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Video: A phonograph spinning while a 1920s song about drug use plays

It’s been a while since I was this soothed. Apparently, the song, “Willie, The Chimney Sweeper” by Ernest Rogers is about the perils of drug use.


Video: A phonograph playing in a soothing manner

I find this to be soothing, despite a somewhat abrasive tone. It’s probably the spinning.

Video: A phonograph playing Bing Crosby soothingly

I find the camera work meant to feature the unmoving speakers to be less soothing.

Video: A phonograph playing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

I like the spinning.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “My Baby”

Holy fuck-a-roni, where have you been all my life? A video of a spinning phonograph and Ken Nordine talking crazy word jazz shit (in this case, “My Baby”).

If this doesn’t soothe you, goodbye forever.

Video: Harry J All-Stars’ “Liquidator”

This will surely soothe you.


Video: A phonograph playing Count Basie’s “Doggin’ Around”

Video: A phonograph spinning in a soothing manner

It takes a while for the phonograph to appear, but when it does, it blows your doors off. In a very soothing manner. (Note: The cinematography on this one is especially well done.)

Video: A Russian phonograph spinning soothingly

This soothing-ass video may have been shot in a Russian nursing home. But still, videos of phonographs remain strangely compelling.

Video: A phonograph spinning in a soothing manner

Well. More disarming than soothing, I guess. Feel free to turn off the sound.

Video: Louis Prima’s “Buona Sera” on the phonograph

If this spinning vinyl doesn’t soothe you, perhaps you have serious problems. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Video: A phonograph playing soothingly

I think that’s a dog’s leg in the lower right. Which somewhat upsets the overall soothing tone. But is notable. (This is apparently The Georgians on a 1928 Columbia Viva-tonal 602.)

Video: Desperate Man Blues on

A film on vinyl collector Edward Gillen. NOTE THAT IT STARTS WITH OLD-TIMEY VIDEO OF A PHONOGRAPH PLAYING. COINCIDENCE? (If the embed is sucking for you, click here.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: A soothing bikini video

Perhaps this will soothe you on a Friday.