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Links for 3.28.10: 48 Tips for Better Abs and more delicious forelocks

*Traffic: Could the answer to urban traffic and environmental problems be better iPhones? (It’s funny to type the phrase “better iPhones.”) [marginal revolution]

*Images: Stare contentedly for hours at these animated gifs of popular rappers. This is as mesmerizing as a thousand spinning phonographs. [tobs]

*Sound: Apropos of the bonsai music video I put up in the last post, check out these Curious Sound Objects. [murketing]

*Letters: J.D. Salinger writing to Ernest Hemingway, 1946 – “How is your novel coming? I hope you’re working on it. Don’t sell it to the movies. You’re a rich guy.” [artsbeat]

*Mashups: Wait What has mashed up one part Biggie Smalls (now deceased) with one part xx. I enjoyed listening to it. And I, too, used to read Word Up magazine.

*Online: Read this illustrated list of the 500 worst passwords. [coudal]

*Local: I don’t care much to comment about local journalism (or any journalism – or “media,” at least news media), but I did very much enjoy this back and forth between Ed Kohler (and readers) and public radio person Bob Collins. Damn the syntax: Team The Deets. Also, I once heard a few minutes of banter between Bob Collins and Mary Lucia on the radio. Once.

*Related: I have made a solemn vow to myself never again to link to a TechCrunch article, so I’ll link to this brief Fred Wilson commentary on a Michael Arrington post that posits that we’re living in a post-reputation world. At my day job, I’ve long argued that what has recently (over the last 2-3 years) emerged is what I call the notion of “undue diligence.” It’s the idea that due to the increasing half-life of data, there is and will be weird comments or content (keg stands pics and the like) attached to most people, but that the greater social transgression is now shifting to those who (except in the case of public figures) dig up those ephemera. Like going through the trash of someone you have an upcoming date with. I’ll stop myself before I get long-winded. (For free.)

*Art: The one thing I miss about tumblr is how easy it was to steal and recontextualize images and art. I am now lacking in the visual.

*Today’s links: F. It’s been a hard week. But that isn’t ever an excuse.

Video: Biggie Smalls vs. Thomas the Tank Engine

I’ll be honest with you: I can throw down when it comes to some of those Thomas and his Friends verses. And then go freestyle. Give me a few martinis. Just saying.


Links for 11.30.08: WKRP returns, Biggie reference tracks, gift guide…

*Television: There’s a new WKRP. It’s in Cincinnati. [lp]

*Movies: View short clips of films juxtaposed with unexpected musical samples! Hilarious? [presurfer]

*Rhymes: Biggie Smalls recorded “reference tracks” for Lil Kim? (That’s not a euphemism.)

*Gifts: Trendhunter put together a list of presents for musicians that includes a guitar toilet seat. Unfortunately, that is the most practical option on the list.

*History: Dancing mania gripped France in 1518. It started with one dancing woman and spread to 400 manic, dancing lunatics. Eventually, most of them died. (For realz.) [reddit]

*Books: Okkervil River’s Will Sheff reads from Tatyana Tolstaya’s “White Walls” for Daytrotter’s Bookery.

Links for 9.26.08: Bono blogs, Prince abstains, Bon Iver cries…

*Enigmas: Prince says to USA Today: “I’m single, celibate and sexy. I feel free.” Like Bob Dylan, the man knows how to be weird. Kudos.

*Money: A royalties deal is done for online music.

*Bono: Bono is blogging for the Financial Times. Probably with his dumb glasses on. Also, I don’t think he should start sentences or posts with the word “myself”! Gawd!

*Literature: More excerpts from Faith Evans’ book: “I called Big to share the news.” “He didn’t sound happy or sad. Just very noncommittal. ‘You keeping it?’ he asked. ‘Yeah. I am,’ I said. It was a quiet moment. ‘Are you sure?'” [bossip]

*Music: Bon Iver plays for NPR’s World Cafe. And then we both weep loudly into our hot coffee and stare out the window as the snow falls. [music slut]

*Blogging: Lil Wayne is blogging for ESPN. [everywhere]

*Love: Pubic hair exhibitionist Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman have broken up.

*Upcycling: A cassette tape becomes a wallet.

*Video: Diesel makes a porn-without-the-porn viral video, SFW XXX, which I don’t really consider SFW (unless you have my job). [rob]

Video: Trailer for Notorious B.I.G. biopic

[daily swarm]

Links for 8.21.08: Tupac’s moves, iTunes Unlimited, Simpson’s beer…

*Biggie: These excerpts from Faith Evans’ forthcoming book, which talk about how Tupac briefly (but quickly and efficiently) insinuated himself into her life, are actually a pretty good read.

