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Links for 5.3.09: Conceptual consumption, sexy frontmen and Simplify Media

*Workish: Dangerously close to a work-centric link, but here’s an article of “conceptual consumption.” [murketing]

*Web: I am trying to play with this Simplify Media thing. I am a man of limited patience. My name there is “edx.” Add me, if you want to see – and listen to – the terrible music I have in my collection. (It is awful.)

*Prose: Boner Party, on the nature of “cool” – “the period from Jennifer Grey to Jenny McCarthy lays a veritable goldmine of fun, rad babes – before post-post modern irony and apathy for the sake of apathy came in and ruined everything, when you could have a can Budweiser at a barbeque and still listen to Hüsker Du at the same time without getting shit from a dude with non prescription “child molester” glasses and a bad mustache.” Very well put.

*The Internet: See this timeline of internet memes. I wish it were cleaner. The look of it. I don’t know if I’m making sense right now or not. [spincity]

*Dudes: Nerve chose the sexiest frontmen of all time. No Lemmy? HELLO? Also, Iggy Pop crushes John Lennon and Elvis. [music slut]

*Local/music: The Hold Steady did a Daytrotter session. WEARING TWINS HATS. [buzzmedia]

*Today’s links: Not great, but it’s a gorgeous day, so D-.

Links for 7.7.08: White’s poesy, West’s angel, hip-hop marketing…

*Read: Jack White’s poem about Detroit. I wish more people would write poetry. Especially about Detroit.

*Update: Kanye West does NOT have a painting of himself depicted as an angel in his home. On a tangentially related note, the Black Dog Cafe in Lowertown St. Paul had hanging on its walls, not that long ago, an ENORMOUS painting of Prince depicted as Napoleon. I think it is still available.

*Local: Alan Sparhawk’s Retribution Gospel Choir recorded a Daytrotter session recently. Download songs here.

*The Wall Street Journal: Tom Waits can’t sing.

*Earfarm compiles a list of the most embarrassing uses of hip-hop in marketing (1985-1992 edition): The Super Bowl Shuffle was embarrassing?

*Side note: I heard “Lust for Life” on the radio yesterday, and it took me fully 3/4 of the song to realize that it was not the introduction to a commercial.