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Links for 1.4.10: 12 Tips for Better Abs

*Personal: My computer broke last week, my Blackberry died months ago and I’ve been stranded offline for the past four days. In that time I read three books and had two original thoughts. It was incredible. I’m thinking about becoming an expert on the Civil War or curing warts. MAYBE.

*Nature: The question weighing on so many people’s (and dolphins’) minds right now is:

Why is Bono allowed to write op-eds for the New York Times?
Also: Should dolphins be granted human status?
And, consequently: Who is the dolphin Bono?
Then: Should the dolphin Bono be allowed to write New York Times op-eds?
And finally: How do you cock-punch a dolphin? In the cock.

*Information: Read the Hype Machine’s 2009 Music Zeitgeist. There’s also a Zeitgeist radio show. Of sorts.

*Blogs: If you aren’t sick of blogs yet, Fimoculous has published his yearly list of blogs to watch. Personally, I hate blogs. But I heartily recommend Snarkmarket and Eat Me Daily. Another blog I recently found, and would recommend, is the tumblr of Pocketmonsterd.

*Tags: If you have time, read about how a physical folksonomy project nearly choked off a Dutch library. It’s better than reading a newspaper or just randomly clicking on some article recommended by someone else. Or a dumb fucking blog. [snarkmarket]

*Local: Minneapolis music blog Culture Bully has left the playground. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. (I swear I will write the story and theory around that phrase this year. This will be it. This will be the year.)

*Art: Portraits made of crayons. Of people. I am awful with crayons, and my early artwork at school often indicated to teachers that I should be put among the “slow” students.

*Americans: “The archetypal American abroad is perceived as loud and crass even though actually existing American tourists are distinguished by the way they address bus drivers and bartenders as “sir” and are effusive in their thanks when any small service is rendered. We look on with some confusion at these encounters because, on the one hand, the Americans seem a bit country-bumpkinish, and, on the other, good manners are a form of sophistication.” I’m fascinated by sociology, and often wonder if I should get into some line of work that would help me engage that interest. (Read that whole article; it’s great.) [nostrich]

*Localish: Tad Friend writes about former University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof in the New Yorker. Yudof, whom my wife wrote various communications for while he was at the U of M, now works at the University of California, and is described as “the university’s unpopular president.” I had a late lunch at his house once. He was balder than me. Both at the time, and also, thankfully, balder even than I am RIGHT NOW. [braublog]

*Today’s links: The only part that was OK was the headline.

Links for 4.8.09: Hype Machine, online attribution, letter from T.S. Eliot…

*Digital music: Hype Machine’s Anthony Volodkin talks about whether Hype Machine is bad for music. “We probably did play a role in the growth and attention that music blogs have received. This changes the dynamics of many things, as bigger audiences tempt the wrong people to do the wrong things (post link bait, poor quality content but in large quantity etc).” [daily swarm]

*Literature: T.S. Eliot – editor at Faber & Faber in 1944 – explains why he rejected George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” [inessential]

*Twitter: There is a race to be the first Twitterer with 1,000,000 followers going on right now, and I am losing. My money, as always, is on Britney. Though John Mayer (or his ghostwriter) is somehow not bad with the medium at all.

*E-retail: Click and wait. I don’t know how to read this language. Netherlandish. (Flemish?) [coudal]

*The internet: Waxy makes internet attribution debates not boring.

*Updates: Six things to read on twitter. (I started looking at the quality of the posts from some Minneapolis Twitterers and I’m scared. And I don’t scare easily.)

*Today’s links: Strong D. STRONG.

Links for 1.19.09: Podcasts, smash shacks and eating paste

*Podcasts: Whether you adore or deplore Hipster Runoff’s schtick, you’ll be able to tell just by listening that their new podcast is lovingly crafted. To wit: “You might know Hype Machine as a place where people go to steal MP3s slash find them on blogs.” Please give it a chance.

*Instruments: Yo-Yo Ma will be playing a CARBON-FIBER cello tomorrow. WHAT YEAR IS THIS, 3080?!?!?

*Fashion: Run DC, a t-shirt in the style of Run-DMC. [It was on BB, but what the hell?]

