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Video: Mad Men without January Jones

Brilliant. Along the lines of Garfield Minus Garfield, this video explores the idea of absence (rather than the usual mere vacuousness!). [pop loser]

Links for 4.4.11: It’s April 4th and there’s still snow on the ground

*Television: Who wants to undress Don Draper?

*Comments: Reddit commenters take on Sir Mix-A-Lot and the evolutionary purpose of the rear end. I have no drollery to add to this item.

*Music: Here’s a reggae interpretation of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.” [coudal]

*Personal anecdote: Daring Fireball notes that Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon” is coming to Blu-ray. Barry Lyndon is the first movie title I was ever unable to recall in extemporaneous conversation in my adult life (age 26), a moment I will always mark as the beginning of my intellectual decline.

*Local: Non-local person Aaron Landry’s take on where to eat pizza in the North Star state.

*Video: This is a commercial to sell Japanese cellphones, but it’s a pretty damn good take on Bach, no matter how you slice it?

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Live “Mad Men” theme song – A Beautiful Mine

Mashed with Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy.”


Video: Don Draper says “What?”

So dreamily Hammalicious. With emotionally punctuating vomit climax!

Links for 9.30.10: Fat guy walking

*Pledge: I will never link to anything having to do with bacon, unless it is politically expedient and/or somehow otherwise necessary. I would like to urge others to take the no-bacon pledge with me.

*GENIUS: A doughnut that looks like a bagel is what I call an INSPIVATION, an INSPIRATIONAL INNOVATION. (I call it no such thing and, in fact, have disgusted myself by even suggesting that I do.)

*Tea: Check out these punk- and alt-inspired tea cups. (“Smells Like Tea Spirit” and “Sex, Mugs and Rock and Roll”). [c-monster]

*Writing: Great topic, better first sentence – “During his lifetime, Franz Kafka burned an estimated 90 percent of his work.” And if it’s not obvious, Kafka is a man after my own heart.

*Experiments: This communication prosthesis makes me nervous. VERY nervous. (Great pic.) [harper’s]

*Please note: Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable planet. How long until we bomb it?

*Collision: In this link, my love of Surly beer collides with my hatred of ever linking to

*Comics: Read this Q&A with Jim Davis, creator of Garfield. It’s a well-known fact that I have a long-standing love of lasagne (as does Mr. Davis, to his credit). Almost an obsession with it. To me, the best part, though, was this slightly insane question: “I’d like to ask about the “existential crisis” episodes from Oct 23-28, 1989. Where did the idea come from?”

*Blogs: Vulture interviews the actress who plays Sally Draper.

“Okay, so I guess I should ask you that question: Is he gorgeous?
[Answer] Is he gorgeous? [Laughs.] Well, I’m 10, so … I can’t really answer that question.”

*Singing: It appears that there are widespread Sound of Music Sing-Alongs happening on October 19 and October 26th. Fuck all of you.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 8.1.10: 999 Tips for Better Abs

*Hello: I spent the past week in our nation’s capital. That is all. Well. I’m also now strongly considering growing a Thomas Hardy mustache. Bear with me.

*Books: Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. “The Japanese have put the progression of the drinking life more succinctly than anyone: first the man takes the drink; then the drink takes the drink; then the drink takes the man.” [coudal]

*Records: We have wood, people. We have major wood. [presurfer]

*Work: 48% of people who want new jobs are motivated by a lack of trust in their employers.

*Home: You cannot buy the Comfy Cargo Chair by Stephan Schulz, but you can sit on top of a big pile of garbage in your backyard. [murketing]

*Food: Read about Sylvia Plath’s salad dressing and Andy Warhol’s tomato soup. If this were, like, Snarkmarket, I would be pretending to make a big deal about all this.

*Clothes: Loyal Loot Collective’s Monsier Dressup is the reason I am excited about a clothes hook/hanger for the first time in my life. [notcot]

*Annual: This Beatles-inspired “Yellow Submarine” birthday cake is like a stab in the eyeball with awesome. [neatorama]

*Television: I am a big fan of Mark Lisanti’s Mad Men power rankings. For this kind of writing. Huh?: “Now tell me I’m a shell of a man who lets his wife stay in his house way past the mutually agreed-upon vacating date.”

