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Musicians who Twitter

(*Updated November 3, 2009.)

I made Twitter list here.

As everyone knows, Twitter’s people search was non-existent until just recently, and is mediocre even now. Given that, I compiled a VERY SHORT LIST (NOT THE TRADEMARKED KIND) of musicians who Twitter.

I have tried following most of them, and I’ll be honest with you: the majority of them are very, very, very bad at Twittering. I had to quit them. I’m sorry. Shaq is the least musician among them, but perhaps the second-best Twitterer (Jonathan Coulton is easily the best), in a fucked-up zen sort of way.

(If you would rather just follow people who are smart and/or hilarious, go here and scroll to the bottom.) Lil Wayne and Chris Brown and some others did some Twittering for the VMAs a couple years ago and were awful, then quit, so I didn’t include them. Also, I cannot guarantee the authenticity of all of these accounts. There are a lot of fakesters out there, and it’s not difficult to impersonate inanity.

(Also, of course, you can always follow a REAL HUMAN BEING. Just saying.)

Another list here, from Mashable.

Lily Allen
Band of Horses
Sara Bareilles
Bloc Party
The Cardinals
Nick Cave
Jonathan Coulton
Rivers Cuomo
Ani Difranco
Snoop Dogg
Lady GaGa
MC Hammer
Imogen Heap
Hot Hot Heat
Talib Kweli
Lil Wayne
Mates of State
Dave Matthews
John Mayer
Willie Nelson
Yoko Ono
Pearl Jam
Shaquille O’Neal
Questo of the Roots
The Raconteurs
Jay Reatard
John Roderick
Edward Roste
Soulja Boy
Britney Spears
Regina Spektor
John Tesh
John Vanderslice
Patrick Wilson
Tay Zonday

Also: you may visit this ever-expanding spreadsheet for new Twitter musicians.

Here are some other guides to Musicians on Twitter:

Pop Junikie now has a large list of bands on Twitter.
COED magazine has 406 Bands Who Twitter.
Each Note Secure
Drowned in Sound
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Video: Chinese MC Hammer [must watch]

HOLY SHIT. Must watch. (Unless you’re his mom?)


Links for 3.1.08: Beatles’ run, pi’s sound, “phantom words”…

*TuneCore, a company that helps indie bands distribute and sell their music (previously through iTunes), is moving into physical media distribution. [listening post]

*Avoision turns the first 10,000 digits of pi into musical notes. [infosthetics]

*Listen up: In the New Scientist‘s most recent issue, they cover music. Read/listen to this article on auditory illusions. PHANTOM WORDS. [networked music review]

*Liverpool half-marathon adopts a Beatles theme (mile markers are associated with song titles). [xrrf]

*MC Hammer’s DanceJam (a social network for dancing) is now open to the public. I will be taking on all comers in Crank That dance battles. [techcrunch]

*Totally off topic: a cup made out of bacon. [neatorama]

*Words that go nowhere: I am still thinking about jumping up and down without expression for a Cloud Cult music video tomorrow.

Video: Don’t Tase Me, Bro vs. MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This


Links for 10.21.07: Drunkeness, Lance Bass, MC Hammer +

*20 Shockingly Drunk Moments in Music History: Ashlee Simpson at McDonald’s, ODB most of his waking hours and a super-scary Countney Love. [largehearted boy]

*There are more World of Warcraft players in the U.S. than there are farmers. [kung fu monkey via Boing Boing]

*On MTV, circa 1981.

*An mp3 blog for holiday music, year round: I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day. [largehearted boy]

*Who doesn’t want to read about Lance Bass? “It was very, I don’t know, like, therapeutic, writing this book.”

*Maybe Times Select wasn’t so bad from a business perspective. (It was bad from a reader-who-doesn’t-make-enough-money perspective.)

*MC Hammer’s readying the launch of a dance-oriented social network called DanceJam. Also, Mr. Hammer has a blog. [listening post]

*I swear, my mojo (such as it was), will someday return.