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Video: Craig Finn and Frightened Rabbit cover “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart”

Strangely enough, I just bought a best of Elton John album. Even stranger, I admitted doing so in a public forum.

Links for 9.26.10: I am now 100% immune to polio

*Fashion: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn says not to call them the Twinkies, yet I have this incredibly awesome t-shirt from Campfire.

*Art: Don’t call it the bird: A giant statue of a middle finger being given, by Maurizio Cattelan. [notcot]

*Movies: Read this page devoted to skeptics of The Force.
“Thus far, two Dark Jedi powers have come to light (so to speak) which merit attention:
-Telekinetic choking, and
-Purple lightning bolts that come from their fingertips.”
[too much nick]

*Booze: Charles Bukowski and Roger Ebert write about the Mickey Rourke movie “Barfly,” which – incidently – is the last movie I ever had on VHS. Also, I like to pronounce it Barf-ly.

*Food: Rob Walker writes about the junk-food branding of baby carrots. I’m an adult carrot guy. Always have been. (Don’t read anything weird into that. Well, nothing TOO weird.) Also, here’s a Rob Walker interview. He would like to have dinner with a nuclear bomb. FAIR ENOUGH.

*Arms: This is a World War I-era pistol bayonet. I link to it here because it terrifies me. On a somewhat related note, today (in GQ – don’t ask) – I learned of the existence of men’s garters that attach to the bottom of a shirt and the top of each sock. They are military in origin, and also terrifying.

*Please note: I have received a polio immunization and am not confident that I will not contract polio.

*Television: Apparently, Bob Dylan appeared on Pawn Stars.

*Today’s grade: F. (Note: I could not even bring myself to proof this post, having watched two episodes of Hoarders on Netflix tonight.)

Links for 7.26.09: Piracy! Charley Harper! Pushbutton! Writing through!

*Business: The New York Times looks at how streaming music is changing the pay / piracy equation. Can Spotify and Pandora cause people to steal less?

*Video: Watch the Tron Legacy trailer. The bicycles remind me of the Apple IIe game Viper. I think.

*Craft: Handpainted Charley Harper needlepoint patterns. One of them costs $350 bucks. I don’t have $350 to spend on needlepoint. FYI.

*Technology: Sort of in line with the death of RSS feeds discussion is Anil Dash’s post on what he calls “The Pushbutton Web.”

*Reading: Of these 61 Essential Post-Modern Reads, I have read nine. Illiteracy wins! Illiteracy wins again! [harper’s]

*Local: You can watch this video of former Minneapolites The Hold Steady performing “Sequestered in Memphis.” Sequestered. Funny word. Also: glittery.

*Thrashing: This was linked to by one of the big blogs, but still, hard not to link to a set of Miles Davis skateboards. [bb]

*More video: Wired editor Chris Anderson talks more about “Free” on Charlie Rose. I don’t know how you can call yourself a writer or editor and embrace the idea of “writing through“. Write it or don’t write it. But don’t write through it. [psfk]

Links for 5.3.09: Conceptual consumption, sexy frontmen and Simplify Media

*Workish: Dangerously close to a work-centric link, but here’s an article of “conceptual consumption.” [murketing]

*Web: I am trying to play with this Simplify Media thing. I am a man of limited patience. My name there is “edx.” Add me, if you want to see – and listen to – the terrible music I have in my collection. (It is awful.)

*Prose: Boner Party, on the nature of “cool” – “the period from Jennifer Grey to Jenny McCarthy lays a veritable goldmine of fun, rad babes – before post-post modern irony and apathy for the sake of apathy came in and ruined everything, when you could have a can Budweiser at a barbeque and still listen to Hüsker Du at the same time without getting shit from a dude with non prescription “child molester” glasses and a bad mustache.” Very well put.

*The Internet: See this timeline of internet memes. I wish it were cleaner. The look of it. I don’t know if I’m making sense right now or not. [spincity]

*Dudes: Nerve chose the sexiest frontmen of all time. No Lemmy? HELLO? Also, Iggy Pop crushes John Lennon and Elvis. [music slut]

*Local/music: The Hold Steady did a Daytrotter session. WEARING TWINS HATS. [buzzmedia]

*Today’s links: Not great, but it’s a gorgeous day, so D-.

