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Links for October 12, 2011: The Phenomenology of Desire

*Real headlines: Family Lost in Massachusetts Corn Maze Calls 911 for Help. They were only 25 feet from the exit. Don’t ever read the transcripts of this. Ever. Similarly (not really?), the movie Drive inspired a man to throw a hot dog at Tiger Woods. I just report this shit. Then cry about it. Then cry about the crying.

*Inventions: The Keaton Music Typewriter is fairly amazing. And my recent analog yearnings are totally driving me toward it. Speaking of analog yearnings, Kottke posted this today, a link to a tumblr called Fuck Yeah Made in USA. (My “analog yearnings” were directed at the tumblr, not Kottke.) [notcot]

*Art: You’re telling me that there’s a Batman musical with music by Meat Loaf? And that Meat Loaf is two words? Like, there’s a separate surname? I call bullshit.

*Vizzie: On this map, the black areas represent users of Facebook. The gold areas represent non-users. I am like a single speck of gold shining in an all-swallowing ocean of black. [via heckadecimal]

*Twitter: I recommend that everyone follow Fake Pew Research. Like, I mean, this one? Also, Neko Case, who claims to be a man, but, whatever she is, is excellent. (A little heavy on the animal shelters…) Also, follow @thewuzzles, who has been doing some INCREDIBLE work with TGI Friday’s lately.

*Local: If you like poetry, the ABSURDIST poet James Tate will be reading at the Walker tomorrow night! For free! There will also be a webcast, I guess? I recommend going or reading some Tate. Here’s a little: “People in glass elevators shouldn’t carry snow shovels.” (I agree.)

*Cycling: This is wonderful? The Speed Vest is an item of clothing that indicates a cyclist’s speed on the back. I could use one of these for running, but instead of my speed, it would simply say what I had just eaten. (E.g. “Some weird salmon meal.”)

*Today’s links: F.

Audio: Auden reads “The Shield of Achilles”


Links for 7.11.10: Four billion tips for better abs

*Song of Myself: Scientists and composers collaborate to have a choir sing music based on their DNA. [networked]

*Literature: Listen to Derek Walcott – a dude who taught my wife in grad school and won the Nobel Prize for literature (in order of importance) – read a couple of poems for the New York Review of Books podcast. Seriously; whatever his failings, the guy has a crazy awesome cadence and accent.

*Talking: Read the transcript of Clay Shirky talking to Andrew Keen. If you know who either of those people are. (They are human beings, just like the rest of us. Neither of them has a compelling accent that I know of.)

*Fashion: These shoes are 100% moulded rubber. But they are NOT Crocs. But they EVOKE Crocs. In an anti-Croc way. Do you understand the complexities of cultural semiotics now? If so, please share.

*Design: You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus,” Salon. You had me at “sparkly faux-vampire phallus.” [huh?]

*Gamey: Pulsate is this gamey kind of thing that has you click on things to “make” circles that then “make” music. Or something. It takes a while. But is mesmerizing in its simplicity.

*Athletics: Sporno exists at the unintentional intersection of sports and sex. [mktg]

*Music: On Lady Gaga, The Populist Narcissist – “It’s bizarre that Gaga is so invested in this laissez faire idea of personal freedom when, as alluded to above, she spends much of her time barking orders at the audience. We were told to sing. We were told to get up. We were told to get our hands up. We were told to get our paws up.”

*Quotes: “‘The cloud’ is a dirigible filled with hydrogen, with pictures of clouds painted on the side.” [A (legitimately scary) info-scare passed on by Fallows.]

*HIGH on my blog reading list right now, and I should note that I have been hating the internet lately: The History Chef, Pocket Monsterd, MKTG, Low Industrial. Obviously, Notcot, Coudal, C-monster and the Golden Fiddle that still exists in my mind. Also, Ken Nordine‘s YouTube channel and American Drink.

*Note: I need to buy a commuter bike and am taking any advice. Comment, email, DM or slap me in the hall.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Bill Murray reads poetry to construction workers


Links for 4.27.10: 44 Tips for Better Abs and Bigger Salads

*Facebook: Since announcing plans to further take over the world last week, Facebook has been facing increasing claims (including from the U.S. Senate) that their data-sharing policies don’t adequately warn or protect users. I quit Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It was harder to do than you’d expect. That follows my abandonment of Tumblr and Foursquare, as well, leaving only this sorry-ass blog and Twitter remaining.

*Music: Songs From Treme – A Tumblr. [vulture] Similar – but not really – is this site: Waiting For Bieber; where tweets from fans asking Justin Bieber to follow them are displayed. Forever.

*Language: Schott’s Vocab Blog says that Chinese youngsters have started using the phrase “Oh my Lady Gaga” rather than “Oh my God.”

*Cassettes: Cassette Tape Magazine from Team Evil – looks like a cassette tape, reads like a magazine that has articles about alpacas. Only 500 copies available.

