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Links for October 29, 2011: Shave and a haircut

*Games: I highly recommend you drink three cocktails and play first-person Tetris. It’s a disorienting blast, right up until the point you vomit. (On a side note, I am making SAZERACS tonight. Then probably playing first-person Tetris.)

*Money: CNNMoney writes about North Dakota’s new boom economy. “‘We work insane hours,’ said Benjamin Lukes, who gets an average of four hours of sleep a night as a hydraulic fracturer in Williston but earns about $100,000 a year — thanks in large part to overtime.”

*Reading: Let’s have an intelligent debate about the merits of reading while sitting on the toilet. I would like to hear Christopher Hitchens’ thoughts on the matter.

*Video: This invention, a gumball machine that works via a secret knock, is very cool. But just as fascinating is that a secret knock has a name, right? Shave and a haircut. I love it?

*Cameras: These sardine box cameras are fairly awesome, and I bet would smell delicious? (Note that these are merely “vintage-inspired” designs, but I’m sure it would be possible to rub sardines all over them. [psfk]

*Internet: I’ve never used it (I don’t think I will?) but IsItOld seems like a good tool for linkbloggers who want to stay ahead of the curve? (It tells you how long ago a link was tweeted, and how much action it’s gotten.) Do linkbloggers still exist?

*Social: I don’t have an iPad, but I do a little reading on a few devices. I’ve been reading about and wanting social reading features for a long time – usually to the bemusement of anyone I tell that, too. (Usually the line of argument is, “Why would I want to read some idiot’s annotations?” To which I answer, “You don’t want to read some idiot’s annotations – you want to see the notes and additions of specific people you know and whose opinion you respect.”) Truly useful social reading features have been a long time coming (maybe because of that resistance from people?), so I’m not all that optimistic about Subtext (a new iPad app). I’ll give it a try when the iPad 3 comes out, and just hope that social reading is significantly better by then.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 3.11.10: 88 Tips for More Disgusting Abs

*Blogs: This new blog, The Economics of Soup, is NOT only about soup! Also, it is by my friend and colleague, Kate. Also, there are drawings.

*Games: Incredibox – make your own (French) beatbox.

*Swears: An article on the recent history of the Parental Advisory sticker. I will tell you, I bought MANY NWA tapes with parental advisory stickers at the Down in the Valley store (they also sold serapes) in Golden Valley, Minnesota before I was 18. My thanks go out to the staff, now probably in their 40s. [Note: The direct link does not appear to be working, but Westword had the article…] [daily swarm]

*Mashups: RuthBourdain is a twitterstream that mashes up the aesthetics of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain. [eat me daily]

*Finance: “Homeless” man lives off of loyalty points from his rich-guy life. He is staying at a Best Western in San Clemente. Sounds quiet. [harper’s]

*Brevity: Ten Word Wiki is either a very bad sign for the human race, or just a format optimized for conveniently condensed world knowledge. All entries are 10 words long. [kottke]

*Video: Retribution Gospel Choir performs “Working Hard” for the Current, in studio. I have been told that Alan Sparkhawk looks “like he could be one of your brothers.” This is, in fact, one of the deadliest insults known to man. Also, I’m bald.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 10.13.09: The Beatles, Bon Iver, Daniel Johnston, disgusting food

*Music: Listen to analysis of three Beatles multitrack masters from the BBC’s “Record Producers: The Extended Cut.” No, really. Listen. If I told you this was from Waxy, would you listen? Ugh. Christ.

*Games: Preview and/or check out Hi, How Are You, an iPhone app inspired by Daniel Johnston’s art. That was a weird sentence, and one the me from five years ago would not have liked, much less understood. Sad.

*Music: A podcast of Bon Iver performing at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater. I’m typing this with stumps.

*Poetry: This seems like the kind of lit hip people would like. And by this, I mean Zadie Smith reading Frank O’Hara’s “Animals.”

*Entrepreneurship: Derek Sivers talks about growing and then knowing he was done with his business, CDBaby.

*Fashion: The t-qualizer is a shirt with a graphic equalizer embedded. [neatorama]

*Sustenance: I love pictures of disgusting-looking food. Wait. Huh? But it’s true. That’s what makes it funny. Also, never go deep into the Google image search results for chaat. Ever. [murketing]

*Today’s links: Always F.

Games: QWERTY ROCK and Diamond Dave Edition Assteroidz

Two music-related flash amusements that will probably make you feel good; the first is a takeoff on the arcade classic asteroids, and the second turns your computer keyboard into plucky neon musical instruments from the 1980s..

Diamond Dave Edition Assteroidz [kate]

QWERTY ROCK [mefi] (My name is Josh and I’m on Dvorak. It’s been 8 years since my last QWERTY.)

Links for 2.21.09: Live air traffic chatter, Bon Iver cover, Beamcast update…

*Podcast: An update on my unyielding quest to secure Sam Beam for an interview for the listenerd’s inaugural podcast. Still no word from Mr. Beam, though I have now figured out my third question for the heavily bearded crooner: “What does the bottom of our current global economic meltdown look like? Is it a W bottom? A V bottom? An L bottom? Thoughts? Thank you.”

