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Video: Would you like to see P.O.S. make donuts?

Related: I have recently done a donut tour of the Twin Cities, which included: Lee’s Donuts (it’s my local, and my go-to is the old fashioned), Mojo Monkey (In St. Paul; I think it was a key lime donut), Yoyo Donuts (way out in Minnetonka; tried this highly reblogged bacon maple long john) and The Donut Cooperative (coconut curry).


Links for October 17th: “It went to shit.”

*Video: These electricity-free lightbulbs made out of water bottles are illuminating the homes of thousands of people throughout the Philippines.

*Clothing: Do you believe this Hitchcock vs. Angry Birds design should make its way onto a t-shirt? You can help. I mean, it wouldn’t be as helpful as giving thousands of poor people the gift of electricity-free light. It’s more like helping one guy, a graphic designer who probably has a nicer computer than you. And whose glasses are probably obnoxious. Like maybe square. Or clear.

*Online: The recent Moot talk that’s going around, the one in which he speaks about how identity is prismatic and Facebook and Google are doing it wrong strikes a chord with me. (I’m saying that not only as the listenerd, but as all of my selves. I guess it struck a chord with mes.)

*Food: Bourdain talks to Playboy. Basically, I’ll go anywhere Golden Fiddle sends me. “I don’t mind looking like an asshole on television or looking like an idiot if that was the reality of the situation.” This quote hits me right between the eyes. Especially the “reality of the situation” part.

*Television: Beavis and Butthead is coming back to MTV, and the reporter who wrote this profile thinks Mike Judge is hot!

*Movies: I have enjoyed nearly every Pixar movie I have ever seen, and think John Lasseter is a smart and talented man. However, Cars 2 was a steaming pile of elephant feces, conceived and executed for all the worst reasons in seemingly as crass a manner as possible. (John Lasseter disagrees.)

*Exercise: Let’s say for a moment that you take up the fitness activity known as kettle bells. Shouldn’t your kettle bells look like demons? Or maybe huge donuts? Also, if you prefer the term kettle balls, they could look like testicles. But that’s a little obvious, isn’t it, pervert?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 11.2.10: “This country runs on optimism.”

*Hello!: I have been gone for a long time, mostly working in India and buying Elton John albums. I have returned, but not with a vengeance. With a whimper.

*Personal: I’m having a hard time figuring out if I should write weird, small, non sequitur personal tidbits and anecdotes here on the main ‘nerd or on a separate tumblr ‘nerd. Like HERE and HERE. You know? I’m talking about the top 8 wrestling moves my 3yo performs on me before 6am, I’m talking Ed Hardy beer and I’m talking about penis with your coffee.

*Commuting: The Retroreflector Tie is a necktie made out of reflective tape, ostensibly for professionals who commute via bicycle. (I just wear a sweaty shirt.) [neatorama]

*Note: In the above subject line, the country being referred to is India.

*Video: Those of you who do not follow professional wrestling may find it interesting that Pee Wee Herman is stepping into the squared circle. Whaat? WHAAAAT? (Giant ear voice.) [Fade to black.]

*Football: So it turns out Randy Moss is a real prick. Huh. [gruber]

*Cash: Read a handwritten to-do list from Johnny Cash – “Not smoke”. [pocketmonsterd]

*Politics: Hours late and already seen nearly everywhere, but I think there’s something interesting to be said about What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?, especially when considered in the context of Cee-lo Green’s summer hit single, “Fuck You.” It’s just that I’m not going to be the one to say it.

*Eating: Foods that cost just one dollar, photographed by Jonathan Blaustein. [mktg]

*Shopping: I just purchased a home carbonation kit from KegConnection. And do you know what the most common question I’ve gotten about it is? “Are you going to use it to kill people like the guy in ‘No Country for Old Men’?” The answer, my friends, is a vehement NO.

*Today’s links: Below an F.

Links for 10.17.10: 18 Ways to Better Abs

*Social media: Good old Apophenia calls Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg out on the carpet for saying that the “age of privacy is over,” claiming (rightly, in my opinion, though maybe obviously), “There isn’t some radical shift in norms taking place. What’s changing is the opportunity to be public and the potential gain from doing so.” I recommend that you read this.

*Language: Do we need to get rid of the verb to be? I’m ambivalent. “The little word ‘is’ has its tragedies,” as they say.

