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Links for 5.13.10: 100 Tips for More Interesting Headlines

*Money: Wow. Buzzfeed takes $8M in funding. I have a lot to say about this in my professional life. But very little to say about this on the listenerd.

*Housing: Perhaps Yoko Ono’s butt wallpaper is the perfect decoration for you. And your butt. [tds]

*Blogs: Do you know what anablogs are? Look at this one, about typewriters. There is something here. Something that is interesting.

*Music: The New York Times says, “In Mobile Age, Sound Quality Takes a Step Back.” Consumers don’t care about sound quality. The good enough ethos continues.

*Facebook: Online privacy is another topic of professional interest, and the Facebook blowup is especially interesting. Here, the Times talks about how Kickstarter (a favorite) is helping facilitate potential alternatives to the big, blue juggernaut.

*Writing: The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy will be writing children’s novels. You’ll not one of his favorite subjects to address in his music is infanticide. So there’s that.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F.


Links for 11.13.09: Donuts, cassette tapes, Beard Rock and Alaska

*Food: On two separate occasions this week I have come across Visual Taxonomies of Donuts. Which, coincidentally, will be the name of my fourth fake novel (hence the caps; I’m not an anarchist, for God’s sake).

*Photography: Do you like looking at pictures of cassettes? If you answered no, maybe you weren’t thinking about highly aestheticized cassettes. [coudal]

*Graphs: Examine this visualization of UK music revenue, broken down by subcategories such as recorded revenue, live revenue, etc.

*Graphs 2: Are peak oil and peak rock related? Think of Beirut as a Prius. And your ears as the road. Right? [harper’s]

*Facial hair: NPR is worried about the takeover of Beard Rock. I’m worried about the takeover of Beard Smell. Because it’s easy to get food caught in there. Especially liquids. Or semi-liquids.

*Real estate: It turns out, Alaska was a bad purchase. “The economic benefits that have been received from Alaska over the years could have been obtained without purchasing the territory. In financial terms, Alaska has clearly been a negative net present value project for the United States.” Remind me to tell you about when I bought a motorcycle from a sketchy guy who insisted on changing the title over himself (instead of letting me do it) next time you see me.

*Aesthetics: Jim Windolf writes On Cuteness in Vanity Fair. Personally, I hate cute things. Due to a childhood fall down the stairs. Or so I hear. [hans]

*Jobby job: Check out the video on this post from the jobby blog. It shows a few different ways people count money across the world. It’s probably been 4 years since I had more than any 6 bills on my person.

*Music: Maura has left Idolator. Nielsen is MAYBE putting Billboard on the block. These things make me feel old. In internet years. And years.

*Twitter: Read these four things. Related: I have a lot to say about the retweet feature. It will bore me as much to write it as it will bore you to read it. So there’s that to look forward to.

*Today’s links: F. Goodbye forever.

Links for 5.28.09: Two years, high school pics, penal tour, groin shaving…

*Whatever: Today marks two years and nearly 2,000 posts (whoa!) on the Listenerd. Many thanks to everyone who has read it, linked to it, or sent in ideas. Humbling and much appreciated.

*Digital: Whoa, Dusty Tunes is almost like posting naked pictures of yourself online. It helps you create a page of your entire iTunes library.

*Visualizations: Feel stats like you feel a fork digging into your eyeball. In-Formed adds a layer of the tactile to conceptualizing information. Ouch.

*High school: Rolling Stone collects up a bunch of year book pictures from rock stars. I’ll be honest with you: I had a mullet. But at least I had hair. [spincity]

*Autism: This dude I follow on Twitter wrote an article about autism and Star Trek that’s worth reading.

*Sports: Next month, a penal version of the Tour de France will be held – with prisoners. Though I am not in general a fan of cycling (nor do I cycle frequently myself), each year I’m fascinated by the social aspects of the Tour de France. Adding a criminal element to this grand psychological experiment makes it even more thrilling. [s4xton]

*Economics: If you want to yell at the economy, look into this art project. “As a first step to redress this process, Floating Lab Collective has launched Scream at the Economy, inviting anyone and everyone to call in and scream at the economy, expressing desperate and instinctive expressions of survival, warnings of danger, cathartic affirmations of power, explosions of anger and despairing utterances of anxiety and hopelessness.” [eyeteeth]

*Ads: Gillette tells you how to shave your groin. Or as they call it, “the hair down there.” Stay classy, everyone. Forever.