*Stress: Over on the Twin Cities Business blog, WHICH RUNS A DISGUSTING IMAGE OF MY LOATHSOME FACE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, there’s an article we wrote about Sarah’s Smash Shack, a place that charges people to come in and smash things in order to relieve their stress. Discounts for senior citizens.

*Lists: Paste magazine tells us which albums we should consider getting excited about in 2009. Said list includes “Condo Fucks.” What? (Admission: I used to eat paste as a child.) [earfarm]

*Local: For the finest in music created by people this blogger works with, may I refer you to Hyder Ali? New music to download here.

Links for 1.11.08: New Yorker on Bon Iver, Bono in the Times, gamers in Poetry, me home…

*Report: I stepped away for a bit, so apologies if any of this is old news.

*Articles: The most enjoyable read waiting for me upon my return from the vast halls of hell was this piece by Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker about Bon Iver (aka Justin Vernon). In it, Frere-Jones writes “The songs from “For Emma,” which Vernon once described as merely “demos” to his friends, feel complete, now that he has had more than a year to play them live.”

Frere-Jones goes on to interview Vernon for a site video, and mentions the new Bon Iver EP, “Blood Bank” in a blog post.

*Articles: The least enjoyable read upon my return from the vast halls of hell was this article by Bono, which appeared on the op-ed page of the New York Times. Because it’s Bono. Also, because “Glasses clinking clicking, clashing crashing in Gaelic revelry: swinging doors, sweethearts falling in and out of the season’s blessings, family feuds subsumed or resumed.”

*Poetry: From “The First Line is the Deepest” by Kim Addonizio in Poetry

“Why does one month have to be the cruelest,
can’t they all be equally cruel? I have seen the best

gamers of your generation, joysticking their mi tanks through
the sewage-filled streets.”

*2008: Hype Machine ran its Music Blog Zeitgeist of 2008 list. MGMT tops the artist list, ahead of Radiohead.

*Nuptials: Fergie got married to that Dude from Las Vegas. Remember when Fergie was the Listenerd familiar? Back when she was performing regularly with the Black Eyed Peas? And becoming incontinent on stage?

*Twitter: Do you want to follow Karl Rove on Twitter? Also, Ray Pruit. (You should know who Ray Pruit is. If you’re old.)

*TV: Look at these pictures of the abandoned soundstage from HBO’s The Wire. While listening to Bon Iver. And being a big, emotional baby. [medialoper]

*Posters: Shepard Fairey issues an Obama Inauguration poster. I’m looking forward to the Obama 100 Days poster and the Obama Bought a Dog poster. Also, $$$$$. [coolhunting]

Links for 7.7.08: Block Party, Fleet Foxes videos, Jay-Z ringtones, Kanye’s rage…

*Currently tops on my list of “Lists Whose Purpose I Must Not Fully Understand” is this Listening Post list of the Top 10 Hottest Music Sites. MOG? But not Hype Machine. I may not have mentioned this previously, but I am retarded.

*Nice list: Songs with lyrics with 35 words or fewer. Includes “You Are So Beautiful.” I may not have mentioned this previously, but I am a strict adherent to the tenet: Clarity. Levity. Brevity.

*If I were just sitting around blogging all day, I would have passed these on earlier. Like, hours ago.

Video: Bloc Party’s “Mercury.” There are monkey things. [everywhere]

*And also: Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal.”

*And also: Santogold’s “Creator.” [getty images]

*Thumbplay is releasing 10 exclusive ringtones from Jay-Z. Personally, I have a Biggie Smalls ringtone. It is very embarrassing, and part of a complicated ritual of self-mortification I have for some reason undertaken.

*Are Kanye’s people trying to send him to anger management classes? I, for one, would be pissed. [rock daily] Mr. West’s response? “I NEED ANGER ENHANCEMENT! LOL!

*The Family Osbourne has a variety show coming out on Fox. OK, now I’m irate.

*Read: An L.A. Times article on Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals and pay-what-you-want Topspin Media. [coolfer]

*Off topic: Is Twitter buying Summize?