*Music: The Rain Drum is concept (ugh) umbrella that plays music based on the pattern of raindrops that fall upon it. I like “concepts” in all contexts except those in which the “concept” is a something I originally thought was a real thing. [psfk]

*Business: On work and intuition; Rands In Repose’s The Twinge. Whenever I feel a twinge at work, I head to the rest room. And I recommend you do the same.

*Social media: As I’ve been saying at work (and touch on above), this Like button thing from Facebook is sort of a big deal. Here’s a site that aggregates people’s likes.

*Twitter: Russell Crowe is tweeting. Also, read these five things.

*Movies: I’m not even really that into Star Wars, but James Hance’s Star Wars-themed paintings are pretty awesome. [neatorama]

*Poetry: Jason Nelson’s “Sydney’s Siberia” is an infinite digital poem. I guess. [waxy]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: The Keeper of Sheep

I do not speak Portuguese, but here is Fernando Pessoa’s “The Keeper of Sheep” printed on a cycling path in Lisbon.

[thank you, coudal]

What is Google’s place in literature?

Or Flickr’s? Or Twitter’s? Or (shudder) Facebook’s? Or any company currently functioning as media?

A month or two ago, I linked to something called “Mr. Plimpton’s Revenge,” a literary essay that takes the form of a Google Map. Novel! (It wasn’t a novel; it was just an essay. I was, there, simply remarking on how novel it was.)

A couple weeks ago in my feed reader, I noticed a few more items: One is something called Sumedicina, a “data fiction project” that takes the form of a Flickr photo set. It’s a story told through infographics, communicated by means of the popular photo-sharing site.

Another project I ran across is from 3 Quarks Daily; it’s a mini-experiment that turns Google Voice transcripts (which, if you haven’t used Google Voice, are not entirely accurate, and rarely make full sense) into poetry by formatting them and annotating them as such.

(A fourth, less experimental, though very enjoyable, recent example of this literature mashing is Coudal’s Verse By Voice project. Coudal asked people to dial in and leave a recitation of their favorite poem in a voicemail. The recordings are fun to listen to, and include poems by O’Hara, Berry, Stevens, Muldoon, Ted Hughes.)

Of course, the flavors of techno-mediated literature vary. Putting a story on a Google Map, like Plimpton’s Revenge does, takes full advantage of a useful – and, importantly, populist – new interface to get a plot across.

In the case of Sumedicina, the media’s less central. Flickr is mostly just an effective distribution channel. Sumedicina’s at heart a visual story, and could be recreated easily on paper. The infographic format is something, though, that’s succeeded online and is, if not native to the channel, at least a smart and easily understood unit of communication online.

Finally, with Google Voice Poetry, the mediation is more extreme. The technology isn’t just the distribution channel or the interface, it’s the interpreter. (That’s a trope not uncommon to poetry; as seen in avant garde poetry movments such as flarf, spoetry and l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e poetry.)

Video: T.S. Eliot reading “The Waste Land”

I recommend watching this post and the previous one at the exact same time.

Also, I think he’s reading it wrong. I will offer an alternate interpretation soon.


Links for 11.5.09: America is bread shoes, beer and Guitar Hero

*Twitter: One prediction about Twitter’s new list functionality – “Once it’s understood that you don’t have to be following someone to add them to a list people will begin to adjust who they are following to those they actually know and interact with moving news and site feeds, or celebs and joke accounts over to lists.”

*Speakers: The Wall of Sound is a ginormous speaker, and I don’t care WHAT your definition of ginormous is. (I have run into this ambiguity before.) [coudal]

*Music: Instrumentube allows you to play different instruments on YouTube by adjusting where you are on the timeline. It’s hard to make it sound good.

*Fashion: Bread shoes. You have no idea how often I accidentally step on mayonnaise. (Often.) [buzzfeed]

*BONUS: More footwear. Converse rain boots. For playing basketball in the rain. With no pants on. (I made up that last part.)

*Geography: Can you identify what these maps are all about? Hint: It’s the world. [harper’s]

*Evocative imagery: Look at these pictures of old people playing Guitar Hero. Oh, so Urlesque! (Also, the name Eliot Glazer reminds me of Eliot Spitzer. I feel sorry about that.)

*Poetry: This is a recording taken from a wax cylinder of Walt Whitman reciting from his poem, America. I’m not even kidding. Or selling Levi’s!

*ZOMG!: The brewmaster from Bell’s will be in St. Paul, at the Happy Gnome, on November 10! [heavy table]

*Today’s grade: F-

Links for 10.10.09: Meat paintings, dirty avatars and monotony

*Art: Paintings of meat. Ruebenesque. [neatorama]

*Politics: What kind of art have the Obamas put up in the White House? Not a single painting of meat.

