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Links for 5.25.09: Beards, Twitter, Wilco, the New Yorker, the Marshmallow Test

*Obits: Jay Bennett, formerly of Wilco, died in his sleep at 45.

*Photography: People in pollution (amazing). [harper’s]

*The Marshmallow Test: “Don’t” is a great read from the New Yorker about how self-control among kids is a key indicator of future success and a current area of study.

*The Crash: Lovely “Flight of the Conchords” tour posters. I like the second of the two posters, if you have been wondering about it for the past one-hundredth of a second. [lyrical_miracle]

*Art: The newest New Yorker cover was drawn on an iPhone.

*Twitter: Billboard takes a look at Twitter and the music business. After using Twitter for three years (on maybe half a dozen accounts) and writing about it (often in conjunction with music) innumerable times, I think I’m hitting a wall.

*Facial hair: A world beard champion has again been named. Funny, but I just shaved. The circle of life. [buzzfeed]

*Grade for today’s links: Don’t ever give up.

Video: Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Again, there is no show on television more likely to have snippets or video clips of it IM’d to me.

Links for 2.4.09: Videogames as old books, Hipster run-ons, SWEARING…

*Mixed media: Era-swapping media mashups come to video games. Read up on these games imagined as old-timey books.

*Interviews: The Village Voice talks to Carles of Hipster Runoff, the man who inspired me to create a podcast. Turns out, I’m a shitty podcaster. (Did you know that on-air epigrams just create a whole lot of radio silence? FACT!) A quote from Carles, “I feel like the “Carles” part of HRO is insignificant, and it probably makes the site easier to digest without “some dude” attached to it. It’s more of a naive, bro-like, third-person omniscient tone.” [lots of people!]

*Affection: Kiss Me in 3-D allows shut-ins with 3-D glasses somehow on hand in their homes to pretend to kiss a three dimensional man or woman on their laptop screen. FUN? [pop candy]

*Machines: Ze Frank made a little application that lets you draw with your voice. Here’s what happens when you run some well-known music through it. [waxy]

*Cursing: If you like the eff word, you’ll love reading a transcript of Christian Bale’s recent expletive-filled on-set tirade. (Strongly recommended.)

*TV: Michel Gondry is slated to direct an episode of “Flight of the Conchords.” Throw in Radiohead and Kanye West and you have the four winds of the blogging world, all in one place. (Not sure what that means.) [spincity]

*Blogs: I don’t follow the inside blog game that closely, but it’s interesting that the company is spinning parent blog Babble’s spin-off from sex-blog Nerve as a strong sign for the baby. You’d think buy on sex and sell on sippy cups, but Babble just raised $2M in funding.

*Update: Like Dr. King said, I will overcome. I don’t think he was talking about me, though. And I now he wasn’t referring to my just being really tired.

Video: Flight of the Conchords’ “Sugar Lumps”

Flight of the Conchords is back. Here are some “Sugar Lumps.”


12.14.08: Famous musical muses, Musclephone, Wear Your Music…

*Muses: Meet the people who inspired such songs as Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” as well as “Layla” and “Suzanne.” If you haven’t met them already. [mefi]

*Fashion: Spendy guitar strings from Wear Your Music combine cause consumption with the reuse ethos of the sustainability movement. Famous musicians donate their guitar strings, which get made into bracelets and sold to fans. The money goes to charity. Spendy, but a decent idea. (Looks like you can get an Avril bracelet for $150!) [treehugger]

*Songs: BuzzFeed puts together a playlist of earworms.

*Dessert: Chocolate Grace Jones. Thank you, Kanye.

*Lip dubbing: Offer up your best lip synching to the musical stylings of “Flight of the Conchords.” I have been told that I have a similarity in features to the ugly one. [urlesque]

*Fitness: The GettaGrip Musclephone is a cellphone with hand exercisers built in on either side of it. God, I hope this is the kind of shit I see a ton of at the Consumer Electronics Show. [textually]

*Twitter: Read this and this and this. Now do you understand what I’m talking about?

Links for 8.19.08: Sparking iPods, Dirt McGirt Rap Snacks, Muxtape’s woes…

*You need to read about punctuation; or do I need to? (See what I did with the ; there?) (And the parentheses there?) And there! [coudal]

*Lady news: Tough times. Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement is now off the market. He got married. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

*Law: The RIAA pulls the plug on Muxtape.

*Apple: Overheating iPod Nanos (with sparks!) have Japanese officials investigating safety concerns.

*Consumerism: Complex rounds up its list of pointless hip-hop-endorsed products. Wait a second. I love Dirt McGirt Rap Snacks.

*Playing: Learn to play guitar the Music 2.0 way, with Songsterr, an application that combines music files with Flash video, allowing wannabe musicians to see and hear how to play. [techcrunch]

*Consumer electronics: Who would not want an MP3 player that looks like the Bird’s Nest stadium? [crave] Or, see the Bird’s Nest in Lego’s. [urlesque]

*Ringtones: A song that repeats the clever lyrics “Condom, Condom” is apparently all the rage among ringtone enthusiasts.

*For all your twitter following needs: A wiki of semi-famous people on twitter. (Patrick Wilson of Weezer?)

Links for 7.5.08: Lil Wayne champagne, net neutrality album, more Kanye shoes…

*Hot on the heels of Lil Jon’s announcement that he’s launching a winery, Lil Wayne comes out with his own champagne, Halo. [buzzfeed]

*Bands vs. Fans: On the occasion of Amy Winehouse cold-cocking a fan, the Times lists (with some good video linkage) their top 10 fan/band altercations. Includes: Tim Mcgraw vs. Fat Guy and Akon’s “Dry Humping Incident.”