Links for 5.12.08: Hype’s payday, Banksy’s face, Metallica’s clips…

*Maybe Viacom will buy Hype Machine for a lot of money, or maybe someone else will. But still, do they know that people like the Hype for the stealing?

*TechCrunch posits that Blip is Twitter for music.

*The New Yorker on American Idol. On the flip side, NYer editor David Remnick offers up 100 Essential Jazz Albums.

*Earlier, I linked to a short Metallica video. Check out also the band’s new site: Mission: Metallica.

*Banksy uncovered!? It might be kind of nice, so we can move on…

*Video: Would you like to hear 50 Cent talk for an hour or more? Now you can! [getty images]

* partners with Lollapalooza. They’ll have a Lolla channel and stream some tunes.

*Sort of off topic: On blogging and attribution. I have been waiting until I build up enough goodwill to write an angry screed about proper attributions and etiquette. At this rate, we’re looking at an early 2018 rollout. So read this and this instead.

Links for 4.30.08: Pink Floyd’s pig, Friday’s lack of pants, Hype Machine’s $$…

*Erockster is Clear Channel’s crack at online radio. I don’t know how to pronounce the endeavor. And that worries me. [digital music news]

*There is a rumor going around that Viacom wants to buy Hype Machine for $10M. I wonder if they know that people like Hype Machine for the stealing. [spin city]

*Lindsay Lohan will perform with Snoop Dogg on an upcoming album. I say this without any trace of snark or irony: I am looking forward to it. [buzzfeed]

*Radiohead isn’t into the whole “name your own price” thing any more. Also, they have given a song, All I Need, to a charity that fights human trafficking.

*Pink Floyd lost their inflatable pig, offered a $10,000 reward for it, then found it. This is the circle of life, pork style. [daily swarm]

*Off topic: Friday is No Pants Day. [laughing squid]

Links for 2.7.08: My mental slippage, Prince naked, Music Zeitgeist

*Brought to my attention by a recent Brooklyn Vegan post, the Hype Machine Music Zeitgeist kind of rules. Some batshit visualizations and stats would be nice.

*RealNetworks’ revenues grow 21% in the 4th quarter. [paidcontent]

*What will a Wii game based on the teen pregnancy film Juno look like? Hello?

*Trent Reznor will contribute music to a Fight Club musical? Hello?

*G-Unit clothing line is mortally wounded?

*Cover Culture: A site devoted to album cover art. Get ready for a mostly naked Prince. [murketing]

*Music Thing collects some wicked homemade instruments.

*Guitar Rising: A Guitar Hero for use with real guitars. Who wants to use REAL guitars? [listening post]

*Once, it took me almost 3 days to remember the title of a movie I’d seen – it was Barry Lyndon. I (Krapp’s Last Tape style) viewed (and still view) that singular mental failure as the beginning of my intellectual decline. Anyway, Red Ferret covers 7 sites that help you remember what song it is you’re thinking of.

Links for 10.15.07: ‘Nuts, Hype, Talk, Woot +

*Do you want to help launch the new Hype Machine? You will have to recruit some friends. [a vc]

*It is irrational to pay for Radiohead albums.

*Coolfer writes about Universal’s in-the-works subscription service: “The Morris plan is a leap forward because music companies are finally treating their product as a service and looking at the best way to get it into the hands of music lovers.” Music is a service, among other things.

*Perez Hilton gets sued by Zomba for leaking music. [digital music news]

*Music Sucks interviews Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis):

“I think the current coypright law doesn’t really take into consideration what to do with an album that uses 200+ samples and is treated as a new piece of music by most mainstream publications. I think Fair Use is a progressive idea but also overly specific. I think if a form of music is transformative and doesn’t affect the sampled artists’ potential sales, then there should be a simpler way to gain rights to using it. Nearly all music these days is based on manipulating previous ideas.” [largehearted boy]

*Has 2007 been an off year for indie rock? What about Chocolate Rain?

*If you’re quick, you can buy a Zune for $100 on Woot today. [on10 via techmeme]

*The local: Sparky from St. Paul – John Updike reviews the new Charles Schultz biography in the New Yorker.