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Links for 7.7.08: Block Party, Fleet Foxes videos, Jay-Z ringtones, Kanye’s rage…

*Currently tops on my list of “Lists Whose Purpose I Must Not Fully Understand” is this Listening Post list of the Top 10 Hottest Music Sites. MOG? But not Hype Machine. I may not have mentioned this previously, but I am retarded.

*Nice list: Songs with lyrics with 35 words or fewer. Includes “You Are So Beautiful.” I may not have mentioned this previously, but I am a strict adherent to the tenet: Clarity. Levity. Brevity.

*If I were just sitting around blogging all day, I would have passed these on earlier. Like, hours ago.

Video: Bloc Party’s “Mercury.” There are monkey things. [everywhere]

*And also: Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal.”

*And also: Santogold’s “Creator.” [getty images]

*Thumbplay is releasing 10 exclusive ringtones from Jay-Z. Personally, I have a Biggie Smalls ringtone. It is very embarrassing, and part of a complicated ritual of self-mortification I have for some reason undertaken.

*Are Kanye’s people trying to send him to anger management classes? I, for one, would be pissed. [rock daily] Mr. West’s response? “I NEED ANGER ENHANCEMENT! LOL!

*The Family Osbourne has a variety show coming out on Fox. OK, now I’m irate.

*Read: An L.A. Times article on Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals and pay-what-you-want Topspin Media. [coolfer]

*Off topic: Is Twitter buying Summize?

Video: Watch 8-Year Old Japanese guitar hero Yuto Miyazawa shred

He is not bad. Check it here. (I am now officially annoyed with Vodpod.) [fiddlr]

Links for 11.4.07: Ozzy’s ire, Stewie’s songs, Sex Pistols’ candidate +

*North Dakota cops staged a fake pre-party at an Ozzy concert to bust a bunch of people with outstanding warrants, and now Ozzy is pissed. [idolator]

*Bloggers try to see a Sex Pistols endorsement of presidential candidate Ron Paul in their Tonight Show appearance together. [mefi]

*The New York Times waxes rhapsodic about the showtunes on The Family Guy. Uh boy.

*Bono + vlogging (for MSNBC) = worst nightmare. [huff po]

*Audio + transcript of a David Simon (The Wire) interview, via commenter Mr. Media.

*Behold: the light saber mp3 player (aka the Music Stick). [crave]