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Links for October 9, 2011: Blow up your TV

*Games: If you have the chance, go play Plink with someone you know, or even a stranger. It’s an interactive multiplayer music game by Dinah Moe. And it was strangely fun.

*Savings: A plastic surgeon in Florida is allowing his clients to store fat liposuctioned from their bodies so that they can use it later (fat is often injected into one’s face to fight wrinkles or used to augment one’s breasts). Personally, I am happy to self-store my own fat. In my ass, face and breasts.

*Web: You can follow the Occupy Wall Street movement online here, if you like. It’s a Dave Winer thing.

*Toys: I wrote a listicle about Mr. Potato Head.

*Topography: Read The Grand Map in the Paris Review. “This happens to be how many of us enter the great map. One night, you locate a distant childhood intersection. You leave the street map and enter the scene, passing seamlessly from map to territory.” On a side note, if you’re ever backed into a corner at work, use that old “map vs. territory” saw to obfuscate the issue and imply that your opponent lacks perspective on the question at hand. Then move on quickly and excuse yourself from the discussion entirely. Works like a charm.

*Aging: Rob Walker writes about wear and tear‘s place in the tech world, and maybe muses about whether it should be more digitally apparent? Have I mentioned lately that the skin around my eyes looks like a brown paper bag that has been crunched and uncrunched for the lifetime of one thousand wraiths. (That just flowed out of me and I went with it.)

*Reportage: Caravan magazine profiles Das Racist.

*Note: Got rid of my television today.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Watsky raps (this guy is Twista-esque)

Video: Public Radio Rap

Video: Yeo Valley Dairy Farm rap [ad]

Video: Fear the Boom and Bust

A long economist rap battle. With fake moustaches. Did I sell that enough?


Video: AP Calculus Rap


Video: 5-language rap

Artfully included: English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi.


Video: Benjamin Franklin rapping

I am collecting videos of founding fathers raps.

See previously: The Hamilton Mixtape.

Links for 8.24.09: Motivation, MP3s, American excess and slang…

*Video: I’ve been thinking for hours about how to get you to watch this video. I’ve got nothing.

*Technology: Pitchfork publishes a social history of the MP3. Whoa; this is the kind of essay the Daily Swarm should start publishing. But with better pacing.

*Food: One thing I love about America is its ingenuity. (Click that link only if you love Kentucky Fried Chicken. And excess. And think that the Famous Bowl is a marvel of the imagination.)

*On language: Slang is one of my favorite topics to think about. If I were ever to get off my ass (and out of my day job) and do a web project, it would be around the front lines of language. [ypulse]

*Voices: Sasha Frere-Jones writes about Leonard Cohen old and new in the New Yorker. I have not seen the documentary in question, but the prospect of seeing Mr. Cohen in his boxer shorts has compelled me to add it to the queue.

*Reviews: I love these one-star reviews from Amazon. On Moby Dick: “Too nautical for me.”

*Hip-hop: Being your guide to Russian hip-hop fashions. [buzzfeed]

*Books: If you need to buy a book of tweets, do it through this link. (The affiliate money goes to @TheDayHasCome and his family. Or just donate money instead.)

*Local: Listenerd co-worker No Bird Sing have an album coming out soon. You can listen to it, even though MySpace is putting the kibosh on autoplay. [chuckles]

Video: Ice-T repairs a MacBook


Video: Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch has cancer

Links for 7.19.09: P-fork’s festival, Cronkite’s moustache, ice cream clouds…

*Festivals: Read NPR’s take on the Pitchfork Music Festival. Because public radio rules the rock and roll roost. (The previous statement contains an implicit commentary about modern society and the devolution of formerly rebellious forms of art.)

*Streaming: Spotify is on its way to the U.S. Slate reviews. I don’t normally care much for Slate.

*Phones: Textually points out this fat-burning concept phone. With obesity on the rise, how about a phone that derives energy straight from our expanding fat stores? You know what I mean? (Our guts.)

*Twitter: It has been stated that in the world of twitter, there are two camps: the favoriters and the retweeters. Here is a look into the enemy camp. [venturebeat]

*Illness: Melissa Auf der Maur kept a Swine Flu diary. [earfarm]

*Podcasts: I linked to this on Twitter, but I need to do it again. Listen to this podcast from The Memory Palace on Ben Franklin and his rumored death ray.

*Video: Howard Rheingold talking about 21st century literacies. I can’t spell. Or think. Or read.

*Ice cream: The Cloud Project proposes to seed neighborhoods with ice cream-flavored clouds. [wmmna]

*Obits: Walter Cronkite died. Esquire posted his “What I’ve Learned” interview. “I grew my mustache when I was nineteen in order to look older. I never shaved it off even though it overran its usefulness many, many years ago.”

*More on music and torture: Prisoners forced to listen to Dr. Dre and Eminem for 20 days straight. [harper’s]

Links for 4.30.09: White rappers, vinyl portraits, lanyards…

*Art: Check out these portraits of musicians drawn on vinyl Daniel Edlen. Reminds me of the “drawings” done with magnetic cassette tapes. [coudal]

*Hip-hop: Vulture writes up a history of white rappers. Remember Pete Nice? He’s on there. Probably my favorite rap name, due to its pleasantness.

*Blogs: Here’s my Dickens URL [presurfer]

*Hang: A Swine Flu poster on your wall? I thought I had SARS for a while. Also, anthrax. Years ago. (I’m not joking.) [eyeteeth]

*Lists: You will notice one blog that is NOT listed in the Hipster Handbook. My beard growing begins NOW. [shorties]

*Crafts: Sublime Stitching has made some of Daniel Johnston’s art into crafty needlepointy things. [pop candy]

*Fashion: Wear a lanyard with a rain hood on it. And thank me when you are complimented on it. Or thank baileygenine.

*Books: Gwyneth Paltrow reads Eric Carle. This is like the Arcade Fire being used for a “Where the Wild Things Are” trailer or something. Oh.Da

Video: Liricas Analas – old-school Swiss rap

This video is three years old, however I LIKE it and am hitting publish despite that fact. I apologize to you and to any future readers.

Should you click play you will find hip-hop performed in Rumantsch, an extremely rare language spoken by some number of thousands of people in the Swiss Alps. Thank you and goodbye.

[zumthor via coudal]