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Video: John F. King’s homemade drums



Video: 13-year-old girl plays Rush on drums


Video: Electronic drumkit t-shirt from Think Geek


Video: Hang drum solo

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.viralvideochart. posted with vodpod

Video: The Musical Rumba Table

It is a table that is a drum. [uber review]

Video: A sampling, drum-playing robot

Let’s Make Robots has made a robot that plays kick-ass percussion.

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Video: Bert and Ernie playing drums


Video: Drum battle pitting Buddy Rich vs. The Muppets’ Animal

From The Muppet Show. [murketing]

Video: People from 1-100 hitting a drum

One after the other.


Video: A five-year-old drummer rocking

Igor Falecki can play.

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Video: More drums – the history of the Amen break beat

Mesmerizing audio, with a vid that features a phonograph spinning soothingly for 18+ minutes! The narrator has an even drier delivery than I do.

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Video: dot matrix printer used as a drum machine

It sounds kind of like one is printing off a school paper. Or a letter. Or any of dozens of other written materials. [little-scale]

More printer sounds (and music hacks) here, by Paul Slocum.