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Links for October 13, 2011: Switch bugs on an obvious refusal

*Breaking!: 98% of the skeletal remains of a theropod who died in its youth have been found in southern Germany! This may be the most complete dinosaur fossil ever discovered! (My son made me put all those exclamations in there. In fact, he is responsible for this entire entry.)

*Cramping: Check out these Foogos, logos of sports team and comic book characters that are made out of food. Nearly debilitating in their wasteful and overindulgent repulsiveness! What we really need is a Minnesota Vikings logo made out of dog shit.

*Neurotypicality: Those who know me well might understand why I have a special interest in neurotypicality and empathy. I found this online empathy quotient test that Coudal linked to interesting for a couple reasons. One was because it was designed by the foremost authority on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Simon Baron-Cohen (cousin of Ali G), and two because I got the AVERAGE male score. I’m totally average!!!

*Battles in the Sky: This New York Times video features the timeless art of kite fighting. It’s important here to remember the words of Sun Tzu, “[Something something] TOO MUCH SLACK! PULL IT! NOW RUN!! GO GO!!”

*Local: The Minneapolis startup scene is remarkably dismal. I guess it receives no help (in my book, at least) from Wahooly, a new “alpha” service that gets a bunch of people to market startups. I am depressed. Also, I think I went to high school with one of the founders. AM I STARTING TO LOOK OLD AROUND THE EYES??? On an even more tangential note, sometimes I wonder if the folds under George Clooney’s eyes smell like cigarette smoke.

*Podcasts: It sounds like Alec Baldwin will be launching a podcast soon. Though I have become HIGHLY reliant on podcasts for my information and entertainment needs of late, I’m a little trepidatious of this one simply because I recently learned via Mr. Baldwin’s Twitter feed that he is a huge fan of THE EAGLES. (YES, THE INCREDIBLY TEDIOUS BAND.)

*Medicine: This oncologist speculating about the cause and arc of Steve Jobs’ illness and death is jarring. [mefi]

*Identity: I am Charles Vasa. We are all Charles Vasa.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Walking Far from Home”

Remember when I tried to get Sam Beam to do a podcast with me for like two months? NOTHING.

The barrier between the artist and the fan is as unassailable as ever.

I will now cry directly into my cupped hands.

Links for 12.9.09: “Big pimpin’ on B-L-A-Ds”

*Podcasts: I linked to it via Twitter previously, but I can’t recommend enough this Sound of Young America interview with rapper Bun B. This examination of some Jay-Z lyrics from The Awl is pretty good, too. [dailyswarm]

*Weather: The Atlantic offers up an annotated version of Sarah Palin’s recent Washington Post op-ed on global warming. I call it a glop-ed. Secretly.

*Shopping: I recommend this impressive gallery of photographs of “dead malls.” One mall I frequented as a young man, Brookdale, is very close to being dead now. It’s holding on due to a Sears store that has a very good car battery replacement service. [harper’s]

*Roads: US Ends – This web site about the endpoints of American highways is multi-colored in the old-timey way. That’s a feature, not a bug.

*Music: I know people like lists due to their clarity, levity and brevity, so here’s a list of the Top 10 Overhyped Bands of the 2000s. Sadly, I listen to some of these bands. Because I am an unthinking clown. [fluxtumblr]

*Metal: The most metal piece of classical music is “The Iron Foundry” by Alexander Mosolov. Due to the metal in its name. [metalsucks]

*Inventions: Musical instrument inventor Trimpin “designed giant marimbas that translate tremors into ever-shifting compositions.” You had me at giant marimbas. You had me at giant marimbas. [wired]

*Food: A Scotch MegaEgg is like an egg version of a rat king. And that’s the highest compliment I give.

*Today’s links: F

the listenerd has recorded a video podcast!

Hello. I have done the unthinkable. I have taken a bunch of sedatives and recorded a VIDEO PODCAST (OR VLOG). Please consider this a beta release. I hope you find it as soothing as I do. Did.

Links for 10.13.09: The Beatles, Bon Iver, Daniel Johnston, disgusting food

*Music: Listen to analysis of three Beatles multitrack masters from the BBC’s “Record Producers: The Extended Cut.” No, really. Listen. If I told you this was from Waxy, would you listen? Ugh. Christ.

*Games: Preview and/or check out Hi, How Are You, an iPhone app inspired by Daniel Johnston’s art. That was a weird sentence, and one the me from five years ago would not have liked, much less understood. Sad.

*Music: A podcast of Bon Iver performing at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater. I’m typing this with stumps.