*Literature: Camus died in a car crash 50 years ago this month. A Piece of Monologue gathered up a bunch of commentary on his life and work. I always liked his books because they were so heavy-seeming, while also being so short. So, so short.

*Film: Mel Gibson is making a Viking movie which will probably be filmed entirely in harsh, guttural Old Norse. I’d like to nominate Visanthe Shiancoe for one of the leads.

*Tapes: More of the amazing White Tape Project can be seen here. Also, the first tape I ever purchased was by Oakland’s Too Short. I can’t articulate what was motivating me at the time. [coudal]

*Prices: This blog post has a chart on the relative price of liquids that will make you want to put your HP Black Ink #45 behind lock and key. Probably behind a picture. [marginal revolution]

*Cinema: Classily titled blog Pop Hangover catalogs the saddest IMDB profiles ever. Profiles such as those of Nick Vukelic, whose sole credit is as “Drugged Out Loser” in “10 Things I Hate About You.”

*Food: I’m starting to get worried about Eat Me Daily.

*Comedy: If you watch Nick Swardson’s short “28 Drinks Later,” please note that I worked with his mother many years ago. She was a punctilious copyeditor with a scratchy voice.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 12.9.09: “Big pimpin’ on B-L-A-Ds”

*Podcasts: I linked to it via Twitter previously, but I can’t recommend enough this Sound of Young America interview with rapper Bun B. This examination of some Jay-Z lyrics from The Awl is pretty good, too. [dailyswarm]

*Weather: The Atlantic offers up an annotated version of Sarah Palin’s recent Washington Post op-ed on global warming. I call it a glop-ed. Secretly.

*Shopping: I recommend this impressive gallery of photographs of “dead malls.” One mall I frequented as a young man, Brookdale, is very close to being dead now. It’s holding on due to a Sears store that has a very good car battery replacement service. [harper’s]

*Roads: US Ends – This web site about the endpoints of American highways is multi-colored in the old-timey way. That’s a feature, not a bug.

*Music: I know people like lists due to their clarity, levity and brevity, so here’s a list of the Top 10 Overhyped Bands of the 2000s. Sadly, I listen to some of these bands. Because I am an unthinking clown. [fluxtumblr]

*Metal: The most metal piece of classical music is “The Iron Foundry” by Alexander Mosolov. Due to the metal in its name. [metalsucks]

*Inventions: Musical instrument inventor Trimpin “designed giant marimbas that translate tremors into ever-shifting compositions.” You had me at giant marimbas. You had me at giant marimbas. [wired]

*Food: A Scotch MegaEgg is like an egg version of a rat king. And that’s the highest compliment I give.

*Today’s links: F

Links for 11.5.09: America is bread shoes, beer and Guitar Hero

*Twitter: One prediction about Twitter’s new list functionality – “Once it’s understood that you don’t have to be following someone to add them to a list people will begin to adjust who they are following to those they actually know and interact with moving news and site feeds, or celebs and joke accounts over to lists.”

*Speakers: The Wall of Sound is a ginormous speaker, and I don’t care WHAT your definition of ginormous is. (I have run into this ambiguity before.) [coudal]

*Music: Instrumentube allows you to play different instruments on YouTube by adjusting where you are on the timeline. It’s hard to make it sound good.

*Fashion: Bread shoes. You have no idea how often I accidentally step on mayonnaise. (Often.) [buzzfeed]

*BONUS: More footwear. Converse rain boots. For playing basketball in the rain. With no pants on. (I made up that last part.)

*Geography: Can you identify what these maps are all about? Hint: It’s the world. [harper’s]

*Evocative imagery: Look at these pictures of old people playing Guitar Hero. Oh, so Urlesque! (Also, the name Eliot Glazer reminds me of Eliot Spitzer. I feel sorry about that.)

*Poetry: This is a recording taken from a wax cylinder of Walt Whitman reciting from his poem, America. I’m not even kidding. Or selling Levi’s!

*ZOMG!: The brewmaster from Bell’s will be in St. Paul, at the Happy Gnome, on November 10! [heavy table]

*Today’s grade: F-

Links for 4.25.09: KISS burgers, Idolator, bankruptcy in coasterville…

*Food: The KISS BURGER. Will it make you as sick as Gene Simmons does? [mefi]

*Imagery: Fortunate Teens Party with Morrissey, 1994. On a surprisingly sensible note, Morrissey does not like Rolling Rock beer. [boingboing]

*Economy: The world’s largest maker of drink coasters has gone bankrupt. [medialoper]

*Watch: Susan Boyle reaction videos. Some are even more compelling than the 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction videos. Not really.