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 7.19.10: No tips for anything useful. Not even better abs.

*Communication and rumination: Alain de Botton writes about a religion for atheists, courtesy of Auguste Comte. Funny thing: I have become addicted to M. de Botton’s writings through TWITTER of all things.

*Theatre: If you are in Portland, perhaps you should go to Trek in the Park. Saturdays and Sundays in July. My science fiction knowledge is minimal, but I do know this: Never trust a woman in a jumpsuit. Or a man. Or a Ferengi (sp?).

*Television: AdverLab asks if Mad Men’s ceilings are too modern. It’s all crumbling. All around us. All of it.

*Things Southern: The University of Virginia offers you anything and everything you ever wanted to consume relating to William Faulkner.

*Planet Earth: In this interview, Bill Murray’s essence is distilled. On Garfield and Joel Coen. Or Cohen. [vulture]

*Pastries: Butch Bakery – Cupcakes. For men. (SFW.) WHAT? Really; it’s safe. These aren’t those bachelorette penis pastries. If you were wondering. [neatorama]

*Other World Problems: Typically, the hazards of modern – often American – consumer society are called “Third-World Problems.” Bad iPhone reception. Netflix on-demand won’t work in Chrome. You know? But robots that will be your buddy on a tandem bike? I don’t know what kind of problems they solve.

*Unconsumed: Rob Walker explains the internet and ROFL culture. Sometimes, we are laughing at the wrong things. Or in the case of listenerd readers, not laughing at all.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 11.7.09: Surly beer, mushroom pants and God’s jail

*Art: The Manshroom – for your walls. And loins. I don’t know why I said that. [eat me daily]

*The Law: Oklahoma is starting a prison for Christians that will be run by Christians. [harper’s]

*Drinks: The company that makes Angostura Bitters almost went under due to the recession, which would have kicked off a martini and old fashioned crisis the likes of which the world has never known.

*Video: Watch all of this season’s one-liners from Mad Men’s Roger Sterling. [vulture]

*Beer: Read this interview with the couple behind Surly Brewing. “The turning point probably was in June 2007, when Beer Advocate magazine named Surly the number-one brewery in the United States.” [heavy table]

*Music: Learn about songs that retell works of literature via Wikipedia. Let’s not forget that The Decemberists’ “On the Bus Mall” is based on “My Own Private Idaho.” (I don’t know where that came from either.) [neatorama]

*Charts: This movie narrative chart of “Lord of the Rings” from xkcd is like Andrew Quo nerdness X3. I prefer nerdness to nerdiness in this case. Not sure why. Go forth and conquer.

*Today’s links: There are no words.

Links for 10.15.09: Does anyone else think we should bomb the moon again?

*Photographs: Would you like to view some images of sausages that look like watermelons? I knew you would. [eatmedaily]

*Interviews: Vulture interviews John Mayer, who is a dick. Unfortunately, he is a very good dick. An amusing, though existentially disturbing conversation. “I’m going to forcefully sodomize your editor.”

*Essentials: Rap Exegesis offers an annotated version of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy.” Highly recommended.

*Television: Basket of Kisses offers crackpot theories of the popular television program. Oh, and/or The Atlantic regarding the same show. I have talked at the day job on a few occasions about the core concept behind the “mega-movie,” though without using that term. It seems like a good term. [lindsayismtumblr]

*Music: Is the Rezon really a new musical instrument, or is it just a ruse to expose my inattentive reading habits? [coudal]

*Media: McSweeney’s is putting out a newspaper, The San Francisco Panorama. Interestingly enough, The Believer was begging for money just to keep the doors open not too many months ago. They must have received it.

*Writing: Here’s a short story from @samhey, who is a subtly excellent twitterer.

*Words: I recommend that you read this glossary of literary terms. Don’t ask, read. I just learned about ubi sunt.

*Projects: I am currently entertaining the notion of doing a Kickstarter project that would fund another bombing of the moon. I think it would take maybe a billion dollars in pledges. Also, we would allow high bidders to write their names on the bomb.

