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Links for 8.9.09: Vinyl sales, steam powers, examining fail, more…

*Vinyl: The list of the ten top-selling albums of 2008 on vinyl is topped by Radiohead. Then the Beatles. Neutral Milk Hotel at number six. OK, I’ve said enough.

*Listening: Can you find out about national well-being by crunching the numbers on songs and blogs and the like? [murketing]

*Inventions: The steam-powered internet machine runs on steam. And dreams. [neural]

*Words: The New York Times‘ On Language column takes on “fail.” In the internet sense. (I don’t care for fail, though my feelings on the matter are more nuanced than a simple off/on switch. OH SNAP.)

*Hardware: Examine, if you will, these Nano cases that look like cassettes. I have a cassette tape player in my car. FYI. Also, a cracked bumper. [buzzfeed]

*Cities: Listen to the sounds of London – Waterloo Station, Beneath the Thames, Bank of England and more. [city of sound]

*Old: HuffPo (and CNN) calls my attention to this two-year-old video of Winston the Water Fountain, a dude who can consume, then spit out crazy amounts of water. This is exactly as interesting as it sounds.

Links for 12.27.08: Pianocktail maker, 2008 = fail, Springsteen’s Wal-mart embrace…

*Inventions: “The pianocktail is a piano that mixes drinks based on the combination of keys played.” [waxy]

*The T-shirt Economy: The New York Times looks at music and licensing. Well, the article starts out on the licensing front, then talks about 360 deals, jingles, and the various challenges of the music business as a whole.

*Lists: Adweek joins in the list-making herd, with the top five “branded music” initiatives.’s “Yes We Can” for Barack Obama and Chris Brown’s Wrigley jingle make the cut. [largehearted boy]

*Words: More on this year’s buzzwords from the New York TimesThe year of the fail. [kottke]

*Social music: co-founder Richard Jones talks about the operational challenges of managing the data the music social network has collected. “It is a huge challenge; the common numbers are something like 300 million different tracks that we’ve recorded (that’s in tons of different spellings), and about 20 million different artists.”

*Money: Bjork is backing a Sustainable Investment Fund. [Tepid swan joke.]

*Retail: Bruce Springsteen will be putting out a greatest hits album that will only be available at Wal-Mart. If things keep going the way they’re going, Wal-mart may soon be the only physical retailer left. [xrrf]

*Local: The St. Paul Winter Carnival will have an indoor blues festival this year. Here’s the schedule. Indoors?

*Twitter: Read these three.

Links for 7.6.08: Band as brands, Darnielle on Sabbath, MP3 blog mania…

*Is treating artists like brands really the future of music? (Especially considering treating brands like brands is a practice that’s sort of out of vogue.)

*Nerve interviews The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on his Black Sabbath novella, Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality: “I thought about pitching stuff that was lots heavier, but I thought, one, I came late to most of it except for Celtic Frost and Megadeth, and two, you got to get Sabbath out of the way first.” [largehearted boy]

*Peruse: A very large list of MP3 blogs, broken out by category. [mediaeater] Also from the indomitable Mediaeater comes TasteKid, a recommendation engine for music, movies and books.

*Inventions: A nanotube radio receiver – created from a single carbon nanotube, these things could swim in the human bloodstream. “We have already used the nanotube radio to receive and play music from FM radio transmissions such as Layla by Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominos) and the Beach Boy’s Good Vibrations.” [neatorama]

*The New Yorker‘s Alex Ross tours the Chinese classical music scene: Classical music draws huge crowds in China, and more young people are training, but Ross says commerce, art, and politics are keeping the scene a messy one.

*Off topic: The 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema. Get the butter. And the popcorn (I guess?). Hello?