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Video: Christopher Walken recites Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”

[heavy critters]

Links for 7.11.10: Four billion tips for better abs

*Song of Myself: Scientists and composers collaborate to have a choir sing music based on their DNA. [networked]

*Literature: Listen to Derek Walcott – a dude who taught my wife in grad school and won the Nobel Prize for literature (in order of importance) – read a couple of poems for the New York Review of Books podcast. Seriously; whatever his failings, the guy has a crazy awesome cadence and accent.

*Talking: Read the transcript of Clay Shirky talking to Andrew Keen. If you know who either of those people are. (They are human beings, just like the rest of us. Neither of them has a compelling accent that I know of.)

*Fashion: These shoes are 100% moulded rubber. But they are NOT Crocs. But they EVOKE Crocs. In an anti-Croc way. Do you understand the complexities of cultural semiotics now? If so, please share.

*Design: You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus,” Salon. You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus.” [huh?]

*Gamey: Pulsate is this gamey kind of thing that has you click on things to “make” circles that then “make” music. Or something. It takes a while. But is mesmerizing in its simplicity.

*Athletics: Sporno exists at the unintentional intersection of sports and sex. [mktg]

*Music: On Lady Gaga, The Populist Narcissist – “It’s bizarre that Gaga is so invested in this laissez faire idea of personal freedom when, as alluded to above, she spends much of her time barking orders at the audience. We were told to sing. We were told to get up. We were told to get our hands up. We were told to get our paws up.”

*Quotes: “‘The cloud’ is a dirigible filled with hydrogen, with pictures of clouds painted on the side.” [A (legitimately scary) info-scare passed on by Fallows.]

*HIGH on my blog reading list right now, and I should note that I have been hating the internet lately: The History Chef, Pocket Monsterd, MKTG, Low Industrial. Obviously, Notcot, Coudal, C-monster and the Golden Fiddle that still exists in my mind. Also, Ken Nordine‘s YouTube channel and American Drink.

*Note: I need to buy a commuter bike and am taking any advice. Comment, email, DM or slap me in the hall.

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Links for 6.21.10: Links for today, abs for tomorrow.

*Social reading: Since I got hooked on the Kindle for iPhone, I’ve become obsessed with the possibilities of social reading. I won’t go too deeply into it here – mostly because everyone I mention this to looks at me like I’m crazy when I talk about wanting to read someone else’s notes in a could-be-pristine book – but this New Yorker story about hand-annotated copies of books marked up by the likes of Nabokov and Coleridge brought the fire back. You don’t want to see Ted Hughes’ notes on Sylvia Plath? Or see what of Thoureau’s prose Keroauc underlined? How about getting the commentary of the top 5 internet frenemies whose opinions you both respect and inevitably wish rhetorically firebomb? YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. (I know. No one is ever doing it wrong.)

*Video: Hikakin is also known as The Super Mario Beatboxer. Super Mario and cats. Like half my RSS feed. You know? [urlesque]

*Sports: I am starting to like Lady Gaga MORE, not less, after her Jameson-fueled Yankee Stadium marginalia. God, that sounded dirty. And didn’t make sense.

*Eye candy: X-Rated, the most beautiful, brilliant pin-up collection you will see today. [coudal]

*Typing: John Updike’s Olympia electric 65c typewriter is for sale via Chrstie’s auction house. I have a typewriter project going right now that I will tell you about as soon as I have something worth typing.

*Songs: Leonard Cohen will be releasing a new album next year.

*Local: The iBox is a wooden box that amplifies iPad sound. And it is made in MINNESOTA. OUT OF WOOD. This conversation is over.

*Social media: What Not to Tweet (when you are an executioner). [hamburger schelper]

*Literature: Read these four tweets.

*Obits: Jose Saramago died, and VQR pulled together some snippets of his work. I liked The History of the Siege of Lisbon, thought Blindness was OK (couldn’t bring myself to watch the movie), but especially enjoyed The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, a tale that touched on the work of another Portuguese writer I’ve long liked – Fernando Pessoa.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: NPR does Lady Gaga

Video: Sixth grader covers Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”

I recommend that you watch this video.

Links for 4.27.10: 44 Tips for Better Abs and Bigger Salads

*Facebook: Since announcing plans to further take over the world last week, Facebook has been facing increasing claims (including from the U.S. Senate) that their data-sharing policies don’t adequately warn or protect users. I quit Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It was harder to do than you’d expect. That follows my abandonment of Tumblr and Foursquare, as well, leaving only this sorry-ass blog and Twitter remaining.

*Music: Songs From Treme – A Tumblr. [vulture] Similar – but not really – is this site: Waiting For Bieber; where tweets from fans asking Justin Bieber to follow them are displayed. Forever.

*Language: Schott’s Vocab Blog says that Chinese youngsters have started using the phrase “Oh my Lady Gaga” rather than “Oh my God.”

*Cassettes: Cassette Tape Magazine from Team Evil – looks like a cassette tape, reads like a magazine that has articles about alpacas. Only 500 copies available.

