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Links for 11.30.08: WKRP returns, Biggie reference tracks, gift guide…

*Television: There’s a new WKRP. It’s in Cincinnati. [lp]

*Movies: View short clips of films juxtaposed with unexpected musical samples! Hilarious? [presurfer]

*Rhymes: Biggie Smalls recorded “reference tracks” for Lil Kim? (That’s not a euphemism.)

*Gifts: Trendhunter put together a list of presents for musicians that includes a guitar toilet seat. Unfortunately, that is the most practical option on the list.

*History: Dancing mania gripped France in 1518. It started with one dancing woman and spread to 400 manic, dancing lunatics. Eventually, most of them died. (For realz.) [reddit]

*Books: Okkervil River’s Will Sheff reads from Tatyana Tolstaya’s “White Walls” for Daytrotter’s Bookery.

Links for 11.14.08: Musebin’s shorties, Kanye’s day, singing interviews…

*Buskers: The New York Times addresses the tragic death of Seattle’s Tuba Man. Sad story. I still love the term “busker.”

*Photography: Kissing the Ceiling – a series of photos of people kissing the ceiling. SOMETIMES IN AN AWESOME MANNER, LIKE WHILE STANDING ON A DOORKNOB. [urlesque]

*Short attention span: Musebin combines Twitter-style music reviews with Reddit-style ratings. I am not an enemy of the short. Generally. [listening post]

*Kanye: In today’s Kanye news, Mr. West got arrested (again) for getting into it with a photographer. He called himself the voice of his generation. And he apologizes to Jared Leto for “fronting.”

*Polling:‘s Nate Silver signs a two-book deal. Considering the “Things White People Like” guy got a one-book deal, this is only fair.

*Metal: In what Metal Sucks (and I’m not one to argue with such experts as they on this matter) has dubbed “the second most metal video of all time,” the following video consists of two guys drinking beer and punching each other. For like 6 minutes.

*Interviews: Watch Okkervil River’s singing interviews on Stereogum. No, really. Watch.

*Professional: I have a Linked In group called Professionals in Support of Clarity, Levity and Brevity. I don’t know why. YET.

Video: Crooked Fingers does a Stand Ins song for Okkervil River

“Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed on the Roof of the Chelsea Hotel, 1979”

Links for 9.10.08: Girl Turk, The Kramer, M.I.A. blogs…

*Cool: Waxy uses a mechanical turk to crunch some numbers around Girl Talk’s “Feed the Animals. Google spreadsheets tell the tale…

*Hate: The Village Voice explains Why MySpace Music Won’t Succeed. Basically, the article reads like a history of errors.

*Favorites: Will Sheff of Okkervil River lists some of his favorite shit in an interview with Pee-fork, including a song by Wale called “The Kramer.” [via largehearted boy. Is it odd that I am so diligent in crediting conduits through which I come by information — like Largehearted Boy — when they are so lax in doing so themselves? No; it is not.]

*Local: The City Pages has come out with its Picked to Click local music issue (for Minneapolis / St. Paul) once again. And the winner is…Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles.

*Pornography: Complex magazine captures a round-up of porn stars singing and rapping.

*Sports: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn chats baseball with ESPN. [idolator]

*Fashion: M.I.A.’s long-awaited fashion line is due out this week. [music slut] Also, here she is blogging about terrorism.

*Off topic video: A really inappropriate playground slide. [scanner via mojo]

*Off topic: So I have a regular job. With all the weird things that come with that.

*Also: Here’s camping.

Links for 8.27.08: Jay vs. Noel, Okkervil YouTube and SMOKING…

*Music videos: If you want more Okkervil River music videos like Bon Iver’s cover of “Blue Tulips,” you should probably subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel. [filter]

*Mashups: Jay-Z vs. Oasis again; this time in the form of a mashup (by Cookin’ Soul), rather than a beef. Personally, I enjoy beef. [listening post]

*Concerts: Greg Gillis of Girl Talk says “I’m waiting for someone to 69 on stage.” Also, he says a lot of other stuff.

*Interviews: Paste magazine interviews Calexico: The band really digs Cormac McCarthy. [music slut]

*Obit: Steve Foley, the drummer for the Replacements, died this weekend of an accidental prescription pill overdose at the age of 49. [rolling stone]

*Guns: Read an excerpt from “Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses.” [fimoculous] Also: The dude who leaked those Chinese Democracy songs has been arrested. At the behest of Dr. Pepper’s lawyers?

*Religion: Guitar Praise is like Guitar Hero, but with Jesus. And, probably, Moses. [best week ever]

*P2P: The legit wing of the LimeWire store is expanding; they’ve added The Orchard’s music catalog. [hypebot]

*Smoking: I don’t know why you would want to have a pack of cigarettes stuck to the side of your head, but if you would, you can buy a telephone headset that looks like an open pack of heaters. And then you can wear it. [shinyshiny]

Video: Okkervil River playing on rooftop for

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Video: Okkervil River’s Black Cab Session

Big Black Car.

Links for 1.1.08: injured, Cross cross, Yorke live…

*The New York Times asks if anyone (else) will buy In Rainbows. (They’re shipping about 400,000 copies to record stores initially.)

*Big news on the Black Eyed Peas front: BEP quote machine has broken his foot. [earsucker]

*Is David Cross a sellout for taking a role in Alvin and the Chipmunks? (Note: This blog, like so many others, is required by law to mention David Cross at least once per quarter.) [waxy]

*Okkervil River’s put out Golden Opportunities Mixtape, an album of some of the bands covers and oddball performances. It’s available for download free on their site. [vulture]

*The top 10 tv theme songs of all time: Couldn’t agree more with “All in the Family” as #1. I sing it weekly. [listening post]

*Tough times: The Financial Times reports on EMI’s belt-tightening under Terra Firma. [xrrf]

*Recommended: Stereogum’s mashup mixtape, 2007 Mashed Up, which includes MIA vs. the A-Team theme.

*VERY LOCAL: I am recommending that everyone in or near St. Paul go to brunch at Blondie’s on Snelling today. Just saying.

Video: Okkervil River – another band playing in an elevator

IF YOU ENJOY ELEVATORS: Another Amsterdam video! Okkervil River plays for 16 MINUTES in an elevator for 3VOOR12. That is all.