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Video: Umbilical iPod charger

Artist Mio I-zawa imagines an iPhone charger that calls to mind a tentacle. Or an umbilical cord.

Links for 7.12.10: How to improve one’s abs?

*Food: Carl’s Jr. has a foot-long hamburger. THAT YOU CAN EAT.

*Surfing: Do you want to hear what Herman Melville had to say about surfing? How can you not? [c-monster]

*Local: The best place to live in America, according to CNN Money, is Eden Prairie, Minnesota. You will note that I do not recommend living there.

*Podcasts: Jack Conte of Pomplamoose talks about how Pomplamoose is Pomplamoose. Interesting side note: I only like grapefruit with a ton of sugar. A TON. Also, I’m on phase 3 of the South Beach Diet. [hypebot]

*Twitter: Add LeAnn Rimes to the list of celebs – including Soulja Boy, John Mayer, Trent Reznor – who have quit Twitter. It’s tough when people can talk back.

*Consumer electronics: Consumer Reports does not AT&T coverage, so my opinion is biased. But upon purchasing an iPhone, the whole “telephone call” thing dropped to about 12th in its level of importance (it was previously 6th).

*Obits: Harvey Pekar died. RIP. I remember being viscerally disturbed – and equally compelled to keep watching and find out more – upon seeing one of his early encounters with Letterman. It was fantastic, and something I have appreciated more, the older I get. (I am now old and bald.) Anyway, nice last couple of minutes.

*Transportation: A double dose of giant uppers to The Greatest Conversation‘s Brian Park for his cycling expertise.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 6.7.10: I don’t have an iPhone 4

*Food: The Ka-Pow is a candy bar MADE OUT OF COFFEE. HOW LIFE-GIVING DOES THAT SOUND? God, I’m a fatass.

*Blogs: I recommend checking out American Drink, a new blog from some very smart Twitter people I follow. In other quasi-Twitter links, Lonely Sandwich’s post on Apple and video is pretty good (especially the bit about hot and cold video).

*Media: NPR: Tastemaker or donation whore? I, for one, appreciate being able to find music that I like through public radio. Which point that buttresses, I don’t know. Buttresses. Heh.

*Music: Prince has a new song out today. It’s called Hot Summer. It’s also Prince’s birthday. I haven’t seen him around for years.

*Images: Hot Box by Skewville is an amusing visual pun brought to our attention by C-Monster. Who is also tumbling.

*Lists: The L.A. Times offers up the top 50 guitarists ever, one of whom (#25 alphabetically) was my father-in-law’s college roommate.

*Remembrances: I used to post prose that ripped my face off. My face is still here right now. All too here.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 5.3.10: 21 Ways to Leave Your Beer Gut Behind

*Swears: Get ready for a fuck-ton of links.

*Food: I think I speak for America when I ask KFC to take White Castle’s lead, and start creating candles that smell like their more gluttonous products (none of which I have eaten); most importantly, the Famous Bowl.

*Salutations: Golden Fiddle captures the vocabulary of hello. Come baaaaaaack, GF.

*Breaking: I am not one of the 40 Bloggers Who Really Count.

*America: This hamburger image is strangely beautiful. I would totally eat a candle that smells like these look. [c-monster]

*The Internet: Web Editor Blake Eskin talks about the New Yorker’s online presence. Have I mentioned to you how much I despise the listenerd’s online presence these days? I have design problems. Ugh. You know this.

*Furniture: Campeggi has designed this sofa that encourages you to abuse it. Physically. [geekologie]

*Woodworking: Holy cow, check out this totally metal non-metal guitar. My god. [neatorama]

*Apps: You can now put a Roland TR-808 drum machine straight out of the early 1980s onto your iPhone.

*Children: Look at this headlamp made out of a Lego guy. INNOVATION AT WORK.

*Instruments: I have linked to Wave Organs before, but here’s a short write-up of one in San Francisco from the NYT. Wave organ. Organ. Heh.

*Fragments: The tagline of Wait, What? is the best of any blog I have read in a long time: “the last sentences of hypothetical conversations that you wish you were a part of.” [coudal]

*Personal: We have been posting infrequently because my three-year-old child does not want to go to bed at a reasonable hour any more. We regret the inconvenience.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 2.14.10: 27 Tips for Better Abs

*Art: Cassettes can be art, if you add a little light to them. I know you’ve been wondering about this. I have. [notcot]

*Humanity: Does keeping chickens teach you about how societies work? “Watching chickens helps us understand human motivations and interactions, which is doubtless why so many words and phrases in common parlance are redolent of the hen yard: ‘pecking order’, ‘cockiness’, ‘ruffling somebody’s feathers’, ‘taking somebody under your wing’, ‘fussing like a mother hen”, “strutting”, a “bantamweight fighter’, ‘clipping someone’s wings’, ‘beady eyes’, ‘chicks’, ‘to crow’, ‘to flock’, ‘get in a flap’, ‘coming home to roost’, ‘don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’, ‘nest eggs’ and ‘preening’.”

