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Video: Hüsker Dü live at First Ave, 1985

Two local notes: Conrad and Scott Seekins

Ignore this if you are not a Twin Citizen. (Related, though, is a topic that has tickled me [in a bad way] since I started nosing around our online culture – the strange, seemingly disproportional, geo-parochialism of Twin Cities bloggers. I’m repeatedly surprised about how many Minneabloggers’ conversations seem so strangely, strenuously local. It’s like we’re living in a physical world instead of a world of ideas or something. But I have digressed.)

OK, business. Via S4xton’s tumblr comes this post asking the world who the “mysterious” Conrad whose name is being celebrated on a silver First Avenue star (featured in the accompanying photo) is. I’m not sure what’s funniest about the post – the question itself, the “wonderful,” or the failed Wikipedia search. And I’m not just saying that because Conrad is uncle Con. The appropriately sheepish followup links to a couple of tumblr posts – or just see these.

Secondly, I saw Scott Seekins yesterday and dutifully recorded it on Seeking Seekins.

Links for 11.20.08: …

*Sexy men: Salon says that one of those preppy Ivy League dudes from Vampire Weekend is one of the sexiest men alive. I really liked that “Oxford Comma” song. But not THAT much. I mean. Not even close to that much. [largehearted boy]

*Multimedia: BuzzFeed highlights Paintings on Books, which I liken to people recording videos of their phonographs playing old records, then posting those videos on YouTube. Which is to say, LOVE.

*Videogames: The wondrous Waxy offers a collection of videos of Meta-Musicians, real rockers playing their own songs on Guitar Hero and Rock band. A few weeks ago, I sang Corinne Bailey Rae on Sing Star, though I am not Corinne Bailey Rae myself.

*Digital Rights Management: Apple is talking to more labels about offering their music through the iTunes store without digital rights management.

*Chinese Democracy: You are just three days away from claiming your free Dr. Pepper. Three days. Do not miss this or you will have to pay up to $1.25 for a Dr. Pepper in the future.

*Retail: I did not know that customer service wizards Zappo’s moved their slow-moving stock to 6pm, but now I do.

*Microsoft: Zune has cut prices. I would here like to make a bold stand and say that I prefer saying the word ZOON to saying the word EYEPOD. I’m just sayin’.

*Trends: New York Times columnist (and former Slate columnist) Rob Walker on some of my (and my day job’s) ideas. [Everything redacted.]

*Holidays: First Avenue will hold its second annual “Too Much Turkey” Thanksgiving dinner. [mfr]

*Economics: Perhaps you should listen to Nouriel Roubini on the state of world economics. And then cry. For almost ever. [3 quarks daily]

Links for 8.23.08: Bjork v. P-fork, Coltrane’s house, Metallica streams…

*Video: Chromeo plays Live from Daryl Hall’s House. Who’s next? Daft Punk playing at his house? [waxy]

*Haterade: Bjork hates Pitchfork even more than you do. “just read that credited nico muhly for the choir arrangement of “hidden place” from vespertine . also that he has done string arrangements for me . this is not true . journalists : please read the creditlist before you write your articles” [music slut]

*Jazz: Second-graders fall in love with jazz legend John Coltrane. Then they try to save the house in which he wrote “A Love Supreme.” [fark]

*Streaming: You can listen to Metallica’s new single, “The Day That Never Comes,” on MySpace legally, without being sued. [pop candy]

*Local: Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue has redesigned their website. Now with 50% more pulsating! The history section is worth a read. They also twitter when shows are announced or sold out.

*Viral video: Rob Walker looks at Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” YouTube series. Personally, my favorite part is when a lot of toxic dust comes wafting out of the blender.


Links for 8.20.08: Can songwriters make a living selling clothes?

*Royalties: Lyric Culture sells clothes with song lyrics on them, with the songwriters receiving royalties. Seriously, the twitter fortune cookie idea wasn’t that outrageous… [ypulse]

*Sap: A few months old, but a 33-minute NPR interview with the couple from the movie “Once.” [buzzsugar]

*Bands: Paste magazine takes a look at up-and-coming bands: Bon Iver, Wale. [pop candy] (Thanks for the dumb-ass interstitial ads when I try to go out the door Pop Candy!)

*Rich people: Forbes lists hip-hops richest moguls of 2008. [daily swarm]

*Local: Read the Reveille review of Bon Iver’s recent concert at First Ave: “I’ve been to sold-out shows at First Avenue before, but not like this one. Even in the back of the room, the fringes of the crowd were just as rapt and reverent as the ones at the front.” (At this rock club, they will shush you if you so much as rustle during a Low set.)

