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Video: Frank Zappa on “What’s My Line?”


Links for 7.4.08: Top funeral songs, Bozo’s demise, SpiralFrog’s leap…

*Read: The Top 10 Most Popular Funeral Songs and the Top 10 Most Unusual Funeral Songs. Unusuals include: “Highway to Hell” and “Another One Bites the Dust.” [the 9513]

*Music sales are down 11% the first half of 2008 compared to the first half of 2007. I have contributed to this decline personally by being a lazy, slothful MFer. [daily swarm]

*Conor Oberst, M. Ward and Jim James collaborating on a new album. The band will be called He and Them. [absolute punk]

*Bozo the clown died. He was 83.

*Much-maligned SpiralFrog, the free, ad-supported music site that’s had its share of missteps over the past year or so, is claiming to now be getting 6M unique visitors per month. I am not one of those 6M people. [coolfer]

*Frank Zappa’s “Beat the Boot” series will go on sale via iTunes. I used to listen to a lot of Frank Zappa when I was trapped in a car and forced to.

*The gravestone of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis has been stolen.

*SubPop relaunches its Singles Club.

*Off topic: Barack Obama is on the cover of Ebony.

*Video: Putin on the Ritz. With George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin dancing goodness. Tuxedos are involved.

*Very off topic: The Vagina Spa. Includes the word vagina!

Links for 5.10.08: Presents, Tap Tap Revolution, Apple goes gaming?…

* Presents: Video interviews with musical acts, starting with Moby, Santogold, Spoon and Joshua Radin.

*Tap Tap Revolution: It’s like DDR for your iPhone. [neural]

*PopMatters collects pro-Barack Obama songs from around the world. Take that, Will.i.Am.

*The Zappa family is putting out Wazoo, a 2-disc concert album. [getty images]

*You can buy a 12-foot guitar for $6500 on eBay. [boingboing]

*Clear Channel’s revenues were up 4% in Q1 over least year. (Billboards up, radio down.) [paid content]

*TapeDeck App: An audio recorder for Mac OS X Leopard. Also: it looks like a cassette tape deck. [daring fireball]

*Will Apple tackle a gaming console next? (Seems like a stretch.) [crave]

*Will Pownce come out with a music player next? It would take a lot to get me to try using Pownce again.

*Holy mp3 player! Check out the crucifix-shaped Keo MP-301. [crave]

*If you haven’t done it in a while, I recommend checking out the “Stronger Sightings” section of Kanye’s blog.

*I think this would be a good day to tell you again how much I can’t stand 1-800-Flowers. OK, goodbye.