*Landslide: Look at this art inspired by Stevie Nicks.*
*Look only if you don’t have an eye for art. [coudal]

*Media: I like both the angry Russian propaganda-inspired design of TPUTH and headlines such as “Penis Roulette Creator Finally Speaks.”

*Art: These iPhone wallpapers by Mark Weaver – including A MAN WITH AN ELEPHANT HEAD HOLDING A GUN – are pretty awesome. [notcot]

*Lists: Who were the 50 most loathsome Americans in 2009? I would express my relief in not being on the list, but I only read half of it, then passed it on to you as if I were entirely familiar with it. (Minnesota’s own is #4!) [harper’s]

*Writing: Whatever you think of the story and the subject (it’s John Mayer), this headline from Vulture is excellent.

*Video: This robotic vibraphone is probably cooler and less erotic than you were expecting it to be. Sounds like a paradox, I know.

*Tip: Eat less.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 11.1.09: Tape ties, rats, and matches

*Fashion: Whoa. Sonic Fabric Neckties. Ties made from 50% polyester thread and 50% cassette tape. That you can listen to. WHAT? [ohgizmo]

*Language: All Sorts has a collection of collective nouns, including “a fixie of hipsters,” which I could have sworn was an old neologism.

*Books: Who are the 10 best rats in literature? I agree with the Orwell and Camus, of course, but no rats of NIMH? Also, there was a dead rat in the basement of our building the other day. I didn’t go look at it. [shorties]

*Games: You can now play Rock Band on your iPhone. You could also technically create a robot to play Rock Band on your iPhone. Like this guy did. Not very sporting. [neural]

*Consumerism: Matches are everywhere. “In remote rural communities, where television, radio or even street names are almost non-existent, relaying information is a pressing issue. Matchboxes may contain the solution.” [marginal revolution]

*Booze: They make whisky flavored condoms. I’m drinking an old-fashioned right now! Actually, those two things have nothing to do with each other. At all. [buzzfeed]

*Things: If you’re marvelously pithy, you can enter this Significant Objects contest, wherein you need to right a story of a thing in 6 words or fewer.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s grade: F.

Links for 10.13.09: The Beatles, Bon Iver, Daniel Johnston, disgusting food

*Music: Listen to analysis of three Beatles multitrack masters from the BBC’s “Record Producers: The Extended Cut.” No, really. Listen. If I told you this was from Waxy, would you listen? Ugh. Christ.

*Games: Preview and/or check out Hi, How Are You, an iPhone app inspired by Daniel Johnston’s art. That was a weird sentence, and one the me from five years ago would not have liked, much less understood. Sad.

*Music: A podcast of Bon Iver performing at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater. I’m typing this with stumps.

*Poetry: This seems like the kind of lit hip people would like. And by this, I mean Zadie Smith reading Frank O’Hara’s “Animals.”

*Entrepreneurship: Derek Sivers talks about growing and then knowing he was done with his business, CDBaby.

*Fashion: The t-qualizer is a shirt with a graphic equalizer embedded. [neatorama]

*Sustenance: I love pictures of disgusting-looking food. Wait. Huh? But it’s true. That’s what makes it funny. Also, never go deep into the Google image search results for chaat. Ever. [murketing]

*Today’s links: Always F.

Links for 9.5.09: ALL CAPS, Sub Pop sneakers, 8-bit wine

*Type: Caps lock can get you fired. See what I did there? I could have, and probably should have, used all caps for dramatic effect. But I zagged. It’s a habit. I also let it mellow, but that’s a different habit and an entirely different topic. And an unsavory one at that. Someone please stop my fingers from typing. [richardovich]

*Fashion: Indie athletes? Buy Sub Pop sneakers! I got this link from STEREOGUM. How long has it been since I linked to Stereogum? I bet it’s been months. And I’m pretty religious about noting where shit comes from.

*Drinks: 8-bit Vintners is a winemaking facility for nerds. I wish there were a way for me to convey to you how true that previous sentence is. Without begging. I’ve done what I can here.

*Apps: T-Pain’s autotune iPhone app is the talk of the internet right now. Imagine me saying that in an autotune voice. If you don’t know my voice, imagine a fat guy talking into an empty coffee can.

*Data: Google, in their quest to organize the world’s information, has now made it easier for Americans to monitor key domestic financial trends. It’s pretty gorgeous.

*Delightful: Please read this spellchecked version of Jabberwocky. There is something to be said here, I think, about the Jorge Luis Borges’ story “Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote” and also about modern techno-corporate lobotomization. I am particularly interested in lobotomies right now. Not sure why. Not sure why. Not sure why. Not sure why. Hello! [harper’s]

*Grade: F

Links for 7.23.09: Metal beards, Palin tics, Boner prose…

*Polls: One of the most important questions of our time – Are beards metal? (I voted “not metal.” The results may shock the fuck out of you.)

*Feed readers: Two very good posts about the future of RSS feeders and idea recommendation. I obviously have a lot to say about these matters and not a lot of free time to say it. The interesting thing about my previous statements that I considered twitter a recommendation engine for ideas is that the people I follow don’t ever link to anything.