*Video: Flight of the Conchords perform “Ladies of the World.”

*Rock The Net, an album being made to support of net neutrality – will drop later this month. Stream Rock the Net tunes here. The album features Bright Eyes, Aimee Mann, They Might be Giants, and others.

*Kanye teams with Louis Vuitton to design some shoes.

*What the fuck is a modular sound flute?

Video: College crew does Flight of the Conchords tune

Once again it’s the Carleton Singing Knights. This time singing an a capella tune from Flight of the Conchords.

[pop candy]

Video: Flight of the Conchords’ “Ladies of the World”

Links for 1.10.08: Amazon’s triumph, Reznor’s folly, Kanye’s TV

*Sony BMG to sell DRM-free tunes through Amazon. (My last three purchases were made via the Amazon music store, and they’ve all been seamless.) [ars technica]

*Trent Reznor inquires about a music tax. Will not go over well.

*Looks like the Flight of the Conchords guys got stuck going to CES this year. Suckers!!! Watch video here.

*Kanye West says he’s buying a 150-inch plasma TV. [fimoculous]

*Read and file: Hypebot’s 10 Music 2.0 Predictions for 2008.

More links for 12.12.07: Wilco’s catalog, indie-rock hotties, Conchords’ album +

*iTunes vs. eMusic’s top selling music of 2007. [jimray]

*Flight of the Conchords (the television show that has been deemed most likely to be sent to me in short clips via IM over the past 6 months) are releasing a full-length album in 2008. [musicfilter]

*Ike Turner is dead at 76. [peefork]

*Wilco’s planning on playing its entire recorded catalog over a 5-night concert stand at Chicago’s Riviera Theater. [mfr]

*It is simply not possible to not mention Santiago Chopper’s skull motorcycle helmet. [bb gadgets]

*FYI: Beck has some weird shit going on.

*For all your quasi-corporate blog needs: The Gummy Awards. Worth a look: this year’s indie-rock hotties.

Links for 11.13.07: Sparhawk skis, meat toilets, robot guitars +

Prepare your eyeballs, lazy effers.

*The New York Times writes a love letter to the unretired Jay-to-the-Izzo.

*Gibson is launching a self-tuning ROBOT guitar. Yes, a guitar that is a robot. [bb gadgets]

*Rolling Stone quotes long-time listenerd favorite master of nonsense

“Here we are with the most technology in human history walking on the fucking planet humming and singing, and there’s no form of music formed, and I’m talking to you in Brazil on a cell phone at lightning speed. I’ve got the Internet pumping right now, and there ain’t no form of music in 2007? That’s fuckin’ crazy.” [via vulture]

*Manu Chao – who is huge with the pre-walking, pre-speaking set – is planning digital rereleases of his back catalog. Recommended: “Bongo Bong” on repeat for no less than three hours. [pitchfork]

*The Future of Rock Band: action figures (and more merch), the game as platform, more licensing deals + crazy-ass peripherals. [kotaku]

*Pandora has added classical music to its catalog. [venturebeat]

*Ask 500 People. Major potential. [buzzfeed]

*The A.V. Club interviews a chick (Kristen Schaal) from always-IM’d HBO musicomedy Flight of the Conchords:

“I did The Education Of Max Bickford, with Richard Dreyfuss. That was another one of the first times I ever worked. I was coming out of college, and I was so idealistic, and I just hated the writing so much. I just didn’t understand how that stuff could get made. I had to do a rap to Richard Dreyfuss, because my character was eager—and loved to rap, I guess.”

*Look for a new Rob Zombie movie – animated – in 2008: “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.” Yes, Rob Zombie has a successful career in cinema. [the playlist]

*There are new Zunes. Now with more customization, and with semi-positive reviews. Still nothing to dispel the whole Enuz thing, though.

*Pop Candy + the relatively recent habit of constantly making me go through interstitial ads = YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

*Read Hypebot’s super-short Q&A with the Imeem CEO. Loving the brevity.

*Huh. All WSJ articles get DIGG buttons starting tonight, and there’s now free access to dugg articles says Kevin Rose on the Digg blog.

*Alan Sparhawk of Low has released a DVD of him and his side-project bandmates the Black-Eyed Snakes cross-country skiing: “Cross Country with the Snakes.” A video. Of a band. Cross-country skiing. [peefork]

*Awful: Kanye’s 58-year-old mother died while undergoing plastic surgery. His statement here.

*Wendy’s is offering Rhapsody downloads with their burgers. They’re giving away 100 million songs to combo meal buyers. Mmmm, chili. [digital music news]

*What if a toilet were made out of meat? [neatorama]

Video: The Rhymenoceros and the Hiphopopotamus – a modern fable

Flight of the Conchords, the musico-comedy television series voted most likely to have links to YouTube clips IM’d to me, brings us both the Hiphopopotamus and the Rhymenoceros – both worthy of our attention.

Ginormous ups to YouTube uploader r8dkid for including the lyrics in their entirety. A highlight:
Yes, sometimes my lyrics are sexist
But you lovely bitches and hoes should know I’m trying to correct this.

The end.

On language: facebook suicide, fixies of hipsters, business time

*Facebook suicide – Forcing one’s self to stop social networking; leaving Facebook.

*A fixie of hipsters – as reported by Kottke, the fixie is a potential collective noun for this elusive group.

*Business time: From the HBO show Flight of the Conchords, business time refers to a predetermined appointment to have sexual relations. In my humble opinion, it may also be used more generically to indicate any period which would have heretofore been called “go time.”