*Today’s links: F

Links for 9.24.09: Marilyn Manson has contracted Swine Flu (and other links)

*Medicine: Marilyn Manson has contracted swine flu. I have no droll commentary to make regarding this tidbit. But I will say that odds are, this contraction was latex related.

*Robotics: The Old Robots site shows images of robots as seen through the lens of the 1980s. I love stories and images of futures past. I say that with complete sincerity. [presurfer]

*Photography: By taking portrait photographs of 100 strangers, you are not only risking arrest, you are participating in the 100 Strangers project. Which could be fun. Or dangerous. [coudal]

*Marketing: Seth Godin: Brandjacker? On a related note, Squidoo is still repellent, years later. I’m repelled right now!

*Twitter: Justine Bateman has no idea what’s going on online or in the world, informing @badbanana, the drollest man on Twitter, to “GET YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT TOGETHER and stop this attempt to shove your posts into other people’s feeds.” She also calls Daring Fireball’s John Gruber “human waste,” which might be more acceptable if it were in the context of professional sports fandom.

*Television: Mad Men fans ask if Dr. Pepper was really around in New York in 1963.

*Birds: Wild turkeys have been terrorizing New Jersey. They do it so we don’t have to. On a side note, I don’t partake of Wild Turkey due to a binging incident that occurred in 2003. Let’s speak no more of it. [katemuhl]

*Film: HBO Imagine shows movies you can help edit. At least for you. Kind of. [fimoculous]

*Interfaces: Check out the interactive site for music videos by Chinese rapper Chinza Dopeness. [notcot]

*Language: Fei Si Bu Ke (say it out loud!) means “doomed to die” in Chinese. See what they did there?

*Comics: What if Bukowski wrote Peanuts? Those of you familiar with my youthful literary indiscretions will know that I once had a bumper sticker that said “I’d rather be reading Bukowski.” And a car full of old newspapers. I also weighed 156 lbs at the time. Long story. [bf again]

*Words: Motivated Grammar is a grammar blog that I just became aware of through Harper’s. Those of you who know me will know that I hate grammar. And words. And their rules. It’s all a confidence game that I grow weary of.

*Vacation: If you are wondering how my vacation was, please examine this picture of me wearing a beret and rolled up pants and holding a 3.75-lbs walleye while sitting in a canoe.

*Grade: Perpetual F.

Links for 9.8.09: Lucinda weds, Britney covers, Hornby namechecks

*Weddings: Lucinda Williams is getting married in Minneapolis – actually, she’s getting married on stage at First Avenue, to former Best Buy executive Tom Overby. [mnspeak]

*Television: Former Defamer editor Mark Lisanti now writes – and WRITES VERY WELL – for Movieline. I especially recommend paying attention to the Mad Men Power Rankings, particularly the Don Draper Fingerbang Threat Level. It can be a volatile metric.

*Culture Jamming: Perhaps you would like to chuckle contentedly at these crosswalk sign hacks. Oh, subversion! I should mention here that I once put a Campbell’s soup can into a Progresso soup in-aisle dispenser. Also, I saw a bunch of high school friends of mine this weekend and they reminded me that I’m 30 lbs overweight. It’s complicated, but this is all related. [neural]

*Comics: Check out these visually arresting remixed comic book covers. Please note: I have never bought a comic book, though I was gifted the first four issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the day. Even upon perusal, I was nonplussed. Yeah, even at a tender age, nonplussed. I was a weird kid.

*Blogging: Nick Hornby namechecks the music blogs he likes to read, including Aquarium Drunkard and Largehearted Boy. So now you know which music blogs to take off your reading list. Or risk becoming more like Nick Hornby.

*Vizzies: The excellent Hierarchy of Digital Distractions helps you categorize what divides your attention. [magnetbox]

*Documentaries: “American Artifact” is a documentary film about rock and roll posters. This is code for “optimized for maximum incontinence.” [coudal]

*Arachnids: David Bowie has a spider named after him. However, irregardless (yes, irregardless) of this fact, David Bowie will henceforth be associated first and foremost with NIPPLE ANTENNAE. Like, that’s his thing now. It just is. It has even trumped his normal space shit and his androgyny and weird teeth. [coudal again!]