*Music: The Rain Drum is concept (ugh) umbrella that plays music based on the pattern of raindrops that fall upon it. I like “concepts” in all contexts except those in which the “concept” is a something I originally thought was a real thing. [psfk]

*Business: On work and intuition; Rands In Repose’s The Twinge. Whenever I feel a twinge at work, I head to the rest room. And I recommend you do the same.

*Social media: As I’ve been saying at work (and touch on above), this Like button thing from Facebook is sort of a big deal. Here’s a site that aggregates people’s likes.

*Twitter: Russell Crowe is tweeting. Also, read these five things.

*Movies: I’m not even really that into Star Wars, but James Hance’s Star Wars-themed paintings are pretty awesome. [neatorama]

*Poetry: Jason Nelson’s “Sydney’s Siberia” is an infinite digital poem. I guess. [waxy]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Pomplamoose’s “Telephone” cover

Everybody’s favorite internet phenoms, Pomplamoose, covers Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.”

Links for 2.22.10: 102 Tips for Better Abs

*Film: This retrospective on “Raging Bull” from Vanity Fair is worth the read. On De Niro’s consideration of the protagonist, boxer Jake La Motta – “He was thinking about Jake’s masochism, for example—his capacity to take brutal beatings without ever being knocked down and then somehow rally and K.O. an opponent who was ahead of him on points. Scorsese likes to quote the inscription on a folk-art painting he was once given: ‘Jake La Motta fought as if he didn’t deserve to live.'”

*Question: Is this not a music blog anymore?

*Music: Ad Age takes on Lady Gaga. “Lady Gaga, with her army of nearly 2.8 million Twitter followers and more than 5.2 million Facebook fans, can move product.”

That’s a weird (though, initially impressive) stat to lead the article with, since clickthrough (I won’t even speculate on the higher-commitment engagement of BUYING) is typically very low on Twitter, even (some may say especially) for its users with 1M followers. I do, however, like it when she styles her hair to look like a telephone.

*Dolls: Speaking of Lady G, Lu Wei Kang designed a Gaga-inspired Barbie doll.

*Games: OK, there’s some nerdcore iPhone game featuring the music of MC Frontalot where you use your fingers as breakdancing legs on the screen? It is called B-Boy Beats. I’m not sure even I know what that meant. And I don’t even remember what a B-Boy is. Sometimes this blog serves mostly as a reminder of what I do not know. And that’s why I keep going.

*On language: Videogum examines the tag (word?) NSFW. Excellent prose on one of the most important topics of our time. “No, what is actually NSFW is not porno, which is ubiquitous and unavoidable. What is NSFW is the borderline-innocuous video that doesn’t overtly show any bared flesh or penetration, but somehow says something even more important about you for watching it.” Also, do not watch the videos. I didn’t.

*Words: What makes a good title for an article, an album or a work of literature? I sometimes commit some of the sins they here warn us to avoid, such as:

-The Faux Poetic but Authentically Meaningless (“Hunt the Mist Slowly”)
-The Lofty Abstraction, a.k.a. the Bad Kundera (“The Lonely Shackles of Mortality”)
-The Melodramatic Image (“Blood Dries Brown”)

If you asked me what my favorite title for a work of art was, I would tell you: “Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form.”

*Update: How are your abs doing? Mine are terrible.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 2.9.10: 25 Tips for Better Abs

*Money: Since the grand dame of pop looks so much like George Washington, Craig Gleason made a series of Lady Gaga Dollars. [notcot]

*Music biz: Are iTunes music sales slowing due to high prices? I buy all my music from Amazon. Or Hype Machine.

*Art: Smokey Robinson gets the Shepard Fairey treatment. Which is not to say that he has his work pirated, then reused. But is rather to inform you that Fairey did a Hope-style portrait of Mr. Robinson. [notcot]

*Safety: If you’re always breaking your sunglasses, you should wear disposable ones.

*Crafting: Meat; knitted and packaged. [coudal]

*Writing: Timothy McSweeney – after whom McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is named – was a real man. He passed away.

*Food: Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl revisits the question of who in the world makes the best Juicy Lucy. An episode of Food Wars will be filmed tomorrow at the Cardinal Bar to settle things. Temporarily. This is one of the only matters about which I am a local, and will hereby publicly place myself in the Blue Door camp. Goodbye.

*Politics: The George Bush “Miss Me Yet?” billboard is located in Wyoming, Minnesota.

*Update: It’s been weeks of dispensing tips, and my abs are no better than they were when this experiment started.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 1.30.10: 21 Tips for Better Abs

*Related: This is a remix of my smug-faced, emotional (emotionless?) doppelganger, Dexter, doing a voiceover for a Dodge commercial. Creepy, sure. But is it creepy ENOUGH?

*Music: The National’s Matt Berninger talks to Pitchfork about his band’s forthcoming album. Pitchfork? Really? Next thing you tell me is that he’ll only marry New Yorker literary editors. Harumph.