*Today’s links: Goodbye.

Miscellaneous year-end listenerd bullshit: 2008

Hello, it is the end of the year, and for an unknown reason you are reading the listenerd. Welcome.

First, I would like to warn you that this will be painfully boring. Because it will not be about Fergie peeing her pants. Or anyone else peeing his or her pants. Unless I pee my pants in the very, very near future. What it will instead be about is anything falling under the broad category of “Miscellaneous year-end listenerd bullshit: 2008.”

Second: business time. Many thanks to the fine readers who have come here and read things over the past year. Even to those who have come searching for pornographic materials. Sorry. Thanks also to those who have commented, sent e-mails, twittered, etc. Regards.

Thanks also to the fine bloggers who link here, e-mail interesting tidbits or angry words, make “social media connections” through various inanely named, platform-specific means (poking, nudging) or slap me directly across the face in person. Particular propers for general 2008 awesomeness go to: Startling Moniker, ControlRoom, Blisslist, Urlesque, Switchblade Comb, Idolator, The Daily Swarm and Spin City, and several others that I have doubtless omitted.

Stats: Please note that I am not a multinational corporation, nor am I Web 2.0 platform that is harnessing the power of crowds, nor do I have a payroll for this endeavor. Instead, I am a single human being, blogging with a singularity of purpose that is known only to one person in the universe. (My job is to find that person, and to kill him.)

Despite these facts, the ‘nerd is now up to 1,657 posts, almost half of them mediocre.

The top five posts for the year, in order NOT of stupidity, but rather in order of pageviews:
1) Censored nude dance party.
2) Famous people who Twitter.
3) Arnel Pineda’s Embassy Aid Speaks.
4) The Believin’ has not stopped.
5) Lil’ Nutzzak’s “(You Make Me So) Hard”.

An analysis of which goes to show you:

1) I am an idiot.
2) Why am I doing this again?
3) People like sex.
4) People like new Journey frontman Arnel Pineda.
5) People like following famous people (who are, as a rule, TERRIBLE twitterers) on Twitter.

The three most clicked-upon links for the year were…

1) Henry Rollins’ purported Twitter account. (Now dead.)
2) Diablo Cody’s purported Twitter account.
3) Snoop Dogg’s Twitter account.
Side note: Why did Snoop Dogg purchase an umbrella?
Answer: Fo Drizzle.

Finally, I offer you my personal favorite items posted on this blog this year. They have nothing to do with anything, except what I happen to like right now. Please note: I have had a Surly Furious, a glass of wine and a Legacy Chocolates truffle. All within the last 15 minutes. Also, I am bald.

1) Recommendations and anti-recommendations.
2) The Oh, Fuck It Edition.
3) Flying Wang Attacks Kasparov.
4) Mashup review: Girl Talk’s “Feed the Animals”.

Thank you – sincerely – once again for your patronage this year (if applicable), and (once again) regards forever.


I am not dead or injured.

A few items, in list form:

*Oh look, Wired’s digital music-related blog Listening Post died. That kind of sucks? I linked to them often. To be honest, it feels sort of like a downsizing, where you see a dude who did work similar or related to your own get laid off, shake your head sadly, but know that he was getting paid more than you.

*I am not dead! Or injured. (EXCEPT for the brain damage.) I was buried in work. Also, I think I may be retarded. And bald. And fat!

*I am twittering like a (non-anonymous) human again. Wow. That red burns even MY retinas. And I can barely see. (I should have added that in the above item.)

*I’ve linked to a concert video of the song previously, but MFR is offering Bon Iver’s “Babys” as a download right now.

*I wanted to write a long, hateful post about the logistical ineptitude of last weekend’s Craft-o-Rama hosted at Minneapolis’ Midtown Global Market, but what self-respecting man can whip himself into a rage about craft-o-rama logistics? (In public.)

Links for 11.26.08: MySpace Music’s boss, extreme beer, lists, lists, lists!

*Social music: MySpace Music has finally named a boss, and it’s Courtney Holt. Weeee!!! [idolator]

*Downsizing: If I didn’t mention this before, Buzznet – publisher of Stereogum, Idolator, and Absolute Punk – cut 13% of their staff.

