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Links for 4.23.09: Fair Trade music, offline Facebook, Benjamin Franklin letters…

*Sustainability: The Guardian asks, Could there be such a thing as Fair Trade music?

*Amusing: Songs as alert boxes. It’s better than it sounds. Kind of. [buzzfeed via tds]

*Offline: Analog Facebook books. (WITH HOLES CUT OUT FOR THE EYES.) [eyeteeth]

*Prints: Check out this Beastie Boys shit. Again. (I think.)

*BREAKING: Some copies of Benjamin Franklin letters not seen since 1755 were uncovered recently by a California professor. Benjamin Franklin took cold-air baths. NAKED.

*Twitter: Mr. Kottke defends twitter against the likes of Ms. Dowd. Now I’m torn. I think. Erik Price, who is actually pretty good at Twitter, writes on the topic, too.

*Note: Happy birthday to my dad.

Links for 7.3.08: Neil Young’s music platform, Radiohead’s streams, Springsteen’s fortune teller…

*Neil Young wants to launch a music platform? And doesn’t like iTunes sound quality? (Mainstream consumers don’t care about sound quality, FYI.)

*You can now stream Radiohead’s In Rainbows for free on If you haven’t already stolen it. Which you should have. [pop candy]

*The Wall Street Journal reports on how indie bands are best selling out today. I would recommend movie soundtracks or Gap commercials. But that’s just me.

*The Wackness, a new movie featuring one of the tiny Olsens, is using a purple 90s mixtape as a promotional tool. And, apparently, that is enough to get a link from me? [complex]

*The fortune teller featured by Bruce Springsteen back in the day, Marie Costello, has died. [spinner]

*The 30 Most Adorable Album Covers: What, no little bee? Also, no Sugar Ray? (Hello?)

*The finest site I have run across in years: Men Who Look Like Zach Braff. This blog will change your life. [best week ever]

*Kinetic energy: The Sustainable Dance Floor. (Once again, covered this kind of thing for the day job back in the day.) [fresh creation]

*Shakira slowly moving toward deal with Live Nation? If you want to know how this will turn out, I recommend watching the hips. They don’t lie.

*Very much off topic: Christopher Hitchens gets waterboarded. As a gimmick, not (explicitly) for his bombast.

*Assorted: Happy birthday, little bro. Also: You would not believe how many people come to this blog searching for Rihanna naked. I don’t know why.