Links for 10.19.09: Karen O, beef and consistent failure

*Games: How would you like to try to dress Karen O? I mean, online. It’s all above board, I assure you. I should also disclose that I’m singing “Maps” right now. The “maaaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaa-ps” part of it. [buzzfeed]

*Graphics: If you’ve been wondering which countries produce the most beef, you can look at this chart with crazy dots on it. [marginal revolution]

*Twitter: You should read these five things.

*Sexual theory: Regender answers the profoundly unasked question, What would this site look like if all the genders were reversed? Note, too, that the murkier in-between grounds of sexual identity are ignored completely. [mefi]

*Punctuation: I have always loved the interrobang. WHY!?, you ask. Hard to say. It was invented in 1962. But that’s not why I love it so much.

*Employment: Money magazine compiles some sort of list of the “50 best jobs in America.” Somehow, Senior Internal Auditor is only 41. Criminal?!

*Music: My colleague Hans wrote about how his 11-year-old daughter is making him like Taylor Swift for one of Slate’s blogs.

*Today’s grade: F.