*Words: I’ve long admired Portuguese poet / identity-shifter Fernando Pessoa. Maybe you would like him, too? Here are some translations from Poetry. Anyone familiar with an old blogging alter-ego of mine, Kelvin Gordon, will note that Pessoa’s commentaries on monotony were an influence.

*Business: The Gartner Group says you should put some damn clothes on your too-sexy avatar. [digits]

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s grade: F.

Links for 6.23.09: Gay Warcraft, free prose, Bogan’s poetry, sexy execs…

*Books: Just how free? The Virginia Quarterly finds that Wired’s Chris Anderson pulled a bunch of his verbiage from Wikipedia and other sources without attribution. Jacob Silverman (in the comments): “Those who are at the vanguard of online media, who are trying to fashion new ways of assessing intellectual property, like Anderson, have a special responsibility to act ethically and responsibly. It seems he did not.” Anderson offers a response, and has a lot of defenders in the comments.

*Concerts: Pitchfork does the Take Away Shows thing – a thing which is now a gimmick, but is a gimmick that I still love – with Cemetery Gates, a concert series set in a graveyard chapel.

*Criticism: Sexy Executives is a blog that critiques executive head shots. “Looks weak. You’d quite happily talk over any points he tried to raise at the weekly Monday morning strategy meet.”

*Games: It’s Gay Pride Week on the Proudmoore Server in World of Warcraft. This is the kind of phenomenon that delights me in its cultural twists and turns.

*Gloom: The Failed States Index will sober your ass up pretty fast. One Silver Lining: Australia is looking pretty stable. Kinda? [mefi]

*Obit: The cause of Wilco’s Jay Bennett’s death was an overdose of pain killers. It’s being investigated as an accident. [the daily swarm]


*Twitter: Five tweets to read now.

Links for 5.19.09: Little houses, Danger Mouse blanks, Dylan’s poetry…

*The World: Read National Geographic‘s “The Global Food Crisis – The End of Plenty.” About a year and a half ago, at the day job, we put out a report (which I actually enjoyed working on) called “A Finite Future.”

*Local: Handwritten poetry from a teenage Bob Dylan is going up for auction. [tds]

*The Internet: Joel Johnson talks about blogging and the Wired brand. I used to read the magazine sometimes.

*Twitter: Tweeting Too Hard tracks the most self-important tweets on Twitter. [waxy]

*Gimmicks: Remember that Danger Mouse album referenced in a post a couple of days ago? Buy a blank disc, find the music yourself.

*Lists: Study Pitchfork’s top 100 albums of the 1990s.

*Local: Anna Wintour thinks I’m fat. Funny, because I think I’m bald.

*I didn’t do much in the way of quips today. I’ll double up on them tomorrow. Or maybe the well has run dry. The thing is, you never know.

Links for 5.17.09: Slang, poetry, skin cancer, abandonment, David Lynch, logos

*Medicine: Michael Jackson has skin cancer. Or maybe he doesn’t.

*Ideas begun: I barely started a blog like Artificial Owl once, but I didn’t really follow through. It examines at man-made creations that have been abandoned. If AO were a tumblr, it would have a book deal pending. [mefi]

*Language: The Poetry of Slang – I think I need to read this book, yo. See what I did there? Circa 2004?

*Coming: The David Lynch Interview Project. This guy has so much more hair than I do. So so much more.

*Playing: Gonzales has completed a 27+ hour piano concert. Maybe more of us should have mentioned this before the concert, but personally, I don’t care for piano all that much. [mefi]

*Translations: All your base are belong to us – the correct translation. [waxy]

*Brands: One day in the life of one woman as told in logos. It begins with Crest and ends with Dove. And there is Durex in the middle. [buzzfeed]

*Video: Watch the Kool-Aid man in Second Life. Second Life. Still here. It looks relaxing. [fimoculous]

*Today’s links: D+. Uninspired. But it’s the Lord’s day.

Links for 5.5.09: Bono’s poetry, Dr. Pepper’s recipe, Van Gogh’s ear…

*Evil: Many people hate poetry. Many people hate Bono. Everyone hates Bono’s poetry. I would draw a VENN diagram of this, but it would be covered in human bile, and therefore illegible. [pop candy]

*Beverage: The original formula for Dr. Pepper was an 1880s recipe for D Peppers Pepsin Bitters! Empirical research would lead me to believe that this same formula is still in use. [licensing plate]

*Consumption: Megan is moving and selling ALL her stuff. Via a gorgeously orderly online catalog – GoodbyeWaffleMaker. [swiss miss]

*Breaking: Van Gogh didn’t cut off his own ear, Gauguin did. Maybe. These two. [bits]

*Sports: I’m trying to figure out exactly what coasteering is. I think it has something to do with ritual suicide, but with lots of helmets and life jackets, which I’m sure is to make the act even more humiliating. [mefi]

*More poetry: Poets ranked by beard weight. Weird that Homer didn’t win? What? [buzzfeed]

*NOTE: I will dedicate a eupemism to my 500th twitter follower.