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Video: Iron and Wine covers Nick Drake

Listen to Sam Beam sing Nick Drake’s “Place to Be.” Also, check out more Iron and Wine rarities via modestareloger’s YouTube channel.

It should be said here that Sam Beam still refuses to do a podcast with me. Note that it would be a whisper podcast. Still. Nothing. [via mefi]


Attention: the listenerd podcast ZERO

Hello! And welcome once again. You have doubtless arrived here by accident. And for that, I’m very sorry. But onward.

I have spoken previously of recording a podcast for this blog, not to diversify my digital presence in an attempt, ultimately, to monetize my proprietary content and/or otherwise leverage brand awareness, but instead as an exercise in shining my own shoes.

But enough about that.

I feel that I should report that Attempt One at Podcast Zero was a bust, with the droning of my own vinegar-toned voice becoming so annoying to test listeners, we were forced not only to destroy all copies, but also to smash the Flip video camera that captured the ill-conceived moment with a 10-lb hammer.

This defeat, however, only energized me. And that’s where we are today. Here. Now. Where I unveil my aspiration. I believe my first podcast for the listenerd should begin as an interview with singer/songwriter Sam Beam. (Note: I do not know Mr. Beam, nor have I tried to contact him.)

What I would like to do (and we are talking about a 40,000-foot view here) is to interview Mr. Beam, teasing out the comedy stylings I know are buried deep within him (as they are buried within all of us). I would then, with the magic of EDITING, BEGIN podcast zero (that’s a code name) speaking to a marvelously quippy Mr. Beam, then end it with 20 minutes of Iron & Wine’s music, culminating in the song “Naked as We Came” cross-fading to the sound of me weeping uncontrollably into a napkin.

If you’re out there, Sam, ping me! Let’s make this happen! NOT KIDDING! [thx to rob t.]

Sam Beam on his music, his movies, and M and M’s

I like many things about Sam Beam, including 1) his movies, 2) his beard, and 3) his music. He recently did an interview with the A.V. Club wherein he makes clear that his attitude toward films that license his music is extraordinarily nonchalant (re: Garden State: “I hear it was good.”).

He also talks about my favorite song of his, “The Trapeze Swinger,” and how it was used in the awful movie In Good Company with equal shruggery.

In addition to Garden State, some other media in which Beam’s music has appeared that he’s has never seen:
*Friday Night Lights
*The L Word
*Gray’s Anatomy

He has seen the M&M’s commercial, and promises that he likes M&Ms.

Links for 9.27.07: Spector’s free pass, Apple’s free pass + Hotel Chev

*The Hair walks: A mistrial for Phil Spector.

*Mathew Ingram (who is always remarkably clear-headed about the frothing Web 2.0 news of the day) asks why Apple gets a free ride despite laying the smack down on some who was hacking his Touch. (Admission: 30% of the motivation for this item was the chance to write: “Hacking his touch.”) Also, the threats of bricking!

*Imeem has signed a deal with BMG to revenue share in exchange for the right to stream their tunes. [Forbes via Mashable]

*Twiddeo = twitter + video. In my opinion, if they want to do this right clips should be limited to 3 seconds. It goes live later this week. [Mashable]

*Read: interviews with Iron & Wine and The Arcade Fire.

*Project Playlist raises $3M in funding. Another search/discovery service that uses music “available on the web.” [paidcontent]

*Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier: 10 minutes up on YouTube? For now. (Looks like only 98 people have viewed it as of this posting…)