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Video: Juno’s Ellen Page sings “Zub Zub”


Links for 2.7.08: My mental slippage, Prince naked, Music Zeitgeist

*Brought to my attention by a recent Brooklyn Vegan post, the Hype Machine Music Zeitgeist kind of rules. Some batshit visualizations and stats would be nice.

*RealNetworks’ revenues grow 21% in the 4th quarter. [paidcontent]

*What will a Wii game based on the teen pregnancy film Juno look like? Hello?

*Trent Reznor will contribute music to a Fight Club musical? Hello?

*G-Unit clothing line is mortally wounded?

*Cover Culture: A site devoted to album cover art. Get ready for a mostly naked Prince. [murketing]

*Music Thing collects some wicked homemade instruments.

*Guitar Rising: A Guitar Hero for use with real guitars. Who wants to use REAL guitars? [listening post]

*Once, it took me almost 3 days to remember the title of a movie I’d seen – it was Barry Lyndon. I (Krapp’s Last Tape style) viewed (and still view) that singular mental failure as the beginning of my intellectual decline. Anyway, Red Ferret covers 7 sites that help you remember what song it is you’re thinking of.

Links for 1.8.08: Posh’s duds, Juno’s tunes, Hannah Montana’s double…

*The listenerd visited the Virtual Lower East Side just after launching and found it very empty. This New York Times writer finds a similar experience. (And why in the world is this filed in the Television section of the Times?)

*Juno actors Ellen Page and Michael Cera release iTunes playlists optimized for bloggers: CocoRosie, Brendan Benson, BSS, Beulah. Social Media Marketing lesson #564. Check them at The playlist.

*Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has topped Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed of 2007 List. Congrats. (Listenerd fave Fergie also made the list!) [huff po]

*JupiterResearch projections say European digital music sales increases will offset physical sales’ losses by 2010. [paid content]

*Seth Godin (I’m hot and cold on him) comments on the music business: Not entirely against subscription. AHA!

*FYI: Ice Cube is planning on wearing a mohawk for his role in the forthcoming A-Team movie as B.A. Baracus. [cinematical]

*Hannah Montana uses a body double? [daily swarm]

*Read: MuSick in the Head’s Music 2.0 predictions for this year: “Apple launches a subscription music service.” I LIKE IT.

Some things you may have missed…and happy new year.

I recommend not missing these again (all links = self-referential). Some things from the past. For the future.

*AVOID: Black mead.

*James Hetfield responds to rumors of his detention at an airport in England for wearing a suspicious talibeard.

*The Cyclical Blog.

*Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.

*On Benjamin Franklin’s “cold-air baths.”

*Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em) “Crank That” instructions.

*Swiss firefighter rap: 118 Projec’t.

*Notes on the Juno soundtrack. (For some reason, one of the most oft-searched posts of the year.)

*And happy new year. And thank you.

Links for 12.15.07: Bad band names, bad song lyrics, ear trumpets and a Merry X-mas

*What are the worst song lyrics of 2007? A sample from Big and Rich: “I see your momma and the candles and tears and roses.” Uh boy. [neatorama]

*Who had the most popular album of the year? Daughtry. WHAT? Additionally, Rolling Stone‘s top 100 songs of the year. #3 = Umbrella. [pop candy]

*Hannah Montana has added fourteen dates to her tour. Whew.

*T-mobile is blocking Twitter. Ugh.

*The A.V. Club goes after the worst band names of 2007. Some good ones (Butt Stomach, Those Fucking Unicorns, Gay Witch Abortion), but my all-time entry in the category holds firm: The Sweatpant Boners.

*Job watch: Cuts at Geffen Records. 60 people cut at Universal Music.

*Diablo Cody will start writing a column for Entertainment Weekly. [vulture]

*Vintage ear trumpets. What’s happened to the ear trumpet, anyway?

Links for 11.26.07: Elliott Smith’s mug, Axl Rose’s high-tops, Juno’s release +

*HUGE language + Facebook news: Facebook is removing the IS from its status section. It is always a balance of freedom and control. And the good guys just won one. (Not sure what that means.) [psfk]

*2 Guys, 1 Cup with John Mayer. (It’s safe for work.) [waxy]

*I admit it. I would like a pair of fake Chinese AXL Rose Converse high-tops. [metal sucks]

*Noodle around (finding videos and such) on Jukeboxtube for a while. []

*SEE: Autumn de Wilde’s coffee table photography book on Elliott Smith. [rawkblog]

*Behold, a laptop modded to fit in an electric guitar. [geekologie]

*More notes on the Juno soundtrack: the digital version drops December 11. [the playlist]

*If you’re feeling bored and nerdy, scan some kiddie and pop music lyrics with Language Log.

Links for 11.2.07: Public radio rawk, Movember, Mac-o-lantern’s +

*It is Movember. Grow your moustache for charity. Up next lunar cycle: Decembeard.

*NPR is pumping up its music coverage. I would like to go on record as saying that the grating earnestness of public radio rock talk show Sound Opinions makes it pretty much unlistenable. The end. [digital music news]

*Tech Digest critiques the Nokia online + mobile music store that opened recently in the UK. Also: Warner is withholding its content from the store due to other copyright squabbles with Nokia. [hypebot]

*The Local: Esquire calls screenwriteress Diablo Cody (Juno) a Woman We Love. [marrina]

*Slyck on inadvertant file-sharing. My mouse slip.

*A couple days late, but behold the Mac-O-Lantern. [wonderland’s]