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Video: Chatroulette Piano Improv #3 is here!

Now with Omegle? (The video has 302 views at this time. Just noting.)

Video: Chatroulette Piano Improv #2!

This video has 302 viewings as of this posting. And it is VERY good.

Video: Chalroulette Piano Improv

Chalroulette is still terrifying.


Video: A speaking piano

the listenerd: for all your nightmare needs


Links for 8.19.09: Ohio’s piano, Ed Hardy, JK Wedding hijinx, zombies…

*Maps: 88 keys. 88 counties. Play with this map of Ohio counties as a fucking piano. Holy. Awesome. (I recommend playing “The Entertainer” for yourself.) [mefi]

*Marketing: Was the hit video of a St. Paul couple’s wedding entrance a marketing campaign? Read up on a breakdown of the evidence in the case of the JK Wedding Dance.

*Archives: Maybe you should listen to MP3s of the Les Paul Show. Not because he’s dead, because he’s good. He’s also dead. [harper’s]

*Undead: Personally, I hate zombies. The internet, though, loves them like bacon. Or coffee. Or pirates. Anyway, here’s a blog that does zombie parodies of popular songs. [neatorama]

*Home: These cassette tape lights will keep you up at night. Due to their coolness. Not their emission of near-blinding light. See what I did there? Assholes. [treehugger]

*Fashion: A hip-hop artist named Dirty Nasty records an anti-Ed Hardy rap. Like the saying goes, any enemy of Ed Hardy is a friend of mine. [buzzfeed]

*Work: Rarely have I seen such a touchy cultural touchpoint as Woodstock in all my day job examination of generational differences.

*Music: Daytrotter offers up some notes on The National.

*Local: Here’s a promo video for No Bird Sing’s upcoming CD release. I work with a No Bird Sing guy. He saw me carrying an umbrella with a pink handle today. Hence this post.

Links for 5.17.09: Slang, poetry, skin cancer, abandonment, David Lynch, logos

*Medicine: Michael Jackson has skin cancer. Or maybe he doesn’t.

*Ideas begun: I barely started a blog like Artificial Owl once, but I didn’t really follow through. It examines at man-made creations that have been abandoned. If AO were a tumblr, it would have a book deal pending. [mefi]

*Language: The Poetry of Slang – I think I need to read this book, yo. See what I did there? Circa 2004?

*Coming: The David Lynch Interview Project. This guy has so much more hair than I do. So so much more.

*Playing: Gonzales has completed a 27+ hour piano concert. Maybe more of us should have mentioned this before the concert, but personally, I don’t care for piano all that much. [mefi]

*Translations: All your base are belong to us – the correct translation. [waxy]

*Brands: One day in the life of one woman as told in logos. It begins with Crest and ends with Dove. And there is Durex in the middle. [buzzfeed]

*Video: Watch the Kool-Aid man in Second Life. Second Life. Still here. It looks relaxing. [fimoculous]

*Today’s links: D+. Uninspired. But it’s the Lord’s day.

Video: Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)

I don’t care what you say or do, this is a ringtone for the ages. [kate]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 11.29.08: 70s rock homes, 93X’s Pablo, videogame addictions…

*More lists: Each year Largehearted Boy keeps an impressive collection of year-end Best Of music lists. Here’s the aggregated list of music lists for 2008.

*Addiction: The vast majority of people who think they’re addicted to videogames – at least enough to seek treatment for it – aren’t. I had a bad Desktop Tower Defense habit for about 6 days, but I broke it when the new Surly seasonal came out. [neural]

*Piano: The New York Times profiles Chinese piano man Lang Lang. I can’t remember ever having been to a Times Topics page before. Does that make me retarded?

*Dwell: Take a little tour of the homes of 70s rock musicians and their parents.

*Genre: Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker on hip-hop artist Steven Ellison, “Reckoner” remixes and fractal hip-hop.

*Holiday weekend question: What would you name your imaginary band? (A: The Sweatpant Boners.)

*Local: Now seems as good a time as any to tell you this – 93X’s Pablo, famous for his Get Trashed Tuesdays, I understand – lives on my block. He has a nice boat.

Video: Cover of Metallica’s “Fade to Black” on piano


Video: 6-year-old piano prodigy Emily Bear

I took piano lessons for about 3 months in 3rd grade in a closet-sized room in the basement of my Catholic school. That’s all I can say on the matter.

The piano player at hand, btw, also composes.

Video: Lang Lang plays Mozart with an orange

Again, from Mr. Remnick’s Lang Lang article this week in the New Yorker.

Video: Chinese pianist Lang Lang plays “Horse”

Thi week’s New Yorker has a profile of Mr. Lang called “The Wow Factor.”


Links for 7.6.08: Hard Rock Park, Hockey Organ, St. Paul Obama benefit…

*The New York Times covers the Hard Rock Park (mentioned previously on the listenerd), a rock-and-roll theme park with a Led Zeppelin roller coaster and a water ride called Slippery When Wet.

*The Hockey Organ: Holy crap, it’s an organ hooked up to an arcade hockey game. I would like one. Also, I don’t know how to play the organ. [via eyebeam reblog]

*Video: Urlesque collects video of white people dancing at formal events.

*Breaking John Cage As Slow As Possible news! A new chord for July 5th. [little-scale]

*From head injury to piano talent. [mefi]

*Local: Blocks away from the homestead, at the Turf Club, Minnesota slowcore band Low, along with Dosh, will be putting on a Barack Obama benefit concert. Date is August 27. I’m preparing to be shushed! [switchblade comb]

*AVOID (an irregular service from the listenerd): Mighty Magic Minis Popsicles. They are tiny. Their much-touted flavor potency is GOOD, but does NOT live up to the hype. Huge disappointment on all kinds of fronts – price, size, value, flavor. Please avoid at all costs.

Video: Recital of ’50s pianist William Kapell

The New York Times writes a love letter to 1950s pianist William Kapell, who died at age 31. Here’s a video of Mr. Kapell performing a Scarlatti sonata, a Chopin nocturne and more.