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Video: Shorewood (WA) High School’s Lip Dub

In REVERSE. Now my mind is boggling at high school lip dubs? God, you have forsaken me.


12.14.08: Famous musical muses, Musclephone, Wear Your Music…

*Muses: Meet the people who inspired such songs as Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” as well as “Layla” and “Suzanne.” If you haven’t met them already. [mefi]

*Fashion: Spendy guitar strings from Wear Your Music combine cause consumption with the reuse ethos of the sustainability movement. Famous musicians donate their guitar strings, which get made into bracelets and sold to fans. The money goes to charity. Spendy, but a decent idea. (Looks like you can get an Avril bracelet for $150!) [treehugger]

*Songs: BuzzFeed puts together a playlist of earworms.

*Dessert: Chocolate Grace Jones. Thank you, Kanye.

*Lip dubbing: Offer up your best lip synching to the musical stylings of “Flight of the Conchords.” I have been told that I have a similarity in features to the ugly one. [urlesque]

*Fitness: The GettaGrip Musclephone is a cellphone with hand exercisers built in on either side of it. God, I hope this is the kind of shit I see a ton of at the Consumer Electronics Show. [textually]

*Twitter: Read this and this and this. Now do you understand what I’m talking about?

Video: “Thriller” performed by French students

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Links for 4.6.08: Cee-Lo’s dress, Lil Jon’s wine, Scorsese’s friends…

*Wait. Lil Jon has really started a wine label? Little Jonathan Winery. [getty images]

*The NYT covers Gnarls Barkley: On the challenges of following up an album with an amazingly catchy hit, and also a nice picture of Cee-Lo in a wedding dress.

*Also in the Times, Andrew Kuo’s visualization of Usher’s latest single.

*A video about the making of that Busted Tees Harvey Danger lip dub video from WAY back in the day. [waxy]

*The news is a few days old, but Charles Manson has released an album under a Creative Commons license. [listening post]

*Perhaps you should friend Martin Scorsese. [pop candy]

*OH. I started using VodPod to post videos and it’s not so bad. It doesn’t display the attribution as I’d like it to (at least not without some fiddling that I don’t have the patience for right now), but the ability to post with two clicks is fantastic.