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Links for 6.6.08: Music’s savior, Twitter fakesters, Weezer manga…

*Perez Hilton vows to save the music business. Too bad Def Jam already replaced Jay-Z. [getty images]

*The New York Times‘ David Pogue on digital orchestras.

*Fake Ira? Next they’ll be telling me that Hodgman’s a fakester, too.

*Weezer goes manga to promote in Japan. [pop candy]

*Alright, stop what you’re doing: Digital Underground has a new album out. [vicarious]

*Off topic: The Deets crunches the numbers on the long tail of pornography. (The previous sentence contained no intentional double entendres.)

Links for 1.5.08: Hodgman’s tattoo, iLike’s loss, Kuo’s charts…

*Andrew Kuo keeps rocking at the New York Times. Deliciously ridiculous visualizations re: pop and indie music.

*DeepRockDrive to film rock concerts, and stream them live over the web (at $7 per computer). [techcruch]

*Universal pulls its clips off iLike. (No more 30-second previews of Universal songs on the Facebook fave app.) [daily swarm]

*Have you seen John Hodgman’s tattoo?

*Kinda happy not to have to wade into CES this year… Oy.