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Video: Auto-tune the news, Kanye vs. Dubya


Links for 2.9.10: 25 Tips for Better Abs

*Money: Since the grand dame of pop looks so much like George Washington, Craig Gleason made a series of Lady Gaga Dollars. [notcot]

*Music biz: Are iTunes music sales slowing due to high prices? I buy all my music from Amazon. Or Hype Machine.

*Art: Smokey Robinson gets the Shepard Fairey treatment. Which is not to say that he has his work pirated, then reused. But is rather to inform you that Fairey did a Hope-style portrait of Mr. Robinson. [notcot]

*Safety: If you’re always breaking your sunglasses, you should wear disposable ones.

*Crafting: Meat; knitted and packaged. [coudal]

*Writing: Timothy McSweeney – after whom McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is named – was a real man. He passed away.

*Food: Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl revisits the question of who in the world makes the best Juicy Lucy. An episode of Food Wars will be filmed tomorrow at the Cardinal Bar to settle things. Temporarily. This is one of the only matters about which I am a local, and will hereby publicly place myself in the Blue Door camp. Goodbye.

*Politics: The George Bush “Miss Me Yet?” billboard is located in Wyoming, Minnesota.

*Update: It’s been weeks of dispensing tips, and my abs are no better than they were when this experiment started.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 7.4.08: Top funeral songs, Bozo’s demise, SpiralFrog’s leap…

*Read: The Top 10 Most Popular Funeral Songs and the Top 10 Most Unusual Funeral Songs. Unusuals include: “Highway to Hell” and “Another One Bites the Dust.” [the 9513]

*Music sales are down 11% the first half of 2008 compared to the first half of 2007. I have contributed to this decline personally by being a lazy, slothful MFer. [daily swarm]

*Conor Oberst, M. Ward and Jim James collaborating on a new album. The band will be called He and Them. [absolute punk]

*Bozo the clown died. He was 83.

*Much-maligned SpiralFrog, the free, ad-supported music site that’s had its share of missteps over the past year or so, is claiming to now be getting 6M unique visitors per month. I am not one of those 6M people. [coolfer]

*Frank Zappa’s “Beat the Boot” series will go on sale via iTunes. I used to listen to a lot of Frank Zappa when I was trapped in a car and forced to.

*The gravestone of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis has been stolen.

*SubPop relaunches its Singles Club.

*Off topic: Barack Obama is on the cover of Ebony.

*Video: Putin on the Ritz. With George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin dancing goodness. Tuxedos are involved.

*Very off topic: The Vagina Spa. Includes the word vagina!