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Video: Tom Jones’ “We Got Love” Take Away Show

Watch more Tom Jones Take Away Shows here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Breaking mini-links post! (7.27.08): Extreme diarrhea and cassette tapes

*Updated (7.28).

*Daring Fireball: Apple uber-expert John Gruber thinks that Steve Jobs has EXTREME DIARRHEA!!!!

*Tapes and Tapes: OK, just days after a story on how cassette tapes are totally killing in the prison system comes out, we are holding a funeral for the cassette (based on audio book publishers’ dropping them). What happened in just the last few days? (They were shanked?) [mediaeater]

*Also dead: According to the Times, liner notes are going the way of the cassette tape, as well. I’d like to thank the internet. (Get it? Like a liner note! I made that up just now!!!!!11 Ugh.)

*Lists: Metafilter compiles a list of music lists that includes the 100 Greatest Songs of 1967, the 50 Greatest Classical Tone Poems and the Greatest Frontmen of Rock. A list of reasons this is not a sign of the coming apocalypse:
1) It’s a lot of lists.
2) They’re in one place.
3) They are a fast, orderly way to consume and/or simply sort information.
4) Why would I decry as fatuous a fast, orderly way of consuming information? Can I not just take it at face value and look for other kinds of information in other kinds of places? Hello!? Hello!

Links for 2.5.08: 50’s political choice,’s subscription plans, Kanye’s book…

*Popular music lyrics have a lot of sex and drug references. A lot. (See if you can find the slang term for intercourse and drug use buried in one of the two previous sentences.) [ypulse]

*Ze Frank’s explanation of SXSW (in under one minute! in Facebook!?). [fimoculous]

*This link contains the absolute WORST John Mayer link you will ever see. And it’s not even to one of his songs. DO NOT CLICK ON IT.

* to offer two layers of subscription music? Supposedly a $4/month option and a $10/month all-you-can-listen option. [silicon alley insider]

*Kanye West has a book coming out. Nah Right has some excerpts. Not a lot of text.

*Viral success doesn’t necessarily correlate to strong sales in music: a case study.

*In lodging: A Hard Day’s Night is a new hotel in Liverpool that celebrates the Beatles. [buzzfeed]

*50 Cent believes that America is not ready for a black president.

*UNRELATED: High heels boost your sex life? Huh.

*TANGENTIAL: The Triumph of Bullshit (which rules) offers this single-purpose site:

*LOCAL: The Daily Mole goes underground. Looked bad. Is it my problem that I also do not find MinnPost compelling in the least? Because I am open to that being the issue… [mnspeak]

Video: Sam Beam playing in an Amsterdam hotel

Whoa! Now that is a serious beard! (Or two!)

In August 2007, Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam sang to his reflection in Amsterdam’s Vondel Hotel elevator. And some dude (apparently from 3VOOR12) recorded it. And it was pretty cool.

And yes, the first song is kind of a killer.