*Covers: Britney Spears covers Alanis’ “You Oughta Know.” [idolator]

*Grade: Perpetual F. For Forget comma never. Ever.

On Mad Men and the modern masculine Madonna/whore complex

Like a lot of people I know, I’ve watched Mad Men this season with increasing pleasure and increasing expectation. While the first season seemed notable primarily as an aesthetic statement – fashioning the finely tuned otherworld of the 60s, while simultaneously barfing up unfortunately clumsy stumbles in plot and pacing – season two clicked into place for me. And as season three opened, I found myself anticipating the series much as I have previous favorites such as Deadwood and The Wire.

One of the most interesting threads of the series – a thread that’s been touched upon in the first couple of seasons, but was driven home especially powerfully in episode two of this third season – is what I call (mostly for lack of a better term, but also because it sounds kind of awesome) the modern masculine Madonna/whore complex.

Whaaa? Frequently, the divide between Men and Boys on the show is stark, sometimes to the point of absurdity. The Men (capped here for your pleasure) populating the show are rare. Don embodies Mad Men‘s Man – decisive, no-nonsense, deep and dark. But most of all, he’s a creature whose motivations are informed by forces outside our lines of sight. He’s the ur-dad coming home reeking of scotch and God-knows-what, his mood unpredictable, though obviously of an origin intuitively understood to spring from experiences of exhilarating strangeness.

Other Men pop in and out – in episode 3, Draper meets Conrad Hilton, and one commenter on the NYT‘s ArtsBeat blog makes remarks in accord with the sentiments above: “Gives us some real men to challenge Don and give him a run for his money… 60s NYC was not all lily livered wonder-bread boys…there were dark brooding sharks lurking at every turn….”

The Men (there are others in addition to Draper, but they flicker in and out of our view) are backdropped by a sea of Boys, none so indicative – perfectly cast and executed – as Peggy’s french fry–chowing bar-side pickup from episode 3 this season. A facsimile of Pete Campbell, the dude is no Pops and all pest. He’s your little brother: uncouth, unprepared, and he doesn’t even know what half the words you say mean. In the Sterling-Cooper office, the Boys are a pack of puppies. They pal around, eat the clients’ sandwiches, blow deadlines and smoke weed when they should be on duty.

Their worst sin, though, that which makes them dismissible – and therefore ultimately contemptible – in the eyes of the series? They’re open books.

Links for 8.19.09: iLike! Strep throat! Fat gamers!

*Breaking: Mozart died of strep throat. I had a bad case of mono in the 9th grade. (Not really.) [harper’s]

*Web 2.0: MySpace bought iLike. Neologistic. [swarm]

*Letters: Make the alphabet in tapes with Tapeography. But how many syllables are in that? Four? Five? Conventional wisdom would say four, but I think maybe seven. [psfk]

*Photography: The Dieter Rams pool. Jump the fuck in. [notcot]

*Online: Is it your brain circuitry that makes you like Twitter, or does no one know what the fuck they’re talking about? [murketing]

*TV: The Footnotes of Mad Men is a blog about the footnotes of the television show Mad Men. Great idea, ok execution. [kottke]

*Videogames: Profile of a gamer – fat, depressed and 35. Hello? Oh, I thought you were talking to me. [mefi]

*Age: Celine Dion is only one year older than Gwen Stefani. Also, why am I talking about this?

*Remember when that remote controlled flying penis attacked Garry Kasparov? Great times.

Links for 8.15.09: Sloane’s rules, Les Paul, more Mad Men…

*Anecdotes: Mick Jagger goes shopping at a toy store. [harper’s]

*Advice: How to Be So Choice – By Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, Sloane. “Look badass in a jacket with fringe.” [boner party]

*Nerdly: Om Malik writes up a mega-post on the Evolution of Blogging.

*Advertising: Vanity Fair takes on “Mad Men.”

*Founding Fathers: Review Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule. You’ll note that he omitted “take a cold-air bath” from it. [daring fireball]

*RIP: Les Paul died. “His childhood piano teacher wrote to his mother, ‘Your boy, Lester, will never learn music.'”

*Woodstock: “Wet, crowded and overhyped.” [bv]

*Barebones: Like back in the day.