*The Future: You can’t throw a neon disc without hitting a blog talking about upcoming Tron-themed Daft Punk events. Or maybe that’s just among the blogs I read. Hmf.

*Green: Carrotmobbing is gimmicky. It’s also been one of my favorite ideas since I first saw it for the day job way back.

*Local: Recently deceased St. Paul musician Jeff Hanson’s autopsy showed that he died of a drug overdose. UGH. [tds]

*Local: The Telegraph on Bob Dylan and the Hibbing High School class of ’59 reunion. [mnspeak]

*Discovery: I used to cover a lot more Web 2.0 music discovery recommendation engine shit on this blog. Then I got bored with it. Still, Ghostly (for the iPhone) looks pretty cool. Well. It has a ghost. [notcot]

*Prose: Sexist, maybe. Boner Party, though? Yes.

*Editorial: Vanity Fair marks up Sarah Palin’s resignation speech. To be fair, if an editor went through a transcript of me talking for 20 minutes, it would be an enormous red knot.

*Video: The Wikipedia Files, a five-part video interview of The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne by the Chicago Public Radio Blog. [coudal]

*Apology: Late to so much. The dude won’t sleep.

Links for 5.25.09: Beards, Twitter, Wilco, the New Yorker, the Marshmallow Test

*Obits: Jay Bennett, formerly of Wilco, died in his sleep at 45.

*Photography: People in pollution (amazing). [harper’s]

*The Marshmallow Test: “Don’t” is a great read from the New Yorker about how self-control among kids is a key indicator of future success and a current area of study.

*The Crash: Lovely “Flight of the Conchords” tour posters. I like the second of the two posters, if you have been wondering about it for the past one-hundredth of a second. [lyrical_miracle]

*Art: The newest New Yorker cover was drawn on an iPhone.

*Twitter: Billboard takes a look at Twitter and the music business. After using Twitter for three years (on maybe half a dozen accounts) and writing about it (often in conjunction with music) innumerable times, I think I’m hitting a wall.

*Facial hair: A world beard champion has again been named. Funny, but I just shaved. The circle of life. [buzzfeed]

*Grade for today’s links: Don’t ever give up.

Links for 4.27.09: Meat cards, vinyl and job loss

*Food: Meat business cards are memorable, but spoil quickly. Like so many business relationships. Umm, what? [presurfer]

*Economy: This Slate map of American job losses is impressive and scary. I still have a job as of this writing.

*Vizzie: Wiredsets grabs an infographic of vinyl sales from Nielsen SoundScan. Bars! Big dots!

*Apple: A certain musician is planning on performing only with iPhones. I find the long-term AT&T contracts to be off-putting. Related video: Watch a dude spin records on an iPhone. [waxy]

*Videogames: You can play frisbee golf with Tiger Woods. Some call it frolfing. Somebody bring a oney!!! WHEW!!!! I was channeling my 8th grade buddies right there.

*Twitter: Check out a map (built with Yahoo! Pipes) of your Twitter followers. Better in theory than in execution. Like a certain blog THAT YOU ARE READING RIGHT NOW???

*Today’s links: Bite me.

Links for 4.21.09: Cloudspeaker, green porn, Anvil and Absolut…

*Music 2.0: I haven’t really poked around Cloudspeaker, but I’m trying to figure out if it’s a busier Hype Machine. [shorties]

*Green: We wrote about Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno” ages ago for the day job. Now she’s back with a series of films about how aquatic life does it. And by it, I can’t even say what I mean. At all. [cinematical]

*Movies: Anthony Lane, my favorite writer working today, gave the heavy metal documentary “Anvil” a rave review in the most recent issue of the New Yorker. [tds]

*Local: Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) singing “A Satisfied Mind” at Eau Claire’s Memorial High School. Who has two fingers and likes Bon Iver? [chuckles]

*Video: An ad for Absolut vodka, called “A vodka movie,” by Zach Galifianakis. Men. Wigs. [hotdogsladies]

*Apps: Capo is a $40 iPhone app that allows wannabe musicians to slow down tracks so they can learn to play them. I can play nothing, though I tried to learn the flute once. [daring fireball]

*Lastly: In place of today’s grades, an editorial comment. I hate City Pages.

Links for 4.19.09: Dylan’s grandkids, fire graffiti, Spinal Tap…

*Vandalism: Fire graffiti. Easily the best kind of graffiti. Except for carving your name in trees. [eyeteeth]

*Watch: A video to sit through, should you like to hear the Super Mario theme played on laser cutters.

*Dylan: 20 things you did not know about Bob Dylan. He has 9 grandchildren. [shorties]

*Illustrations: Read the blog of a man who draws everything he eats. [murketing]

*Apple: Apparently, the iPod Touch is becoming part of the modern American soldier’s arsenal. Also, I am thinking of ditching my voip and just doing conference calls from a Touch + Skype. If anyone has any experience in this regard (and/or recommendations), your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

*Movies: What Spinal Tap did to our culture. I grew up fearing spontaneous human combustion. Thanks, dad.

*Today’s links: D-.

Video: iPhone duet