*Poetry: This seems like the kind of lit hip people would like. And by this, I mean Zadie Smith reading Frank O’Hara’s “Animals.”

*Entrepreneurship: Derek Sivers talks about growing and then knowing he was done with his business, CDBaby.

*Fashion: The t-qualizer is a shirt with a graphic equalizer embedded. [neatorama]

*Sustenance: I love pictures of disgusting-looking food. Wait. Huh? But it’s true. That’s what makes it funny. Also, never go deep into the Google image search results for chaat. Ever. [murketing]

*Today’s links: Always F.

Links for 4.8.09: Hype Machine, online attribution, letter from T.S. Eliot…

*Digital music: Hype Machine’s Anthony Volodkin talks about whether Hype Machine is bad for music. “We probably did play a role in the growth and attention that music blogs have received. This changes the dynamics of many things, as bigger audiences tempt the wrong people to do the wrong things (post link bait, poor quality content but in large quantity etc).” [daily swarm]

*Literature: T.S. Eliot – editor at Faber & Faber in 1944 – explains why he rejected George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” [inessential]

*Twitter: There is a race to be the first Twitterer with 1,000,000 followers going on right now, and I am losing. My money, as always, is on Britney. Though John Mayer (or his ghostwriter) is somehow not bad with the medium at all.

*E-retail: Click and wait. I don’t know how to read this language. Netherlandish. (Flemish?) [coudal]

*The internet: Waxy makes internet attribution debates not boring.

*Updates: Six things to read on twitter. (I started looking at the quality of the posts from some Minneapolis Twitterers and I’m scared. And I don’t scare easily.)

*Today’s links: Strong D. STRONG.

Links for 4.4.09: Postal slang, fish counting, undriving…

*Language: At the post office, a “deadhead” is a vehicles that travels without mail. See Schott’s collection of U.S.P.S. jargon here. I call junk mail “winter coats.” No, I don’t.

*Update: ZERO update from Sam Beam of Iron and Wine on the podcast I have proposed to do with him. I’m starting to think that this podcast will have to wait until at least Q3.

*Music 2.0: Yahoo Music to launch Artist Pages soon. [techmeme]

*Economy: Jim Cramer says the Depression is over. Uh boy.

*Nature: Fish can count. We eat fish. Therefore, we can count. LOGIC.

*Green: Read Worldchanging’s post on undriving. “Un” seems to be the prefix of 2008 and 2009.

*Local crime: Two Dozen More Bodies Found in Lake Wobegon. [s4xton]

Links 3.26.09: Meat faces, Los Lobos, epic sex with Gene Hackman…

*Words: The New York Times has launched a neologism blog, Schott’s Vocab, cultivated by the Schott’s Miscellany dude. Apropos of that, in Haiti, “Clorox” means you’re really hungry. How’s that for miscellany?

*Update: Still no word from Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam on the fabulous podcast I have proposed to him.

*WHAT??!?!?: Cloris Leachman Tells of Epic Sex with Gene Hackman. Talk about a headline you don’t want to read. (Interesting: The main HuffPo page includes “epic,” but the head on the article itself omits it. HM.)

*Pics: I didn’t even know beer sweaters existed. [coudal]

*Interior decorating: Take a look at this Danish decor of the 1970s, as seen through carefully isolated portions of pornographic movie stills. It’s kind of NSFW. And a bit disturbing. Aesthetically. [mefi]

*Art: On refrigerators. With magnets. More art: MEAT FACES: The following photos might make you slightly ill – [eat me]

*Economics: Roubini says stocks will continue to fall and a bunch of banks will have to be nationalized in 2009.

*Interviews: My colleague Abelardo interviewed Steve Berlin of Los Lobos for Latino LA. “Nobody’s got more cousins than Conrad [Lozano]. Half the audience is either his cousin, knew him from high school or split a case of beer with him.”

*Local: Culture Bully interviews Cloud Cult. I used to like Cloud Cult. I will go no further in this comment.

*Today’s links: D-. What’s worse than piss poor?

Links for 2.28.09: Harvey dies, fake beards, flying penis omitted…

*Radio: Paul Harvey died.

*Beards: I have two items on beards to share today: 1) Are you a Christian hipster? (I am not.) 2) Beardhead – a combination winter scarf and fake beard. [lhb, kate]

*Lists: Are these the 100 worst album covers ever? And are these the 20 weirdest album covers? [eyeteeth, tds]

*Quotes: Howard Zinn talks about Viggo Mortensen, “I saw Viggo Mortensen on the “Charlie Rose Show” wearing a T-shirt – “Impeach, Remove, Jail” — that made me think, “Oh, Viggo Mortensen — he’s a serious political thinker.” I need one of these t-shirts.

