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Links for 7.29.09: Prince, Van Morrison, Phish

*Words: Being a linguistic examination of a Van Morrison rant filled with swear words. Related: Go fuck yourself. [mefi]

*Comics: Sally Forth meets Thomas Pynchon. I met Thomas Pynchon once. And have the aphasia to prove it. [harper’s]

*Local: Was Purple Rain the high-water mark of Twin Cities music? I saw Prince play at the Mill City Music Festival once. Then I got extraordinarily drunk and danced on 1st Avenue. Remind me not to describe that in detail to anyone. Ever. [daily swarm]

*Music: I started a LinkedIn group called Professionals for Clarity, Levity and Brevity once. This Mashable article about music and social media would in no way qualify for inclusion in our holy bible. And I have high tolerance.

*Headlines: Love this headline re: Wired’s Chris Anderson – Chris Anderson Less Intellectually Curious Than George W. Bush [spincity]

*Furniture: Cassette lamps. Where’s the 8-track footstool? See what I did there? Hated myself. Intensely. [coudal]

*TV: I am currently watching a television program that’s telling me that Michael Jackson was addicted to eBay. But I can’t imagine him using a computer with any proficiency. He used IE, right?


Links for 3.13.09: Crying, wearing eggs, buying black, going crazy?

*Crying: Directly into my cupped hands.


*Music: If you crowdsource a song – specifically “Daisy Bell” – to 2000 helpers, this is what it sounds like. [info aesthetics]

*Consumption: One family, the Andersons, is trying to “buy black” all year, purchasing goods only from African-American-owned companies. [murketing]

*Drinks: Sting has his own brand of wine. It doesn’t “have a bouquet,” it “stinks.” I’m guessing.

*Attn NYTLabs: Call me.

*Music: Steve Earle is recording a Townes Van Zandt tribute album called Townes. With Neil Young and Neko Case. Naked. That one was for you, FlatRat. Also, I was lying about the end part.

*The Law: Peruse the mugshots of the people arrested at Phish’s recent reunion concert. HOLY SHIT, BEARDS. [buzzfeed]

*8-bit: Listen in awe to this medley of hip-hop games made from old videogame system sounds. [coudal]

*Twitter: Trent Reznor thinks that Chris Cornell embarrassed himself. He said so by updating Twitter (known in some circles as the Ultimate Badass Report) from an application called TWEETDECK. Now that’s some hard-ass beef. [xrrf]

*Another twitter thing: SXSW twitter conversations visualized. By Pepsi. [waxy]

*Meta: Spin City thinks I am crazy.

*Local: Apparently, the Twin Cities are experiencing a burger boom. The day job’s food expert (based in southern California) has also been reporting L.A. burgermania for several months.

*Today’s links: C-

A Great Recession Guide

I link to economy stuff sometimes, and it’s often pretty depressing. Sorry. The global economic meltdown itself isn’t anything close to a light topic, but there are a growing number of sites out there aggregating the ideas, images and other ephemera that detail our economy’s decline – often explicitly referencing the 30s and The Great Depression as they do so. Below is a mini-guide to the lighter side of the current, prolonged recession.

*Brands: Salon has created a brand graveyard for dying companies.

*Images: The Guardian has started a recession photo pool on Flickr (apparently with a good number of fakes finding their way in there).

*Markets: This tumblr aggregates pictures of stock brokers with their hands on their faces. Crying, crying into their cupped hands.

*Work: Try reading Unemploymentality, “the definitive unemployment blog.”

*Housing: Slate launches a photo gallery of abandoned houses.

*Happiness: The Bright Side Project – “sunshine delivered daily” to offset the gloom. [kate]

*Facial hair: Buzzfeed calls recession beards the look of the day. I always called them drifter beards.

*Fashion: The Recessionista is a blog dedicated to “savings on fashion, dining out, and entertaining in the global economy.” (I couldn’t find much in the way of Depressionistas…yet.)

*Video: Gawker recently created compiled a collection of recession-themed ads that you may watch.

*Music: Here’s Phish’s summer touring schedule, and some comments from Trey Anastasio: “As a longtime fan of Depression-era swing bands, he has been thinking about Phish’s role in the current recession.

“For people in hard times, we can play long shows of pure physical pleasure,” he said. “They come to dance and forget their troubles. It’s like a service commitment.” (Earlier this year, I noted that Bonaroo, Coachella and other music festivals were offering layaway as an option to fans who didn’t have the immediate funds to purchase tickets.) [via itsworsethanyouthinkitis]

*Local note: Good news. The casserole is the king of recession-era foods.

*Note: Kansas has been considering ending the death penalty in the state. Due to recession-fueled budget pressures. The bill moving to abolish it is was on hold, but is now BACK on the table. Regards.

Links for 10.1.08: Phish returns, Giada listens to Radiohead, Bay tweets

*Jams: Phish is reuniting. I went to a party with a jam band ONCE in college. Once. The first song lasted 37 minutes before I walked out, never to return to jam bands again. EVERS.

*Oh boy: Who wants to read TV foodie Giada De Laurentiis’ playlist? (That is not a euphemism. Well, not exactly.) Radiohead? [opp]

*Propaganda: Shepard Fairey speaks out. I’d listen to this guy. Might even go so far as to obey.

*Ideas: Musinaut allows wannabe turntablists to DJ with their minds? WHAA?? (I’m thinking about some serious scratching right now. IS IT WORKING??) [psfk]

*Music sharing: SoundCloud lets artists upload large files, then distribute them to whomever they wish.

*Twitter: Michael Bay says “Took a meeting about Armageddon 2: Armageddoner. It’s a Go.” Also, Californication‘s Mia Cross. Also, Penn Jillette.

*Loser: What does it say about me that seeing the headline Crane vs. Brooklyn Bridge, I was expecting something totally different.