*Subscription music: Is iTunes Unlimited, an all-you-can-listen music option rumored to someday cost $130/year from Apple, imminent?

*Beer: Jessica Simpson has become the spokesperson for Stampede Light Plus beer. Personally, this does nothing at all to diminish my love of beer. People: I am resolute. [buzzfeed]

*Pop music: Mountain Dew has started a singles-only record label, Green Label Sound, that will feature bands such as Cool Kids. You know what’s even better than Mountain Dew? That Red Alert stuff. Or Code Five or whatever the fuck it’s called. [listening post]

*Gadgets: The Apple Walkpod: a cassette-playing iPod. [bb gadgets]

*Local: The Bryant Lake Bowl is throwing a block party. The Rock for Democracy block party is set for Saturday, September 13 from 4pm-10pm, and will feature Brass Messengers, Prairie Sons and a surprise headliner. Also: roller girls! [mfr]

*Bar bands: NPR interviews the Hold Steady. (Craig Finn does not tell Thom Yorke to “Eat a dick.” Which is a prime indicator that this is not, in fact, Grade A beef.) [heavy critters]

*Idol: People who are either insane or are hardcore American Idols fans (I would love to see the Venn diagram of these two groups) can now Sajaya-ize themselves. Of course, that’s a Cardinal sin. But still.

Video: Casting call for Biggie Smalls biopic

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Links for 6.17.08: Biggie movie blog, Heart concerts, eMusic money…

*The producer of the new Notorious BIG biopic has been blogging. [pop candy]

*Words: A tag cloud from the manuscript of John Hodgman’s new book, “More Information Than You Require.” To me, this is very calming.

*eMusic is raising subscription rates. I dropped eMusic more than a year ago; with the introduction of Amazon’s MP3 store, I don’t miss it a bit.

*MP3 blog ad networks: That sentence looks like word salad. Predictably, music blogs are loving the idea, though.

*Artsy: The Heart Chamber Orchestra: Listen to the heartbeats of 12 musicians hooked up to ECG sensors. Videos are here. [neural]

*Off topic: BB Gadgets has video of a Teddy Ruxbin hacked to recite Twitters.

Links for 5.8.08: Bob Seger tattoos, Gravy’s B.I.G. performance, Dave Grohl’s angry letter…

*Your online repository for all Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band-related tattoos. [Hotdogsladies]

*”Gravy is killin’ it.” P. Diddy on the performance of the actor playing Biggie in his upcoming biopic.

*Dave Grohl writes a letter to Metallica: “Good luck. And don’t release it until it’s kick-ass.”

*Mobile music revenue is down 17.6% for WMG.

*How do you slap someone around with a Blackberry? Ask Foxy Brown. [nah right]

*Video: Rock Band hates this man. Watch it. [waxy]

*Perez Hilton is launching a clothing line. Pretty sure I couldn’t pull any of this stuff off, either.

*Also: Britney loves Radiohead. Weird that she didn’t go with the digital, pay-what-you-want version?

*If you still love Facebook, you can stream your iTunes playlist through it via nuTsie. [listening post]

*DMX got arrested for speeding. Woof!

*Local (Minneapolis): First Ave is twittering. [switchblade comb]

*30 Rock quote: Lemon: “You had a three-way with Roseanne and Tom Arnold.” Blonde chick: “That was two years ago.”

*Facestats: The world thinks I’m 42 years old.

Links for 10.8.07: Mobile music, Biggie, Jimi’s juice, Brid-mart +

*Writes the Wall Street Journal on mobile music: “A hopeful sign: The carriers seem to understand that cellphones are no threat to displace the PC as the hub of the digital-music experience.” There are so many things wrong with that sentence, I don’t know where to start. OK: carriers.

*Scenes from the Biggie Smalls casting call.

*Snocap and CD Baby, who dissolved their business partnership last week, bring the hate.

*MSNBC buys social news site Newsvine. Exec Producer Rex Sorgatz (Mpls locals may know him as a sort of Sid Hartman 2.0) comments on the purchase via Fimoculous. [NY Times]

*PaidContent glosses a recent Wharton research paper that looks at online recommendation services. The original doc is here. And it is academic.

*Peefork on Cease to Begin, Band of Horses’ latest: 7.7 – Wal-martastic! (Here’s Stylus on them, as well.)

*The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience – an energy drink. Take that, Pimp Juice. [Daily Swarm]

Video: a 17-year-old Biggie rhyming on the corner

This one is making the music blog rounds, but is still, I think, worth posting. He seems quite confident. [banana nutrament via idolator]