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Links for 7.22.08: A Lennon movie, Miley goes green, amazing movie mashups…

*Movies: John Lennon’s childhood is to be depicted in a forthcoming movie, Nowhere Boy.

*Moneys: TicketLeap is a platform that allows event organizers to sell tickets to their concerts or events. The venture has recently received $2M in funding.

*Mashups: Kottke collects a number of YouTube mashups that combine movie scenes (often poignant) with music that doesn’t fit them at all. I don’t even like Monsters, Inc, however I guess I like juxtapositions such as these.

*Things I Did Not Even Know: Miley Cyrus’ single “Breakout” is an eco-anthem. Despite covering both the music and sustainabilities spaces extensively, I did not know this. [grist]

*Local music: Jayhawks Gary Louris and Mark Olson talk about a forthcoming Jayhawks reunion album. I listened to the Jayhawks a lot in college. I’m not sure what that says about me, but if you know, please contact me with your analysis. [heavy critters]

*Off-topic video: Groverfield. Would a St. Elmo’s Fire muppet mashup be too much to ask for?

*Off-topic video: Watch a man kick himself in the head for about a minute straight. [esquire]

*Upcoming: I have read a lot of hate about LISTS on the internet recently and I am now currently preparing a vigorous defense. Please look for it. (In short: lighten up.) GOODBYE.

Links for 7.9.08: Lil Wayne marketing, torture music, pays indies…

*Money: will pay royalties to unsigned artists for the songs streamed through their service. Label this! Hypebot captures the response of Merlin (the “indie major”). [techcrunch]

*Torture: Torturers might owe royalties to artists for the music they play over and over to torture victims.

*Cellular: Call a rapper, get a freestyle ringtone. [WAIT – my day job?]

*Television: Wine bar music comes to Sesame Street as Feist performs with Elmo on PBS on August 11th.

*Industry: Is myAWOL (My Artists Without Labels) a new kind of label? Which is to say a media channel meant for music and optimized for the internet. (Hey, that aside wasn’t droll at all!)

*Contest: Would you like to compete with Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. to create the best song from the lyrics of The Honeydogs’ Adam Levy? It’s for Minnesota Public Radio! OK, I would not either.

*Tapes: The Cassette Tape Pouch. It does not play music.

*Marketing: NPR deconstructs Lil Wayne’s marketing strategy for The Carter III. [the rap up]

*Politics: Barack Obama gives a shout out to Weezy’s lyrical skills at a Georgia campaign event.

*Song title of the day: “Too Drunk to Fuck” by Buckcherry. Video.

Video: Elmo does “Casino”

A follow-up on the Bert and Ernie “Casino” dialogue run previously.


Links for 10.11.07: Madonna Nation, Peefork effect, office collars +

*The WSJ reports (and, of course, kicks off a media frenzy in so reporting) that Madonna is close to signing a 10-year, $120M deal with Live Nation that would cover concerts, merch, her next three albums, and a bunch of other stuff. The latest “seismic shift” for the industry.

*The Brooklyn Rail on “Gauging the Pitchfork Effect.” A pull: “Pitchfork now averages 160,000 visitors each day. It’s a safe bet, however, that of those 160,000, zero would admit to actually liking Pitchfork.”

*George Harrison’s albums are now available on iTunes. [pop candy]

*MarketWatch interviews Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks. I don’t think “the jukebox in the sky” is that great a tagline. Just saying.

*For the easily distracted (and those who work in open offices): The Office Collar. [via textually]

*Language: Read this if you love swearing as much as I do. MFer. (Unfortunately, it mentions Bono. But still.) Also: Words change faster the less they are used. Hence the never-changing eff word. [the latter via ]

*Local: Minneapolites between 5’7″ and 5’10” should read this.