*Huh: Toby Keith is a Democrat.

*Off topic: Shoes that look like waffles. [neatorama]

*Olympics: Race Usain Bolt with your fingers. [jimray]

Links for 7.30.08: Fergie’s acting, streaming Palooza, Biggie vs. Mick…

*Faves: Listenerd favorite and Black Eyed Pee siren Fergie will soon take a break from singing about her humps and play a prostitute on the big screen in Nine. [vulture]

*Talk: Interview with Fleet Foxes – ” We’re not trying to pull the wools over anyone’s eyes so if people want to call us hippies that’s totally fine.” [largehearted boy]

*Lollapalooza: AT&T will stream some of the festival live from here. If you are too old to go.

*Pics: Words and photos from the recent Hold Steady thing at First Ave. (Disclosure: I work with the byline dude. He’s tall.)

*The Beat: The Frisky rounds up masturbation songs. For your pleasure. (Wait, wasn’t that Green Day song about this activity? Hello?) [buzzfeed]

*Mashups: Notorious B.I.G. vs. The Rolling Stones = Poppa Was a Rolling Stone. I can’t get a lot of satisfaction out of the way you call me Big Poppa. UH.

*Found: An unreleased recording of the Beatles was recently discovered in a Liverpool attic. Is it weird that I have cited news items on Dylan, the Stones and the Beatles all in the past two days, a couple of them regarding the discovery of previously unreleased materials? At the day job we talk a lot about the emergent age of near-infinite information persistence, but it seems that a marked lengthening of captured data’s life began 50 years ago. Also, I have been getting up at FIVE FUCKING THIRTY IN THE MORNING, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

*Local: MFR reminds us all that Minneapolis hip-hop band Atmosphere is the musical guest on CBS’ Late Night with David Letterman tonight.

*Off topic: Jerry Lewis has been carrying a gun in his luggage. And that is not a euphemism. (No idea.) [medialoper]

Links for 1.22.08: Uncle Con,’s evolution, death metal names…

*LOCAL AND MUSICAL: Uncle Con (Conrad) in the papers again. Pic of him setting up for M.I.A. in a story on a day in the life of First Avenue. Also, I did not know that the side entrance is called “Conrad’s Door.” [via mediation + overheard at a late x-mas celebration this weekend, but not followed up on. I kinda suck as a local blogger.]

*News conference tomorrow: CBS to morph recent acquisition into a video endeavor? Tune in…

*The incomparable Metal Sucks points us at some of death metal’s most over-the-top band names: Torsofuck and Squash Bowels, to name just two.

*Dancing with the Stars contestant Mark Cuban says that the album is dead.

*If you are obsessed with Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights,” maybe you will like it even better with R. Kelly singing a bonus verse. [vulture]

*Have you ever wondered how an audio recording of a shower running would sound when played in other bathrooms? You may be an artist.

*What are the opportunities for makers of mp3 players wishing to court the SpongeBob demo? (Kinda good!)

*The New York Sun profiles Cat Power.

LOCAL video: The Replacements playing First Ave’s Seventh Street Entry in ’81


Links for 10.10.07: Jaiku scores, Rainbows drops, Techmeme sinks, UK band flops +

*Google buys Jaiku. (Is this an example of not learning a lesson from the pre-purchase YouTube / Google Video battle? The lesson being that a product’s mojo matters.)

*It’s In Rainbows time. Here’s Peefork’s guide to the new Radiohead album.

*Turns out, Techmeme doesn’t push much link juice.

*Digital Music News on how Reznor plans to take heis music to straight to the people.

*David Carr writes in the NY Times about how rock stars are the new big screen rock stars.

*Check out the real-life inspirations for the venues in the soon-to-be-released videogame Rock Band. No First Ave. [kotaku]

*Would you like a rubber cellphone? [geek sugar]

*UK Band Batch Totem releases its album on a floppy disk. Hardcore retro geeking. [BB]

*Medialoper is tracking Wilco songs on TV.

*Local Halloween: Surly brings the Darkness. [via MNSpeak]

Video: Tay Zonday’s Oct. 5th First Ave performance

The video quality’s bad, but the crowd goes NUTS prior to Mr. Zonday singing “The Can’t Dance” on October 5th at First Avenue. He opened for Girl Talk.