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Links for 5.9.09: Live Nation loses, The National plays, Mississippi Drift…

*Concerts: Live Nation lost $102.7M in Q1 of this year. Attendance was down 22%. Kind of a lot of money. If we’re using that scale, I basically held even.

*Video: Check out The National playing “Somewhere Around the Bend” on Jimmy Fallon.

*Sponsorship: De La Soul has done one of those commissioned running songs for Nike. It’s called “Are You In?” I only wish eccentric rich people would commission weird-ass songs purely for their own perverted personal pleasures. But that’s just me.

*Economy: Readers tell Money what it’s like to try to live on unemployment checks. Spoiler: It makes you tense.

*Industry: Vevo – the “YouTube for music” hires a CEO. I thought YouTube was the YouTube for music. [silicon alley insider]

*The Internet: Ze Frank on celebrity, identity and proximity. And the internet. And Ashton Kutcher. Spoiler: Ze wishes that Ashton wouldn’t care about him.

*Movies: Read the New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane on “Star Trek.” On J.J. Abrams: “He is the perfect purveyor of fictions to a generation so easily and instinctively jaded that what it craves, above all, is a storyteller who—with or without artistic personality, and regardless of any urge to provoke our thoughts or trouble our easy dreams—will never jade.” With or without artistic personality. HAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa.

*Local: Mississippi Drift – Read this old Harper’s article about modern-day hobos setting off from Minneapolis on a self-made barge. I remember reading this when it first appeared in the magazine and promising myself never to become a river-traveling hobo.

*Today’s links: Zero. New scale, unexplained.

*Question: This blog is coming up on two years of operations. Should it be about music, internet culture or just whatever the fuck I’m interested in? Thank you for your time and attention. I am also happy to take your answers via twitter. Regards.

Links for 12.18.07: Branded songs, P-fork vizzy, Daft Punk dolls and more…

*A Nike-commissioned song, “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” by KRS-ONE, Nas and Kanye, is the first branded tune nominated for a Grammy. Take that, Fergie. [daily swarm]

*DUDE. Vizzie love: A pie chart of Pitchfork’s Top 100 tracks of 2007. (Not exactly Andrew Kuo, though…) [fimoculous]

*Warren Sapp is rolling out a global franchise of videogames and BBQ called HipHopSodaShop. Doug E. Fresh is performing at the franchise’s grand opening in Tampa as I type. [buzzfeed]

*J. Lo used to be a musician. The New York Daily News now reports on the contents of her baby registry (lots of strollers, cashmere, and suede). [parentdish]

*Daft Punk + Fossil = the Bearbrick Boxed Set. [josh spear]

*Totally local and not related to music at all: Food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl is leaving City Pages for Minnesota Monthly. WOW – did Minnesota Monthly just become worth picking up? [minn post]

*The NYT‘s Bits comments on Rhapsody’s entry into Facebook. OK post, but I don’t really care for the ad hominem disparagement of SuperPoking.

*One parent blogger offers up her music picks: 6 Kids’ Albums that Don’t Suck. Includes Johnny Cash and Broken Social Scene, but not sure about the whole Coldplay thing.

*Sounds like Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. Sad.

*Another list: Billboard’s Top 25 Best Rock Posters of All Time. Like so many, I used to have an orange tie-dyed t-shirt version of that Jimi Hendrix eyeball thing. [kottke]