*Just whoa: If you have skills, you can now scrobble anything you listen to. And if you don’t know what scrobbling is, you don’t have skills. (That’s nothing to be ashamed of.) [waxy]

*Lists: Fimoculous’s annual, year-end list of lists is starting.

*Beer: The New Yorker does a profile of Dogfish breweries and outlines the possibilities of extreme beer. Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer. Oh, I should also note that we wrote about BEERSHAKES for my day job a while back.

*Drinking: A co-worker directs me to this fantastical flickr photo set of people trying a drink called Jeppson’s Malort for the first time. Almost as good as those 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction videos. And significantly less off-putting. The drink is apparently favored by one JOHN HODGMAN. (The drink in question being, of course, Jeppson’s Malort.) Ick. [charlotte]

*The circle of life: As soon as my new anonymous Twitter self (see this twittercide thingy for an explanation) gains 100 followers, I will out him. And we can begin this circle of life all over again. Shanti.


I feel like I should tell you this. I’m trying tumbling again.

This one will be better than The Finest in Celebrity Hairlines. I swear.

Because how can it not be?

Recommendations and anti-recommendations: an irregular service

I am going to continue saying eff it to the usual ‘nerd format and offer a few recommendations and anti-recommendations tonight. Thank you for your indulgence.

After this, I will return to a music-heavy playlist, while keeping the more textured parts of my mind’s life hidden, far from view. Thank you and regards.

Blogs about or sometimes addressing music. You probably know about them, but I don’t care.
The Daily Swarm: Nice layout.
Switchblade Comb: Local Minneapolis blog with irrepressible content flow.
Hipster Runoff: So angry it sometimes scares me.
Metal Sucks: So passionate it sometimes scares me. And for metal.

Things (general):
-Bad Banana’s twitterstream: Jokes about North Korea and the Final Meltdown (economic).
-Google hot trends: I don’t care if it’s Google, I don’t care if it’s easy to game, I don’t care if everyone knows about it. I’m addicted.
FiveThirtyEight: Political polls – PRETTY ONES – and other data crunched in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
Surly Furious: A beer for people who are angry. Or those who would like to become so.
Free Dr. Pepper
George Packer: NYer blogger.
-Most of Clive Thompson‘s mainstream media articles: His blog is like a ghost town. Or sawdust. Depending on the scope of the metaphor you want to use.

Things I am compelled by conscience to recommend:
-The Jobby Blog
-The partnership blog: As you can see on Culture Capture, I have a huge forehead. And, at least in this picture, am a total square.
Latino L.A.: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not Latino. Actually, maybe my mother would be.

-Black mead: Never drink it. NEVER. It tastes like mushrooms.
-Mighty Magic Minis Popsicles: I don’t care if you are two years old, these things are a BAD DEAL.
Batter Blaster: Consistency? Not good.
-Most of Virginia Heffernan’s columns in the New York Times magazine. I usually disagree with the premise! And the execution. But usually, the way the idea is framed. And, I guess, not so much “disagree,” but rather “think is wrong.” Sad.

I have most probably forgotten a thousand things. And for that I apologize. Or perhaps you are relieved. There is always tomorrow – or some day years and years off into the future.

Links for 10.10.08: It’s and Its, Eno’s iPhone app, McCain’s playlist…

*Words: It’s its and it is it’s (depending on context). [largehearted boy]

*Mashups: Dr. Dre is “reinterpreting Chopin symphony stuff.” [nymag]

*iPhone: Brian Eno releases Bloom, a music app for the iPhone Applications store. “Part instrument, part composition and part artwork.” All, WTF and a good portion I have no idea. [beat portal]

*Conversions: If you want, you can learn how to make albums into MP3s from Wired. OR you could just capture video of the album playing on a record player, post it on YouTube, then scrape it. [lifehacker]

*Big Retail: Wal-mart is leaving their DRM servers up for now. So those consumers who purchased DRM’d music from America’s largest retailer have some extra time to burn, baby, burn those discs. [medialoper]

*Politics: John McCain’s daughter’s playlist includes The Ting Tings, Tokyo Police Club, Zeppelin and Mos Def. The woman knows how to use the internet. [the rap up]

*Politics and cinema: If you would like to see a clip of W. Or maybe you are looking for a break from all that?