Video: The Hold Steady’s “Stay Positive”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 9.30.08: Dylan’s album, Lou Reed’s street, Wal-mart’s music label?

*Zimmerman: You can stream Bob Dylan’s “Tell Tale Signs” on NPR now. I drove on highway 61 a couple weeks ago while wearing a camouflage baseball cap. True story.

*Retailers: Wal-mart is the exclusive seller of AC/DC’s Rock Band videogame and AC/DC’s album. As noted previously, Best Buy seems to have secured exclusive rights to Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy.” How long until Wal-mart has a label? Or Best Buy? Or Target? Or Old Country Buffet?

*Cartography: Does Lou Reed want to have a New York street named after him?

*Tours: The Hold Steady cancels its European tour because bassist Tad Kubler has pancreatitis. I’m bald and you don’t see me canceling world tours, do you? Ok. (My pancreas is fine, though – thanks for asking.)

*Fashion: Everyone probably knows this by now, but Rihanna is working on a fashion line. My bet is that it will have heels and sunglasses. And possibly quasi-bondage gear.

*Thinslice this: Judgeby lets you, using Amazon user reviews, judge books by their covers. Kind of like Facestat for literature, I guess. [largehearted boy]

*Crack: And then Wham! George Michael was all of a sudden arrested in a London bathroom for crack possession. [loophole]

*The Internet: Alec Baldwin gets the Chuck Norris treatment. And by that I do NOT mean a roundhouse kick to the head. Or a full daily chest wax. [hinto]

Video: The Hold Steady plays “Stay Positive” on Conan

Extra spazzy!


Links for 8.22.08: Da Brat’s sentence, Finn’s ‘ball, Decemberists’ party?

*The Twins: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn will be talking baseball with ESPN for “The Show.”

*Prison: Da Brat has been incarcerated. For assaulting a woman with a liquor bottle. Seems as if Da Brat is engaging in antisocial behavior.

*Arson: 50 Cent is finally talking about his recent, suspicious house fire with government officials.

*Celebrate: It would cost $50,000 to have The Decemberists play your next private party. But at least they would use the word “dirigible” as they serenaded you. [largehearted boy]

*Cake: I had some insanely good chocolate cake tonight! [caitlin]

Links for 8.21.08: Tupac’s moves, iTunes Unlimited, Simpson’s beer…

*Biggie: These excerpts from Faith Evans’ forthcoming book, which talk about how Tupac briefly (but quickly and efficiently) insinuated himself into her life, are actually a pretty good read.

*Subscription music: Is iTunes Unlimited, an all-you-can-listen music option rumored to someday cost $130/year from Apple, imminent?

*Beer: Jessica Simpson has become the spokesperson for Stampede Light Plus beer. Personally, this does nothing at all to diminish my love of beer. People: I am resolute. [buzzfeed]

*Pop music: Mountain Dew has started a singles-only record label, Green Label Sound, that will feature bands such as Cool Kids. You know what’s even better than Mountain Dew? That Red Alert stuff. Or Code Five or whatever the fuck it’s called. [listening post]

*Gadgets: The Apple Walkpod: a cassette-playing iPod. [bb gadgets]

*Local: The Bryant Lake Bowl is throwing a block party. The Rock for Democracy block party is set for Saturday, September 13 from 4pm-10pm, and will feature Brass Messengers, Prairie Sons and a surprise headliner. Also: roller girls! [mfr]

*Bar bands: NPR interviews the Hold Steady. (Craig Finn does not tell Thom Yorke to “Eat a dick.” Which is a prime indicator that this is not, in fact, Grade A beef.) [heavy critters]

*Idol: People who are either insane or are hardcore American Idols fans (I would love to see the Venn diagram of these two groups) can now Sajaya-ize themselves. Of course, that’s a Cardinal sin. But still.

