Links for October 26, 2011: A pair of shoes is not a walking machine

*Products: Aeroshots are caffeine inhalers that look like ammunition cartridges. (The last time I put something that looked like an ammunition cartridge in my mouth, it was on a dare and I ended up having to have 1-1/3 of my tonsils removed via emergency surgery.)

*Food: Edible spray paint is perhaps the BEST idea for a product since caffeine that can be inhaled via a device that looks like an ammunition cartridge! Now if you could just huff edible spray paint to get a caffeine high…

*Note: I did not know, until watching this “Weird Bikes” video, that bicycles began as WALKING MACHINES that were not even pedaled! In fact, I have always referred to the Segway as the original walking machine, and always with utter derision.

*Apps: A 50-year-old British man has embedded an iPhone into his prosthetic arm.

*Look: Bem Legaus’ chainmail art is AWESOME. My brothers and I, when we were kids, would often use pizza boxes as shields and the cardboard inserts left over after using up rolls of wrapping paper as swords. That’s right, we were too poor to afford chainmail. A fact that still haunts me to this day. Also, I had to wear Lee jeans in 7th grade. It was demoralizing, and I firmly believe that it is a major contributor to my lifelong lack of sexual charisma.

*Apparel: These touchscreen gloves from Muji aren’t what I was thinking AT ALL. (I was thinking of normal gloves with 3-inch-long extensions made out of hot dogs.)

*Money: Ben Tarnoff writes about the publishing industry in “The Worst Business in the World” for Lapham’s Quarterly. The first sentence is a doozy: “Imagine an industry where seventy percent of your products lose money.”

*Similar: On a related note, Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings is the 99%.

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