*Human Relations: This resume from Leonardo da Vinci has been going around, but I would love to see more famous people’s CVs. Or linked in profiles.

*Local: Coolio has come to town to talk about food and love. “Finest bitch I ever touched in my life, before 35 [years-old], is here — light skin, long hair, green eyes, bad as a mother [expletive].” Huh. [the daily swarm]

*Research: Synovate did a music survey, talking to 8k adults in 13 countries. Guess what: people like music.

*Design: Vankho does a cool graphic interpretation of a news headline every day. I recommend poking around.

*Business: The Wall Street Journal explains Lady Gaga. Finally, the world is starting to make sense as the country’s foremost source for financial news explains the grotesqueries of pop music. “In fact, much of Gaga’s audience got her music for free, and legally. They have listened to free streams—by the hundreds of millions—on YouTube and the other online services that Gaga currently leads, according to research firm BigChampagne.”

*Photos: Peruse this gallery of literary drunks and addicts. Believe it or not, it isn’t one of my college-era Facebook photo albums. [coudal]

*Literature: The New Yorker opened up its archive of J.D. Salinger writings. I dislike the word writings. Not as much as I dislike learnings. But still, I have negative feelings toward it.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 12.29.09: I am a sick man. I am a spiteful man.

*Reading: The Awl’s “The End of the 00s” has essays. By people. About things past. Those people include: Joel Johnson (I wrote about being a new dad for a week for his medium-lived Dethroner), Maura Johnston (formerly of Idolator, she hates dropped-crotch trousers), Will Leitch (we were going to do a video interview with him at a conference for my day job for a while, until the video interviewing devices exploded), and Rob Walker (whom I now read less for consumed than for his other projects). And many other people. Ugh. People.

*Lists: Before you read THIS, you should know that if I were forced to either choose a favorite author or be mock-executed, I’d say Dostoyevsky. (In order of likedness: Brothers K, Notes from Underground, Crime and P, The Idiot, The Gambler, The Double.) I should also note that I don’t think the list is particularly accurate. Like, except for a few authors that she nails, it’s offish. UGH.

*Art: Look at these books you don’t even have to read anymore. [notcot]

*Social Media: The track the most users wanted hidden from their scrobbles was Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” I must say, Lady Gaga has grown on me. Like a skin on a glass of egg nog. Delicious, delicious egg nog. [fimoculous]

*Video: Stereogum has collected the 10 Most NSFW Music Videos of 2009. On a somewhat related note, I used to love Stereogum. I used to wait for new posts (they were written by Scott). I used to read them. I used to read the comments. I used to chuckle at the comments. I thought I should say that. It was a long time ago.

*People: Wikipedia on Andrew W.K. – “Popular memes and subcultural rumours suggest that another person, known as “Steev Mike”, is behind Andrew W.K.’s music.” This reminds me of the theory that it wasn’t William Shakespeare who wrote the works of William Shakespeare, but someone else named William Shakespeare. A theory which, incidentally, I love. [the daily swarm]

*Vinyl: Look! It’s Allen Ginsburg made out of vinyl. I was never much of a Ginsburg fan. Too easy.

*Literature: Abe Books’ Weird Book Room presents such titles as “Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan.” Too easy? [harper’s]

*Local: Holy. A VERY skinny Craig Finn, along with Lifter Puller, doing a St. Cloud, Minnesota gig. Forever ago.

*Local blogging: Here’s an interview with Ed Kohler of The Deets about his recent poltical blogging. Also, he’s done some examinations of Twitter noise recently that have been sort of interesting. (Close readers of the ‘nerd may recall that I once wanted to make a qualitative inquiry into local Twitter users’ signal-versus-noise, but was unable to do so due to personal stupidity.)

*Today’s links: F

Links for 7.13.09: Long-term ganking, leaf clothes, Lady GaGa meets MGMT…

*Hate the players: On the streets, this is called BITING someone else’s game. Total gank move.

*Video: Watch a day’s worth of travel jammed into a one-minute YouTube video. It looks like yellow bugs crawling, which is to say, I highly recommend it. [eyeteeth]

*Fashion: How would you like a shirt that takes pictures? (Remind me never to wear this shirt inside-out.) “While the current version of these fabrics can only image nearby objects, it can still see much farther than most shirts can.” [harper’s]

*More fashion: If you want to wear leaves, wear them with style. On your head. And groin. [coudal]

*Fatness: I actually wrote about this last week for the day job: America, being fat.

*Doodles: The Poetry Foundation, who my wife sometimes writes for, does a review of the drawings of David Berman, formerly of the Silver Jews.

*Video: Weezer mashes up MGMT and Lady GaGa. This blog link was auto-generated based on an algorithm created by aggregating and parsing music blog text and links. [idolator]

*Copyright: Which pop musicians are stealing from which other pop musicians?

*Twitter: There are some new Twitter favorite trackers to compete with FavrdFavstar and Tweeteorites.