*Products: Torque your headphones with freakin’ MAGNETS? [joshspear]

*The Annals of Law: Champaign county judge forces hip-hop fan to listen to classical music.

I am going away for a while now.


I am going far, far away for a little while.

To a place where cellphones, computers and music do not go. To a place where peyote rules the world, where whiskey fills your pockets and where walleye hang in the evening air like dew. (I have no idea. Really. None whatsoever.)

I hope to return to the non-physical world sometime next week. If I am too tired to blog at that time, I will turn over to you my OPML file and the name of a cheap mechanical turk to sort through it for you.



State of the listenerd address!

As of this Wednesday (the 28th), I’ll have a year under my belt blogging on the ‘nerd. With work on the backburner and a long weekend for leisure, I’m seizing this opportunity for some brief meta-blogging self-indulgence. If you are easily bored, fall asleep now and save yourself the eyestrain.

Unlike many bloggers, I started this site with very clear goals. At the time it began, I was covering consumer trends in the media/entertainment/technology space as a Senior Editor, playing with Web 2.0 stuff and consumer electronics, reading extensively, and writing 10-12 articles a week. The problem: Everything I wrote was published behind a spendy subscription firewall. In fact, despite 3+ years of writing about media and tech trends, I had practically no discernible presence on the ‘net at large.

So I started the ‘nerd with the focus of developing an online record of some of my work and thinking. Obviously, I was a heavy blog consumer, and I’d experimented with blogging before extensively, usually to test platforms and applications (I started tumbling when it still kinda sucked; and ended up giving it up before it hit big), but occasionally to stretch my legs a bit as far as subject matter, too.

The main goal of this blog, however, was not to give myself a venue to play with new technologies, nor was it to be a place I could experiment with content. It was simply a way to, in a focused and efficient manner that was, in fact, a by-product of my everyday work and life, develop an authentic, organic, semi-controllable web presence for myself.

With that goal in mind, the blogging part was sort of easy. Google (and, actually, future readers) was a prime part of the audience; writing for a real-time readership was secondary. At least at the beginning. Anyway, if searchability was a key metric, I did just moderately well this year. I’m still behind the surfing photog who runs and buys AdSense, but there’s at least some record of my work and/or thinking (or lack thereof) online now.

So whither the ‘nerd? Not sure. Having met my primary aims, I’m now contemplating whether to adjust my ultimate goals in writing this thing (with one option being to actually WRITE more instead of linking so much), or to just keep on trucking (or maybe simply skip-hop to the next venture).

As far as a linkblog goes, the setup I have now is almost too efficient. Despite switching jobs (I’m Exec. Editor now), 80% of the information that hits the ‘nerd is basically a byproduct of my everyday work and life. I spend 20-30 minutes a night smashing a monster feedreader and posting links, and once in a while I press a video onto the site in the middle of the day. The total, realistic time commitment’s about 8 hours a week, though it’d be significantly more if I ever wrote decent-sized posts. (I’d prefer if it were like 4.5 hours.)

Traffic these days is not bad; and the trajectory is actually spiking. Each of the last two months has been the highest ever. Each of the last three weeks has been the highest ever, as well. And the highest trafficked day for the site was posted in the past week. Just two days shy of a year and I (this isn’t – like many others – a group blog or a partnership, and I don’t have guest writers or linkers) have put up 1,114 posts. Kind of a lot.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who reads, watches on, links to, or – at the least – does not try to hack into and destroy the listenerd. It’s been an interesting experiment, and I’m not really sure where it will go from here. Having pretty much met my primary goals, I will most likely shift my tactics a bit (though the focus of the blog, if it continues, will pretty much stay where it is; any subject matter shift will be organic).

OK, that was long. Sorry. Same time, same place, next year? Maybe?

Please note: I have returned

And I will begin kicking ass once again as time and technology permit.

Thank you.

Please remember: We are still optimized for maximum incontinence.

And always will be.

Off topic: On my arch enemy

I think Josh Kimball the surfing photographer must have paid Google to disappear the listenerd. Because it is nowhere to be found. And for this, he must pay.

That is all. Now back to YouTube.