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Links for 11.19.09: Republicans love shortbread.

*Alcohol: Wines That Rock is releasing rock and roll-related varietals such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet and the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot. Hopefully, the wine was bottled in these bands’ respective hay days. Am i rite? Also, it will taste terrible. [the daily swarm]

*Money: This incredible chart from Mint is too complex by half, but it shows who is paying taxes in the U.S. [harper’s]

*Music: Here is a tumblr that is dedicated to “Music to have sex to.” I’ll be honest: I was expecting more Kings of Leon. A LOT more. WHAT? [lafix]

*Art: If these record cover collages don’t turn you on, you aren’t listening to enough Kings of Leon. Huh? Someone please help. [coudal]

*Visualizations: I’ve frequently linked to infographics made by GOOD magazine. Here’s a Flickr set of all of them. [coudal]

*Politics: According to Hunch, when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, liberals like samoas and conservatives like shortbread. I like thin mints. If by “like,” you mean devour sleeves of joylessly. [harper’s]

*Web: Can government really tap into the power of technology via Expert Labs? And, more importantly, is this company hiring? WHAT?

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: Failure.

Links for 6.1.09: British pop, boobs, vizzies, skulls, chocolate inhalers…

*Lists: The top 100 British pop songs – hahahaahahahhhhaahhhhhhahaahahahh. Ugh. [pop candy]

*Double-serving site: Explosions and boobs. Twice as nice as single-serving sites? [buzzfeed]

*Vizzies: GOOD magazine has put up its infographics on Flickr. [kottke]

*Prose: Whatever you think of the message, the Boner Party dude can write. He is onto something. “we are stupid in exactly the same way that Tom from Tom & Jerry is “stupid” (he’s the cat, you idiot). we know what we want but have no idea how to get it. silly traps? fun and games? wine and dine another intermittent character to make her jealous enough to come over there and ruin your date? that’s exactly what its fucking like and you know it.”

*Head: If you like looking at skulls, check out Jim’s work. ART skulls. Man, I don’t know. [coudal]

*Music 2.0: Sony is bringing all of its catalog that’s older than two years old to eMusic and eMusic is raising prices. I stopped using eMusic like three years ago and I still have a soft spot for them, even though I hate them. I’m complicated like that.

*Festivals: This video of a guy starting a dance party at Sasquatch music festival reeks of virality. But VERY impressive moves. [aprilini]

*Media: Take a tour of the last 200+ (and the few) years of media – with quilt-like visualizations. [magnetbox]

*Food: If you like things that are delicious, perhaps you will love chocolate inhalers. [kate]

*Twitter: Kids don’t Tweet. Less than a quarter of 18-24 year-olds use Twitter. Is is a tad alarming only in that Facebook is currently structured to be the more brain-dead medium.

*Today’s links: Weak sauce.

Links for 5.28.09: Two years, high school pics, penal tour, groin shaving…

*Whatever: Today marks two years and nearly 2,000 posts (whoa!) on the Listenerd. Many thanks to everyone who has read it, linked to it, or sent in ideas. Humbling and much appreciated.

*Digital: Whoa, Dusty Tunes is almost like posting naked pictures of yourself online. It helps you create a page of your entire iTunes library.

*Visualizations: Feel stats like you feel a fork digging into your eyeball. In-Formed adds a layer of the tactile to conceptualizing information. Ouch.

*High school: Rolling Stone collects up a bunch of year book pictures from rock stars. I’ll be honest with you: I had a mullet. But at least I had hair. [spincity]

*Autism: This dude I follow on Twitter wrote an article about autism and Star Trek that’s worth reading.

*Sports: Next month, a penal version of the Tour de France will be held – with prisoners. Though I am not in general a fan of cycling (nor do I cycle frequently myself), each year I’m fascinated by the social aspects of the Tour de France. Adding a criminal element to this grand psychological experiment makes it even more thrilling. [s4xton]

*Economics: If you want to yell at the economy, look into this art project. “As a first step to redress this process, Floating Lab Collective has launched Scream at the Economy, inviting anyone and everyone to call in and scream at the economy, expressing desperate and instinctive expressions of survival, warnings of danger, cathartic affirmations of power, explosions of anger and despairing utterances of anxiety and hopelessness.” [eyeteeth]

*Ads: Gillette tells you how to shave your groin. Or as they call it, “the hair down there.” Stay classy, everyone. Forever.

*Today’s links: Goodbye.

Links for 11.8.07: Rainbows’ #, eMusic’s loss, Lily’s undergarments +

*Wholly inaccurate: The In Rainbows story. [mathew ingram]

*Rock label Drag City is done with eMusic. (Like so many, didn’t like their pricing policy.) [xrrxf]

*Nirvana dude Krist Novoselic blogs for Seattle Weekly. [peefork]

*The A.V. Club interviews Nikki Sixx. Hateration from the comments: “Can you guys interview Ricki Rocket next week? Thanks.” [largehearted boy]

*Lily Allen is actually NOT doing lingerie stuff, but she is doing a social networky show on BBC3. [idolator]

*EVERYONE: An air conditioner made out of Legos. [geekologie]

*Jay-Z flashing Euros = a recession. Yeah, yeah.

*QUOTE: “That’s the point: from a strategic pov, good beats evil – unfortunately for Facebook.” I love any stories about good. Or evil. Or two kinds of humans. [snarkmarket]

*The International Society of Supervillains offers up a post on “Real-World Scenarios in Which “Guitar Hero” Skills Could be Useful“: “Doc Brown creates a time machine out of an old DeLorean. The machine works perfectly when Marty McFly tests it, but instead of 1955, he ends up in 2007, and in an alternate reality where ‘Guitar Hero II’ had Johnny B. Goode in it. To save the marriage of his future-parents, Marty has to play the song into the Xbox 360 at their very nerdy prom.” [metalsucks]

*Someone has hacked Alicia Keys‘ MySpace page. But why? [gigaom]

*LOCAL: Peefork covers Jim Walsh’s book on The Replacements, All Over but the Shouting. I have to say this: Walsh’s musings on life make my ears bleed. And that’s not just the wine-dark evening talking.