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Links for 5.3.10: 21 Ways to Leave Your Beer Gut Behind

*Swears: Get ready for a fuck-ton of links.

*Food: I think I speak for America when I ask KFC to take White Castle’s lead, and start creating candles that smell like their more gluttonous products (none of which I have eaten); most importantly, the Famous Bowl.

*Salutations: Golden Fiddle captures the vocabulary of hello. Come baaaaaaack, GF.

*Breaking: I am not one of the 40 Bloggers Who Really Count.

*America: This hamburger image is strangely beautiful. I would totally eat a candle that smells like these look. [c-monster]

*The Internet: Web Editor Blake Eskin talks about the New Yorker’s online presence. Have I mentioned to you how much I despise the listenerd’s online presence these days? I have design problems. Ugh. You know this.

*Furniture: Campeggi has designed this sofa that encourages you to abuse it. Physically. [geekologie]

*Woodworking: Holy cow, check out this totally metal non-metal guitar. My god. [neatorama]

*Apps: You can now put a Roland TR-808 drum machine straight out of the early 1980s onto your iPhone.

*Children: Look at this headlamp made out of a Lego guy. INNOVATION AT WORK.

*Instruments: I have linked to Wave Organs before, but here’s a short write-up of one in San Francisco from the NYT. Wave organ. Organ. Heh.

*Fragments: The tagline of Wait, What? is the best of any blog I have read in a long time: “the last sentences of hypothetical conversations that you wish you were a part of.” [coudal]

*Personal: We have been posting infrequently because my three-year-old child does not want to go to bed at a reasonable hour any more. We regret the inconvenience.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: dot matrix printer used as a drum machine

It sounds kind of like one is printing off a school paper. Or a letter. Or any of dozens of other written materials. [little-scale]

More printer sounds (and music hacks) here, by Paul Slocum.