Links for 8.18.08: Radiohead feud, topless Kanye, rockers ask Why Obama?

*Rules: The RIAA comes down on Muxtape. First, it’s Scrabulous; now this. It’s almost like stealing isn’t OK anymore.

*Prodigies: A 16-year-old Guitar Hero prodigy quits school to focus on his passion, playing Guitar Hero. Hilarious joke [REDACTED]. [ypulse]

*Old white guys: David Byrne and Brian Eno offer a full stream of their new record, “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.” [listening post]

*Live: Crowdfire captures concert-goers’ live music experiences. Multi-media experiences uploaded by people who were there.

*Feuds: The Hold Steady thinks that Radiohead has lost their way. As far as beefs go, I will take Ice T vs. Soulja Boy over this half-assed bullshit any day.

*Politics: Largehearted Boy has a series of posts wherein writers and indie rockers explain Why Obama.

*Topless photos: Of Kanye West. The commenters are asking for sit-ups. Yeezy, I feel your pain.

*Off topic: Pornography that’s for Canadians, by Canadians. Canada’s first adult video channel offering significant (at least 50%!) homegrown content prepares to launch. [kate]

Links for 7.30.08: Fergie’s acting, streaming Palooza, Biggie vs. Mick…

*Faves: Listenerd favorite and Black Eyed Pee siren Fergie will soon take a break from singing about her humps and play a prostitute on the big screen in Nine. [vulture]

*Talk: Interview with Fleet Foxes – ” We’re not trying to pull the wools over anyone’s eyes so if people want to call us hippies that’s totally fine.” [largehearted boy]

*Lollapalooza: AT&T will stream some of the festival live from here. If you are too old to go.

*Pics: Words and photos from the recent Hold Steady thing at First Ave. (Disclosure: I work with the byline dude. He’s tall.)

*The Beat: The Frisky rounds up masturbation songs. For your pleasure. (Wait, wasn’t that Green Day song about this activity? Hello?) [buzzfeed]

*Mashups: Notorious B.I.G. vs. The Rolling Stones = Poppa Was a Rolling Stone. I can’t get a lot of satisfaction out of the way you call me Big Poppa. UH.

*Found: An unreleased recording of the Beatles was recently discovered in a Liverpool attic. Is it weird that I have cited news items on Dylan, the Stones and the Beatles all in the past two days, a couple of them regarding the discovery of previously unreleased materials? At the day job we talk a lot about the emergent age of near-infinite information persistence, but it seems that a marked lengthening of captured data’s life began 50 years ago. Also, I have been getting up at FIVE FUCKING THIRTY IN THE MORNING, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

*Local: MFR reminds us all that Minneapolis hip-hop band Atmosphere is the musical guest on CBS’ Late Night with David Letterman tonight.

*Off topic: Jerry Lewis has been carrying a gun in his luggage. And that is not a euphemism. (No idea.) [medialoper]

Video: The Hold Steady do Letterman skit


Video: The Hold Steady perform “Sequestered in Memphis” on Letterman

Links for 7.12.08: Lennon’s payday, MGMT’s buzz, Lohan’s leggings…

*Genre: I have just learned from the New York Times that Fleet Foxes plays “cosmic American music.”

*Buzz: New York magazine tackles the tantalizing topic of MGMT’s buzz building methods.

*Beatles: John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics sheet for “Give Peace a Chance” recently sold at auction through Christie’s for $833,000. Seems like a lot considering all the readily accessible song lyrics sites out there today.

*Localish: The Wall Street Journal talks to the Hold Steady: “If you’re going to have a drink, at least climb on top of the water tower to do it.”

*Fashion: Lindsey Lohan leggings have kneepads built in.

*Off topic: PaidContent was acquired by The Guardian. TechCrunch is in acquisition talks with AOL? The latter seems like a great way to consolidate loathing. [buzz machine]

*Off topic: Bic is launching a line of disposable pre-paid cellphones. Perfect for all your drug acquisition and/or distribution needs.

*Feelings: Economic charts and graphs are making me nervous. VERY NERVOUS.