*Eavesdropping: Listen to Live Air Traffic Control chatter on Why do I find this so appealing? [neural]

*Covers: The Chairs cover Bon Iver’s “Flume” (an MP3). I typed that with my three remaining fingers. [blisslist]

*Data: An examination of more than 300,000 Twitter users puts them into a couple groups (NOT Retweeters vs. Favrders this time) – interacters (those who @ and otherwise talk to each other) and followers/followees. This is only interesting if you are a total loser. I find it fascinating. Well, maybe not this analysis in particular, but the system’s dynamics. Sorry.

*Charts: Andrew Kuo’s charts of Antony & the Johnsons’ “The Crying Light,” Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Beware,” and Morressey’s “Years of Refusal” for the New York Times. Too much yellow?

*Biz: Songbird’s CEO exits, replaced by the board’s chairman for now.

*Games: Barack Obama is apparently addicted to BrickBreaker, a game yours truly has been known to partake in. To wit –

-Me, reading RSS feeds: “WHOA. Guess who ELSE is addicted to BrickBreaker?”
-Her: “John Hodgman?”
-Me: “Cooler.”
-Her: “Prince?”

Links for 1.26.09: No jobs, John Malkovich and the rest is noise…

*Apocalypse now: More than 71,400 people were laid off in the United States today. If you’re supposed to be greedy when others are afraid, it’s time. Additionally, a colleague at the day job notes that American Express is reporting that spending among their clientele – who are far above average in wealth – has dipped 10% over last year. Consumer spending is plummeting.

*Movies: In a story on movie marketing in the New Yorker, Tad Friend quotes one studio head as saying, “If we weren’t making decisions based on marketability, John Malkovich would be in every movie. Great actor, but not someone you want to see half-naked in the sheets next to Angelina Jolie.”

I need not point out to die-hard listenerd readers than my physical likeness has often been compared to that of Mr. Malkovich, as early as THIS MONTH. GOODBYE FOREVER.

*Instruments: HOLY. I can’t say it any better than the site itself: “The bikelophone produces sounds ranging from tranquil bliss to cacophonic terror.” Oh, good? MP3s are here, but listen at your own risk. [networked music review]

*Ads: Google will stop selling ads in print next month. The program wasn’t working (and wasn’t likely to go anywhere, given the economy).

*Games: I can’t stop playing scriball, which might indicate just how retarded I’ve become. Or how willing to retreat to a land of lines and balls I am. (Don’t read too much into that.)

*Twitter: John McCain is on Twitter now. I guess? [buzzfeed]

*Prose: This sentence is perhaps the best I have read in the last month, from Gothamist, of all places: “The mysterious case of The Penistrator—an unidentified “snowfitti” vandal who’s been drawing phallic symbols on snowy cars parked in the East Village this winter—has taken a shocking, unexpected turn.” Furthermore, Haley Joel Osment is suspected to be the Penistrator.

Links for 10.15.08: Obama pumpkins, dirt beards, MySpace Karaoke…

*Copyright: Lawrence Lessig takes on YouTube, the Gray Album, Girl Talk and copyright in the Wall Street Journal.

*Interactive fiction: “The Frotzophone is an interface for making music with interactive fiction.” I don’t know what it means, everyone, but I know it has the word music in it. [waxy]

*Facial hair: A depraved man with a dirt beard. I had a dirt beard once. For about 18 months.

*Halloween: Pumpkins for Obama. Squash are also tilting Democratic as of the last Zogby poll according to FiveThirtyEight.

*Karaoke: MySpace Karaoke puts drunken, off-key embarrassment in your living room. Again. With its online karaoke channel. [mashable]

*Politics: If you would like to see pictures of Colin Powell dancing, you are weird. And click here.

*Social media:, the Twitter for music, opens up its API. I tried using it for about 8 minutes. I failed.

*Gaming: The eyeballing game. For those who like to use their eyeballs for evil. Or at least for sloth. [tobs]

*Visuals: If you’re wondering what Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” single looks like, it is mostly pink.

*Food: Goat. Is it REALLY what’s for dinner? (The goat is my unofficial familiar.)

Links for 8.30.08: Metallica ages, criticism busts, more music crowdsourcing

*Play: JavaScript Rock Star. (Personally, I can no longer see a blue dot without thinking about David Cross. Or Brett Ratner.) [tobs]

*Criticism: What is the future of the music critic? (Is it 160 characters?) [largehearted boy]

*Juxtaposition: The New York Times reflects on the occasion of Trent Reznor playing at the Izod Center. Guys: Everyone is getting old.

*Crowdsourcing: Bandstocks allows fans to invest in bands, funding production of their music. One of a host of services aimed at crowdsourcing all aspects of the music biz, from A&R to distribution. [chasing lions]

*Elecs: The wristband MP3 player. (Oh, and it has GPS, too.) [crave]

*Metal: The Times follows Metallica to Romania, talks about how old they are and offers some clips from their latest album, “Death Magnetic.”

*Politics: Daddy Yankee will be kicking off the RNC on Monday, and has officially endorsed John McCain as his presidential pick.

Video: The Hold Steady playing bar games

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s VBS vs. The Hold Steady. I’m finished with posting about The Hold Steady for a bit. Thank you. [pop candy]

Game: Test your visual musical intelligence

Hearing shapes: Pick the shapes that correspond with the music being played. I did well at the beginning, then got bored. Such is the shape of many things in life. [neatorama]

Off-topic video: Minesweeper’s expert level defeated in 37 seconds

This is almost as fascinating as watching elite Guitar Hero shredding.


Video: Jay-Z plays Consequence in Connect Four

Connect Four. Kudos, Milton Bradley. Well played.

[nah right]