*Bono: I have something in common with Bono’s children after all. United in our embarrassment, we shall stand together until the end of time. (I don’t know where that came from. Well. The heart, I guess.)

*Music players: Mufin is a music player that sorts your music collection by sound. (I haven’t tried it yet.) [cnet]

*Twitter: In the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley writes probably one of the most strangely angry articles about twitter you’ll see this week. “Those who say Twitter is a harmless pastime, which skeptics are free to ignore, are ignoring the corrosive secondary effects.”

*Side Twitter note: Is their revenue plan to take a cut from Big Telecom on SMS messages? Also: Google is on Twitter.

*Experience: 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced on the Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something. Memorize this list. And visit each site at least a few times. I’m just glad lemon party didn’t make it. Don’t ever ever ever go there. Trust me. As with any list, I need to quibble with one omission – No Kasparov attacked by remote control flying penis? [coudal]

*Sam Beam beamcast update: No word from Sam Beam about the beamcast I have repeatedly proposed…

*Today’s links: C effing +. (The remote control flying penis was the +.)

Links for 2.25.09: Lemmy’s crotch, bread tie taxonomy, Beamcast update..

*Podcast update: All attempts to contact Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam (not through traditional means, but merely through the ether) to get him to be my interview subject for the first listenerd podcast have failed. Zero response. However, I now have a 5th question formulated: Could you please speak up? More to come, as things develop.

*The Markets: Keep track of the world’s stock markets in real time. This can be a sad endeavour. [good]

*Lemmy: A lovely quote pulled by The Daily Swarm regarding Lemmy’s displeasure with a doll made in his likeness: “Are you gonna put a dick on it?”

*Update: The Hipster Runoff guy is not Tao Lin. I am in no way taking credit for this idea.

*Correlations: How one’s SAT scores correlate to his or her musical tastes. I do not see Elmo on this grid. [buzzfeed]

*Facebook: eMusic jumps into the widget game (a couple years after the rush?) with some Facebook functionality that allows users to show the music they’re listening to and gives away free downloads.

*Models: Mashable takes a look at iTunes Pass. There are a lot of “hopefullys” in this article.

*Charity: Musicians on Call brings bands to the hospital rooms of sick people, for bedside concerts. [licensing plate]

*Twitter: Twitter = YouTube. “Google most likely really, really wants to buy Twitter.” Feel like it’s been coming for a long time.

*Food: Being a taxonomy of bread ties. [coudal]

*I find this collection of links and quips to be wholly unsatisfying. There is always tomorrow.

Links for 2.23.09:’s rebuttal, Cohen poetry, a “turd-covered silicon aviary”

*Update: Still no word from Sam Beam about whether he wants to do a LISTENERD PODCAST. Fourth question: “Do you have to go to the bathroom?”

*Clarifications: denies the recent TechCrunch allegation claiming it turned over data to the RIAA. [waxy]

*Psychiatry: You call it compulsive-impulsive spectrum disorder, I call it life.

*Driving: We’ve been talking about this for a long time at the day job, but for the first time in 25 years, Americans are driving less. You can read about America’s fastest-dying car brands here. Sorry for the downer.

*Social media: Try to figure out this Periodic Table of Social Media Elements. If you are able to do so, you may be my second-ever podcast guest. Your first question: What the fuck is going on with that chart, anyway? [fallon]

*Predictions: Nate Silver comments on his so-so predictions for this year’s Oscars (he got 4 out of 6 correct). Also, he took a crap at 1:45 pm yesterday. Or so it was reported.

*Art: Plastic guys. [eyeteeth]

*List: Mashable compiles a collection of 18 great music tumblrs. [spin city]

*Identity: Is Carles, the author of Hipster Runoff, also known as writer Tao Lin? Also, who is Tao Lin? [fluxtumblr]

*The Internet: Once you have read and loved this Flickr comment thread, you have achieved a passing grade and may move on.

*Related to above: Can it be long before the entire country is tweeting away in the din of a giant turd-covered silicon aviary? And how scared should we be?

*Poetry: A Street – Leonard Cohen. “I see the ghost of culture, with numbers on his wrist.”

