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Video: A pumpkin EXPLODES

Happy Halloween.



Links for 10.31.08: The Beatles’ chord, Green porno, Attack ad generator…

*The Secret Chord: Math, music and George Harrison’s “A Hard Day’s Night” opening chord, which has apparently been an international mystery for decades. “Dr. Brown deduces that another George—George Martin, the Beatles producer—also played on the chord, adding a piano chord that included an F note impossible to play with the other notes on the guitar. The resulting chord was completely different than anything found in the literature about the song to date, which is one reason why Dr. Brown’s findings garnered international attention.” [mefi]

*Memorials: Remembering David Foster Wallace. He made me feel like I was at the Adult Video News Awards. In the first row. Covered in I can’t say what.

*Politics: The Attack Ad Generator will help you create your own attack ad. Because everyone loves to hate. [mashable]

*Free music: I have been thinking about this for a long time. But I have never done anything about it. Except read. And spout off. StreamDrag lets freeloaders easily listen to music hosted on YouTube. [mashable]

*Sustainability: Many moons ago, we covered Isabella Rossellini’s sustainability-related educational video short series, Green Porno for the day job. Now, we can watch it on YouTube. Basically safe for work, but sort of pervy.

*Obits: Studs Terkel died. I thought he was already dead. So now I was right.

*Notes on Halloween: The Dude went as a red dragon. Thank you. In other news, let me throw my considerable weight behind the Take 5 bar, the Fast Break bar and the new mint Three Musketeers bar. Avoid: Chocolate Skittles. I guess since I mentioned weight, it’s important that I also add that I am bald. Ugh.

Video: “Thriller” performed by French students

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Links for 10.25.08: Dying quotations, candy corn blogs and SKOGGINS

*Trends: Quotation marks are “out.” Says the angry writer: “The refusal to make a firm distinction between speech and interior reflection can also evoke a hermetic worldview.” Wow, someone woke up with a stick up his ass. (Wait. Who said that?)

*Web 2.0: a site called SKOGGINS helps indie bands fill in slots in their tours. I have a friend named Mark Skogen. He’s about 6′ 6″. Despite that fact, SKOGGINS. [mashable]

*Halloween: If you wanna dress like a musician, please choose one of these. Or at least don’t be Bono. (Or just go with sexy Halloween. That would also be fine.) [coudal]

*Playlists: Ryan Adams listens to Mariah. She’s on fiah. As am I, apparently.

*Food: Sweet Candy Corn is a blog about candy corn. Today, I fucked up my blood sugar so bad after eating some candy corn, I had to lie face down for 15 minutes praying. [neatorama]

*Hardware: Holy crap, these Magno wooden radios look awesome.

*Instruments: The Martin D-28 guitar: Learn it, play it.

Links for 10.31.07: Reznor’s OiNK, Coolio’s kids, Alanis’ Dick, mp3 spam +

*Trent Reznor was a member of OiNK. [notes]

*Alanis Morrisette has signed up to appear in the film version of Philip K. Dick’s “Radio Free Albemuth.” Up next: Tori Amos starring in “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch”? [cinematical]

*RealNetworks revenues are up for the quarter; Rhapsody’s joint-venture positioning cited as opportunity for growth. [digital music news]

*Getting a lot of mp3 spam? Poperti lets you easily listen to it through Gmail. [red ferret]

*The Rock Steady gym bag: Looks retarded and plays MP3s. [shinyshiny]

*In subscription music news: $50 per year for access to The Who content. Why, God? [listening post]

*Coolio has signed up to appear in a reality show. On the Oxygen network. In it, he will raise six teenagers by himself. [getty images]

*Check out the Daily Swarm’s Daft Punk Halloween Costume Contest.

*The execrable local. From MetBlo Mpls: “I wish MinnPost would stop telling us what they’re going to give us, and just give it to us already.” HAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ugh. Agreed.

Video: Barfing pumpkin

The barfing pumpkin (in a variety of forms) will be hotter than ever this year. Mark my words.

Links for 10.11.07: Madonna Nation, Peefork effect, office collars +

*The WSJ reports (and, of course, kicks off a media frenzy in so reporting) that Madonna is close to signing a 10-year, $120M deal with Live Nation that would cover concerts, merch, her next three albums, and a bunch of other stuff. The latest “seismic shift” for the industry.

*The Brooklyn Rail on “Gauging the Pitchfork Effect.” A pull: “Pitchfork now averages 160,000 visitors each day. It’s a safe bet, however, that of those 160,000, zero would admit to actually liking Pitchfork.”

*George Harrison’s albums are now available on iTunes. [pop candy]

*MarketWatch interviews Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks. I don’t think “the jukebox in the sky” is that great a tagline. Just saying.

*For the easily distracted (and those who work in open offices): The Office Collar. [via textually]

*Language: Read this if you love swearing as much as I do. MFer. (Unfortunately, it mentions Bono. But still.) Also: Words change faster the less they are used. Hence the never-changing eff word. [the latter via ]

*Local: Minneapolites between 5’7″ and 5’10” should read this.

Links for 10.10.07: Jaiku scores, Rainbows drops, Techmeme sinks, UK band flops +

*Google buys Jaiku. (Is this an example of not learning a lesson from the pre-purchase YouTube / Google Video battle? The lesson being that a product’s mojo matters.)

*It’s In Rainbows time. Here’s Peefork’s guide to the new Radiohead album.

*Turns out, Techmeme doesn’t push much link juice.

*Digital Music News on how Reznor plans to take heis music to straight to the people.

*David Carr writes in the NY Times about how rock stars are the new big screen rock stars.

*Check out the real-life inspirations for the venues in the soon-to-be-released videogame Rock Band. No First Ave. [kotaku]

*Would you like a rubber cellphone? [geek sugar]

*UK Band Batch Totem releases its album on a floppy disk. Hardcore retro geeking. [BB]

*Medialoper is tracking Wilco songs on TV.

*Local Halloween: Surly brings the Darkness. [via MNSpeak]