*Economy: Idolator had to get rid of all of its contributors, columnists and etc. Ugh. Who will lose their people next? The Listenerd?

*Twitter: Another history of Twitter, from the Wall Street Journal. I would have preferred that it be more pithy.

*Today’s links: C-

Video: Pharrell goes to McDonald’s

Quick links 2.17.09: Music vs. Sex, Minneapolis food and blogging, SPARK and whatever…

*Time: I have awoken at around 4 a.m. the last two days. Due to my own deliriousness, I will keep this short, though there is actually much I’d like to crank out right now.

*Performance: SPARK, a totally geeked out music thing – I mean a “Festival of Electronic Music and Arts” – is hitting the Twin Cities tonight through Sunday. (Warning: This festival was recommended to me by a diehard Burning Man attendee and it features a performance called “Rocks and Bottles.” ) [steuer]

*Sex: 60% of 16 – 24-year-olds would rather go without sex than go without music for a week. (I haven’t had time to read the linked-to study yet. Maybe at 4:30 tomorrow.)

*Cinema: If you like looking at things (and I, for one, love this activity), I will recommend to you Film Stills. “I feel like certain frames of films should be studied like photographs.” I barely read any more words than that. Nice pictures, though. [coudal]

*Local: With Denton-esque flair, The Deets’ Ed Kohler holds a blog post (about alt-weekly City Pages Advertising Department employees writing positive reviews for companies who advertise with them) hostage, asking prospective readers to bid money to see the post killed or released (they paid; and it was released early). **Side note: Ed Kohler has made an implicit promise to teach me how to twitter correctly.

***Further, somewhat related note: Heavy Table, a new online food magazine for the Upper Midwest has launched. Reading about food is like eating newspaper. I just made that up. I think. And in the nick of time, given the impending death of print. And the imminent food shortage.

Links for 1.31.09: Peakniks, baby BlackBerries, “mellifluous”

*Mixed media: You know how I love mixed media. Unless you accidentally came here through some who-knows-how-relevant search terms. Check out these book covers made for films.

*Coinage: Peakniks = people who believe the best has come and gone. Peak oil, peak carbon, peak debt, peak beer…

*Toys: Your child needs a BlackBerry just as badly as you do. [rob t]

*Topography: Look over this hot dog map of West Virginia. I have never been to West Virginia. And I hate relish. HATE IT.

*Ink: Tattoos of food. FOOD. DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS FOOD. [murketing]

*Twitter: Waxy points out this Google spreadsheet of musicians on Twitter. (Most of them are very bad. I’m just saying.) Wait. Willie Nelson?

*Directory: New Yorker music writer Sasha Frere-Jones offers a directory of people on Twitter. I was unable to identify myself among them. Sad.

*Language: GOOD magazine points to the 100 most beautiful words in the English language. I was going to be pissed if mellifluous wasn’t on there. But then it was.

*Music: This generator allows you to create music from any text file. Is this utter fucking bullshit?

Links for 10.25.08: Dying quotations, candy corn blogs and SKOGGINS

*Trends: Quotation marks are “out.” Says the angry writer: “The refusal to make a firm distinction between speech and interior reflection can also evoke a hermetic worldview.” Wow, someone woke up with a stick up his ass. (Wait. Who said that?)

*Web 2.0: a site called SKOGGINS helps indie bands fill in slots in their tours. I have a friend named Mark Skogen. He’s about 6′ 6″. Despite that fact, SKOGGINS. [mashable]

*Halloween: If you wanna dress like a musician, please choose one of these. Or at least don’t be Bono. (Or just go with sexy Halloween. That would also be fine.) [coudal]

*Playlists: Ryan Adams listens to Mariah. She’s on fiah. As am I, apparently.

*Food: Sweet Candy Corn is a blog about candy corn. Today, I fucked up my blood sugar so bad after eating some candy corn, I had to lie face down for 15 minutes praying. [neatorama]

*Hardware: Holy crap, these Magno wooden radios look awesome.

