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Video: Neko Case’s “The Tornado Loves You” on Conan

Links for 4.20.09: Lego Jesus, Iron and Wine swings, Dylan on Amazon…

*Literature: The Virginia Quarterly Review releases a list of the 10 most common titles of works submitted to them. #1: Untitled. I adore this list. And I’m not kidding.

*Words: I have been playing a lot of deepleap. All I will say is that the game has a very rudimentary and amateurish dictionary and does not allow all the words to be played that it should.

*Songs: Bon Iver plays Eau Claire’s Memorial High School. I have three fingers left, and you DO NOT want to know what I’m planning on using them for. [universal]

*Movies: The Coen Brothers are going to remake “True Grit.” I love Westerns and am awash in my own testosterone. Beer me. [coudal]

*Religion: What would Lego Jesus do? [ye]

*News: The bad news is, I have been waiting for the Google News timeline for a long time. And I’m mental. [mediaeater]

*Video: Amazon has the exclusive on “Beyond Here Lies Nothin,” a new music video from Mr. Bob Dylan.

*Twitter: The Twitter-Brain interface – measuring brain activity. God, I want that helmet. Is there a specific term for a helmet that’s soft? I’m deadly serious. [waxy]

*MP3s: Listen to some Neko Case MP3s here (“Middle Cyclone” and “Phony Revolutions”) and one of my favorite Iron and Wine songs (a 10-minute opus, “The Trapeze Swinger”) here.

*Today’s links: C-. We break the C’s today due to links to some good MP3s. And that VQR thing. Other than that, horseshit.

Video: Neko Case’s “This Tornado Loves You” on Letterman


Video: Neko Case’s “People Got a Lotta Nerve”

Links for 3.9.09: Twitter radio, must-own albums, Lemmy’s ‘stache…

*Beamcast: No word from Sam Beam yet on the podcast I have proposed he record with me. I’ll be honest: I’ve spent the past 3 weeks crying, crying into my cupped hands.

*Twitter: ♬.ws is also known as Musebin. And it helps you search for music on Twitter. The music stuff happening around Twitter is interesting in a theoretical sort of way, but I am – as a user – part of the lazy middle, and still haven’t discovered any music-specific Twitter applications that have lit my fire. [tds]

*More Twitter: One experimenter is sorting tweets by sentiment and broadcasting them over the radio. (There’s video! Of radio! Kind of.)

*Furthermore: More people I know have been joining twitter lately and hating on it. This post from Online Fandom is as in tune with the possibilities of the medium as anything else I’ve read – especially point 5) “Twitter is temporal and cumulative”. OK, I’m done with twitter again.

*Men: Esquire goes all prescriptive, and tells the world the 75 albums every human male should own. Any asshole who’s ever heard the old saw “Build a house, plant a tree, write a book…” knows that “The Best of Elmo” needs to be on there. OK. I could be wrong.

*YouTube: Muziic pulls music off YouTube for streaming. I find the interface to be haunting. In a bad way. Like Linkin Park.

*More YouTube: RockPeaks is a collection of live music performances pulled from YouTube. [waxy]

*Pictures: Time runs the Cobbe oil painting, supposedly the only portrait of the bard made while he was alive. Weird, since everyone knows Shakespeare never existed. [mefi]

*Pop: Sasha Frere-Jones takes on Neko Case in the New Yorker. “I’m kind of the horn section of any band I’m in.”

*Hair: The 5 most important moustaches in music. LEMMY. [spinner]

*Loops: The Mimi Switch would allow one to control his or her iPod by blinking. [textually]

*Local: Brother Ali’s “The Truth is Here” EP gets a 7.4 from Peefork. Numbers are weird, and that’s why I keep looking at them, I think.

*Today: C, due to quantity. And too much effing Web 2.0 B.S.

Links for 3.4.09: LIKING, Neko Case audio, great moustaches…

*Social media: You know what’s hot in the social media world right now? LIKING. (Here’s Likaholix.) It’s all down to ones and zeros now, our relationships dichotomous and wholly lacking in texture or room for said. That, and weeping weeping weeping into our own cupped hands.

*Toys: Any Wolverine fans out there? And I mean serious fans.

