2 spot on the Contemporary Jazz Album chart. Also, AHN says so.

*Starbucks is doing a John Lennon video album with EMI and Apple. Starbucks is now the keeper of the culture, people. DEAL. [via the MUCH-HATED FOR ANTI-POPULIST WEB PRACTICES digital music news]

*Kanye West and Evel Knievel have kissed and made up after a copyright battle over the use of the latter’s image in a Kanye video. [idolator]

*Let me get this out there: I can’t stand Slate (it’s the worst kind of “news magazine” – pandering, headline-heavy fluff). OK, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein reviews Rock Band in it. [via fimoculous] On a tangential note, Kotaku wonders if Guitar Hero is screwing musicians.

*Non-embedded video of the Beatles singing Help! [boing boing]

*The Berklee School of Music is launching an industry (music production, songwriting, theory, business) blog network. [daily swarm]

*READ: Ad-Supported Music Central’s take on the future of the music industry and the impact of DRM-free tunes. With charts!

*Nominate your favorite music blog for an award. And I mean that rhetorically, I assure you.

Links for 11.27.07: Ashley vs. Britney, CD vs. Vinyl, Zune vs. iPod +

*Deutsche Grammophon is launching an online drm-free store of classical music. [techcrunch]

*The Shins are helping pitch both Zunes and iPods. (Maybe Ben Bridwell should try to get Target on the phone, too?) [gigaom]

*Shredz64: A geek tries to connect his Playstation Guitar Hero guitar to a Commodore 64. [waxy]

*Listening Post digs up 1993 MTV footage of the CD vs. vinyl debate.

*[Video] He Said Gimme More: Ashley Tisdale vs. Britney Spears. Are pop videos interchangeable? [guardian]