Links for 2.21.09: Live air traffic chatter, Bon Iver cover, Beamcast update…

*Podcast: An update on my unyielding quest to secure Sam Beam for an interview for the listenerd’s inaugural podcast. Still no word from Mr. Beam, though I have now figured out my third question for the heavily bearded crooner: “What does the bottom of our current global economic meltdown look like? Is it a W bottom? A V bottom? An L bottom? Thoughts? Thank you.”

*Eavesdropping: Listen to Live Air Traffic Control chatter on Why do I find this so appealing? [neural]

*Covers: The Chairs cover Bon Iver’s “Flume” (an MP3). I typed that with my three remaining fingers. [blisslist]

*Data: An examination of more than 300,000 Twitter users puts them into a couple groups (NOT Retweeters vs. Favrders this time) – interacters (those who @ and otherwise talk to each other) and followers/followees. This is only interesting if you are a total loser. I find it fascinating. Well, maybe not this analysis in particular, but the system’s dynamics. Sorry.

*Charts: Andrew Kuo’s charts of Antony & the Johnsons’ “The Crying Light,” Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Beware,” and Morressey’s “Years of Refusal” for the New York Times. Too much yellow?

*Biz: Songbird’s CEO exits, replaced by the board’s chairman for now.

*Games: Barack Obama is apparently addicted to BrickBreaker, a game yours truly has been known to partake in. To wit –

-Me, reading RSS feeds: “WHOA. Guess who ELSE is addicted to BrickBreaker?”
-Her: “John Hodgman?”
-Me: “Cooler.”
-Her: “Prince?”

Links for 2.19.09: Daniel Johnston on art, Retweeting vs. Favrding and chicken

*Podcast: Still no traction in my quest to convince Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam to record a comedic podcast with me (the listenerd’s first), though I have now figured out my 2nd interview question: “Do you know any jokes?” Doubtless, he will have one that makes use of the homophonic phrase “Mountin’ Party.” DOUBTLESS.

*Interviews: Harvey Pekar interviews Daniel Johnston in Black Book. Holy weirdness. This is like me talking to…Sam Beam. Or something. DJ: “My writing is an absentminded, subconscious kind of thing. I’m lucky if I write a song a week, but I like to try every day. It’s always been that way.”

*Graphics: This flowchart for porno movies is not safe for work at all.

*Social graphs: I recommend looking at the Facebook Nexus. If you are interested in getting your MIND BLOWN about things that probably don’t mean much. I feel bad for the dots that only have me. [the deets]

*Eating: A Flick photo pool called The Fried Chicken Pantheon collects pictures of dining establishments that serve chicken. I am ON RECORD as saying that the Famous Bowl is man’s most incredible creation. [coudal]

*Marketing: What brands do 19 teens and tweens associate with music? You can see the answer to that question, here. MTV! Apple! Facebook! Huh. [ypulse]

*Beards: Can you put 2,000 toothpicks in your beard? OK, how many chopsticks? [urlesque]

*Movies: The Art of the Title Sequence takes a look at the good beginning parts of all kinds of movies, and even offering commentary on them. Here’s 300. [good]

*Twitter: Read this post about “Twitter’s two cultures,” Favrders and Retweeters. I’m neutral in this debate, but retweeters are retarded morons. [fimoculous]

Attention: the listenerd podcast ZERO

Hello! And welcome once again. You have doubtless arrived here by accident. And for that, I’m very sorry. But onward.

I have spoken previously of recording a podcast for this blog, not to diversify my digital presence in an attempt, ultimately, to monetize my proprietary content and/or otherwise leverage brand awareness, but instead as an exercise in shining my own shoes.

But enough about that.

I feel that I should report that Attempt One at Podcast Zero was a bust, with the droning of my own vinegar-toned voice becoming so annoying to test listeners, we were forced not only to destroy all copies, but also to smash the Flip video camera that captured the ill-conceived moment with a 10-lb hammer.

This defeat, however, only energized me. And that’s where we are today. Here. Now. Where I unveil my aspiration. I believe my first podcast for the listenerd should begin as an interview with singer/songwriter Sam Beam. (Note: I do not know Mr. Beam, nor have I tried to contact him.)

What I would like to do (and we are talking about a 40,000-foot view here) is to interview Mr. Beam, teasing out the comedy stylings I know are buried deep within him (as they are buried within all of us). I would then, with the magic of EDITING, BEGIN podcast zero (that’s a code name) speaking to a marvelously quippy Mr. Beam, then end it with 20 minutes of Iron & Wine’s music, culminating in the song “Naked as We Came” cross-fading to the sound of me weeping uncontrollably into a napkin.

If you’re out there, Sam, ping me! Let’s make this happen! NOT KIDDING! [thx to rob t.]