*Interviews: You may have heard Neko Case on NPR this past weekend. Especially if you are stalking her. Anyhoo, she sounded a little flighty to me. Listen here. [music slut]

*Hair: See this compilation of the 10 greatest moustaches of all time! For the record, I think the 1400s and the prehistoric periods are both grossly underrepresented. [presurfer]

*Meltdown: Desperate citizens are setting fire to cars in Iceland to collect insurance money. I don’t like the sound of this at all! Meanwhile at home: Americans are losing sleep over financial worries. Another key reason for sleep loss, at least for me, has been insomnia. [former via 3quarks]

*Mash-ups: Everyone is loving Thru You. Love it yourself, if you can get through (the site has been burdened by heavy traffic due to everyone linking to it today).

*Department of Everywhere: Daft Punk to score Tron 2? It pains me to write that. 6 hours too late. [idolator]

*Business: Can YouTube and Universal Music come to an agreement and create Vivo, an online music video platform? I’ve talked about YouTube becoming the de facto platform for music discovery before. Legitimization, though, is hard.

*Internet: Hey! Waxy authors an article for the NYT on fansubbing of The Economist.

*Today’s links: D. Eff it.

Links for 3.3.09: Snoop’s allegiances, Prince’s Target, Twitter’s sonnets…

*Hip-hop: Is Snoop Dogg a member of the Nation of Islam? There goes his Senate run. Also, what does DMX think about this political misstep?

*Art: See what it’s like to be standing, surfing inside a wave. Not only do I not know how to surf, I can’t even swim. Or read. [neatorama]

*Royalty: Prince is selling his next three albums as a bundle exclusively through Target. Apropos of Target, I’ve bought the wrong sized furnace filter twice in a row now. Can’t we just decide on a standard?

*Covers: Neko Case covers Neil Young’s “Dreamin’ Man.” A strange proportion of listenerd readership (which now numbers in the dozens) has a crush on either or both of these parties. And by that, I mean a SEXUAL crush.

*Camo: Urban camouflage: How to disguise your appearance in city settings. (This smells old to me, but I’ll link to anything having to do with Post-Its.) [swissmiss]

*Sponsorships: Dolly Parton is now the face of Cracker Barrel.

*Online music: LaLa’s performance encourages music labels. CEO Bill Nguyen spoke on a Music 2.0 panel at CES this year and he seemed like he had his shit together. I, on the other hand, loathed being there. [via gonze]

*Beats: How to tell which drummers brought a metronome into the studio. Like CSI, but for drummers. Who haven’t murdered people. [bb gadgets]

*Twitter: If Twitter is a “poor man’s e-mail system,” is a sonnet a beggar’s epic poem?

*Related: Now here’s a man (Brian Eno) who knows how to Twitter. [tds]

*Religion: Consider reading this mini-piece for the day job, which is about the Mall of America adding a space for Muslims to pray.

*Scrabble: From a recent letter to the New Yorker: “As the word list has grown, certain letters have become overvalued and others undervalued. “X,” an eight-point letter, is now far more easily played than “C,” a three-point letter. When “za” and “qi” were added to the official word list a few years ago, no adjustment was made to the ten-point values of the “Z” and “Q” tiles. The result is that the current game encourages players to exploit the inefficiencies of an outdated scoring system.”

Exactly! WHERE ARE YOUR PRECIOUS ALGORITHMS NOW?!!?!? (I don’t know what that last part means, but I’ve been wanting to yell it for a long time now.)

*Booze: For the 3rd year in a row, Minneapolis bar The Local sold more Jameson than any other bar in the world.

*Today’s links: C+. Ugh. GOODBYE.

Links for 11.1.07: Bono’s boringness, Neko’s verse, Facebook tunes +

*Facebook is ready to launch a music service. (The listenerd mentioned it previously, but it’s realer now.) [listening post]

*QLOUD (which – and this is an internal link coming – we talked about previously) has now OFFICIALLY launched. [epicenter]

*Venture Beat runs an op-ed about the relationships and the music bid by Pandora founder Tim Westergren.

*Bono talks to Rolling Stone. I hate Bono. And I always will. No matter what. [via vulture]

*The iPhone is the invention of the year. It can make calls and play music. [time via techmeme]

*Lily Allen has her own credit card. If you don’t qualify for much, she will mock your small credit limit. [daily swarm]

*Neko Case writes for the latest edition of Poetry magazine: “We all have the right to poetry! How could I still think it’s for other people? Smarter people. What’s doubly confusing is I don’t have the same reservations when poetry is accompanied by music. [eat it, largehearted boy]