*Instruments: The Martin D-28 guitar: Learn it, play it.

Links for 10.15.08: Obama pumpkins, dirt beards, MySpace Karaoke…

*Copyright: Lawrence Lessig takes on YouTube, the Gray Album, Girl Talk and copyright in the Wall Street Journal.

*Interactive fiction: “The Frotzophone is an interface for making music with interactive fiction.” I don’t know what it means, everyone, but I know it has the word music in it. [waxy]

*Facial hair: A depraved man with a dirt beard. I had a dirt beard once. For about 18 months.

*Halloween: Pumpkins for Obama. Squash are also tilting Democratic as of the last Zogby poll according to FiveThirtyEight.

*Karaoke: MySpace Karaoke puts drunken, off-key embarrassment in your living room. Again. With its online karaoke channel. [mashable]

*Politics: If you would like to see pictures of Colin Powell dancing, you are weird. And click here.

*Social media:, the Twitter for music, opens up its API. I tried using it for about 8 minutes. I failed.

*Gaming: The eyeballing game. For those who like to use their eyeballs for evil. Or at least for sloth. [tobs]

*Visuals: If you’re wondering what Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” single looks like, it is mostly pink.

*Food: Goat. Is it REALLY what’s for dinner? (The goat is my unofficial familiar.)

Links for 10.14.08: Ringo hates, Opus dies (?), Rihanna throbs…

*The Beatles: Ringo Starr will stop answering fan mail and stop signing autographs in 6 days. People are writing fan mail to Ringo? [earfarm]

*Comics: Will Opus die?? I haven’t read a physical newspaper in months. But still. [loper]

*Music Reviews: Why critics drop the names of indie bands in their reviews? Neutral Milk Hotel is pretentious? WHAAAA????

*Clones: Everyone thinks the new Rihanna song, “Sexuality,” sounds just like a Prince tune. (Please note: a simple mention of Rihanna does not mean you will find here images of Rihanna naked. Apologies.

*Social Media: The U.S. government is twittering? And they’re better than me at it? [medialoper]

*TV: Wow. I love The Wire, but in watching The Last Word segment following the series finale, creator David Simon comments that newspapers made a mistake about the internet – they all thought it was advertising for their product. This is a complete misinterpretation of not only the decision newspapers have had to make, but the forces shaping both the online and internet business worlds. And it has shaken my faith in what drug dealing and Baltimore are really like. Also, gay gangsters with shotguns.

*Retail: Apparently, the way I have been coming about my old-school records has a name. That name is CRATE DIGGING.

*Zeitgeist: Social Mention aggregates search of the minutiae of social media – comments, microblogs, bookmarks, events, and more. [mediaeater]

*Toys: Daft Punk Bearbricks.

*Food: Bacon today. And, hopefully, tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. [kate]

Links for 9.16.08: Yo Gabba guests, Internet meme attack, vinyl spins again…

*Social networks: The New York Times talks MySpace Music, including offering brief comparisons to and Imeem.

*Video: Internet Meme Scratch Attack – a sampling of internet video cuts to soothe your savage work day. Also applicable if you are bored at any other time. [buzzfeed]

*Strokes: Nate Dogg had another stroke. He is now in stable condition. Two strokes, a car chase and an arrest this year. It’s time to regulate. It has to be.

*Vinyl: The WSJ talks records, saying “World-wide sales of LP records doubled in 2007.” And thus it is decreed: there will be a major media story about the revival of vinyl every two weeks until Armageddon. Or until AIG goes bankrupt. Whichever comes first.

*Videogames: Guitar Hero is the game played most by teens. The game I played most as a child was a miniature arcade version of Qbert. Usually in a moving car. FYI. [ypulse]

*Television: Whacked out kids’ show “Yo Gabba Gabba” (which I covered for the day job a bajillion years ago) will feature The Roots, MGMT, Mates of State and Jack Black, among other guests this coming season. [daily swarm]

*Literature: David Foster Wallace appears on Charlie Rose in 1997. I had respect for Mr. Wallace’s ability to make any topic its own intricate, interesting world. However, I have always been skeptical of dudes who wear head coverings.

*Food: I haven’t mentioned this in a while, so I feel I should say something a public service. Avoid black mead. Really, mead in general. It is an alcoholic beverage that tastes like mushrooms (in a bad way). AVOID. Thank you.