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2011: Some things I liked!

Joy to the world! And hello! Below is a highly subjective and loosely collected group of things that I liked this year! I will warn you that virtually no “metrics” were used in the compilation of this list, except insofar as to trot them out, consider them, and reject their very right to exist.

Seeing, then, that this post is so much informed by my own personal taste, you may find it helpful to become better acquainted with me via this brief description from someone who knows me well. (Here’s a visual, too. Scary, right?)

So here it is! 2011! Things! Note that this is not at all meant to be a “top 100 list” or a “best of” list. It is not comprehensive. It is not systematic. It’s on the new side, but it’s not all, like, straight-up 2011 shit. OK? Can we drop the dogma and self-enforced rigidity for like 10 minutes here? The first part is stuff I liked from around the internet, the second half is stuff from my tumblr or twitter account or whatever else. That’s it! Things!

Tweet!: “Ryan Gosling probably shits his pants once or twice a week, just like every other normal man.” [Mark Leggett] Puerile!

Mark Leggett
Mrs. Rupert Pupkin
Your Aunt Diane
Rob Delaney
Peanut Free Mom

Essay (you must be loco):
“I have been murdered and replaced with a suspicious facsimile. In running shoes” by Charlie Brooker

Blog!: Yo, Is This Racist?

Bloggers/writers I have appreciated:
Ben Miller at Liquidchroma
Tyler Hellard at Pop Loser
Diana Hong at Pocketmonsterd
Paul Ford (for one or two glorious weeks) at Ftrain Rob Walker at Design Observer and here
Everyone at Coudal always
Golden Fiddle forever

Apps: RunKeeper – Oh, how I hate thee, RunKeeper. How I loathe thee. (The only other couple apps I truly use on a daily basis are Tweetbot, the tumblr app and Words With Friends (I also hate the new system that allows people to buy cheats, though not as much as I hate RunKeeper).

Band!: Poliça.

Least favorite letter of the year!: ç

Song!: Trampled by Turtles covers “Where Is My Mind?

Attention! What follows is the self-service aisle!:

Listicle!: Life Lessons from Mr. Potato Head (This might be my favorite thing I wrote all year? Sappy?)

Tweet!: “Groinzo would be a weird (but good) name for a Muppet.” [link] Puerile!

Essays!: For some reason, I still like this fake Kickstarter project (a pitch for a collective work of interactive fiction) and this thing about Dirk Nowitzki’s hand signals.

Image!: Theodore, dinosaur.

Most terrifying personal experience!: An account.

If you’re curious, here are this blog’s top posts of 2011:
Famous People on Twitter (this is the most popular post every year and most individual days and weeks, as well — it is awful and I abhor its existence and myself for bringing it into this world)
Duluth Trading Company’s Ballroom Jeans commercial

Finally! Overall grades for the year:
Internet – F
Listenerd – F

Links for May 9, 2011: Time stands still

*Music?: The Wall Street Journal says that Google will roll out an online music service as early as tomorrow. Speculation is that it will be another cloud-like storage device. In other big-media Google news, YouTube is closing in on major expansion of its movie rental business. (Did I just link to a TechCrunch article?)

*Update: I have been doing much more link-tweeting at my Iconojosh twitter account these days. I also sometimes tumble things on the alternate ‘nerd. What I’m trying to say here is that I’m still alive. In theory.

*Notes: Speaking of alternate modes of output, I already linked to this post, Time’s Inverted Index, by Paul Ford on F-train, but it’s worth linking to again. Read it? (One of the tradeoffs of linkblogging via twitter is that I don’t have room for my signature “semi-scrutable possibly trapped in a jar of amber or pickled in a bottle of gin” commentary that faithful listenerd readers (5) have gotten used to over the years.

*Privacy: I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I can’t imagine that a danah boyd paper on teens and privacy is somehow not going to be good? I will warn you that that link you may or may not have just clicked on is a pdf. Best regards.

*Fashion: Kanye West has debuted a new line of scarves. Great? Anyway, remind me to post some embarrassing photos of myself during a stage of my life when I would wear a scarf on a cold winter day. CHILLING.

*Films: Why is it so amusing to me that Sufjan Stevens had a panic attack while watching “Fantastic Mr. Fox”? Because I’m a terrible person?

*Headgear: Check out these American fire helmets through the years. Makes me wish something was on fire. [coudal]

*Today’s links: F.