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Links for 11.2.10: “This country runs on optimism.”

*Hello!: I have been gone for a long time, mostly working in India and buying Elton John albums. I have returned, but not with a vengeance. With a whimper.

*Personal: I’m having a hard time figuring out if I should write weird, small, non sequitur personal tidbits and anecdotes here on the main ‘nerd or on a separate tumblr ‘nerd. Like HERE and HERE. You know? I’m talking about the top 8 wrestling moves my 3yo performs on me before 6am, I’m talking Ed Hardy beer and I’m talking about penis with your coffee.

*Commuting: The Retroreflector Tie is a necktie made out of reflective tape, ostensibly for professionals who commute via bicycle. (I just wear a sweaty shirt.) [neatorama]

*Note: In the above subject line, the country being referred to is India.

*Video: Those of you who do not follow professional wrestling may find it interesting that Pee Wee Herman is stepping into the squared circle. Whaat? WHAAAAT? (Giant ear voice.) [Fade to black.]

*Football: So it turns out Randy Moss is a real prick. Huh. [gruber]

*Cash: Read a handwritten to-do list from Johnny Cash – “Not smoke”. [pocketmonsterd]

*Politics: Hours late and already seen nearly everywhere, but I think there’s something interesting to be said about What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?, especially when considered in the context of Cee-lo Green’s summer hit single, “Fuck You.” It’s just that I’m not going to be the one to say it.

*Eating: Foods that cost just one dollar, photographed by Jonathan Blaustein. [mktg]

*Shopping: I just purchased a home carbonation kit from KegConnection. And do you know what the most common question I’ve gotten about it is? “Are you going to use it to kill people like the guy in ‘No Country for Old Men’?” The answer, my friends, is a vehement NO.

*Today’s links: Below an F.

Links for 9.13.09: Tajik Jimmy, Bukowski’s Barf-ly, Jim Carroll

*The Internet: Sent to me from my friend in Soviet Georgia, this story of the popularity of Bollywood tunes performed by Tajik box loader Baimurat Allaberiyev will move you to tears. Tajik Jimmy might also be the best nickname since “The Big Unit.” [richardovich]

*Film: Charles Bukowski’s lover, Linda King, reviews Mickey Rourke’s “Barfly.” Acquaintances of mine will know that I like this movie primarily because I enjoy pronouncing it as BARF-LY. Get it, barf? (It means the same as vomit.)

*Photos: Busted Carbon is a blog of photos of broken carbon fiber bicycle components. Have I told you about my derailing problem? How about my armpit sweat problem? [coudal]

*Anagrams: The proper anagram for “the Listenerd” is “INTEREST HELD.” Coincidence? Hello? Are you still paying attention? [tobs]

*Work-related: Listenerd co-worker-guitared band No Bird Sing drops an album and gets some love from the Star Tribune. On the minus, side, if you click that link, you have to go to the execrable Star Tribune web site.

*Politics: Video from The UpTake of Obama talking about healthcare at the Target Center in Minneapolis this weekend.

*Obits: Jim Carroll died.

*Note: I am going away for a while now. Camping.

Video: Teabagging day – INNUENDO

Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no doubt that this is INNUENDO at its most aggressive. Like. WOW. (I’m not even sure if this is “real,” but the wordplay is sensational, nonetheless.)


Links for 2.1.09: Journey’s Pineda, Norm Coleman and The Big Fix…

*The Economy: The economy is fucked. Here’s a long NYT magazine article on “The Big Fix,” Obama’s options in reforging America’s institutions.

*Journey: Arnel Pineda, Journey’s new lead singer, rocked the faces of America’s corporate elite at the Super Bowl pre-game. According to reliable sources. Well, sources.

*Mixes: The Daily Swarm interview’s Justin Ouliette on the new Muxtape – “If you’re a band, Muxtape will be the place to do all these things as a complete alternate to MySpace. Or if nothing else, as an alternative to having a web geek in your band.” Sorry, web geeks.

*Football: You can rate Super Bowl commercials at Thummit. (Re-watch them here, too.) [somewhat frank]

*Writing: Remembering John Updike at the New Yorker. I never knew him.

*Twitter: How Twitter Was Born.

*Local: Norm Coleman vs. Rod Blagojevich. Wow. “I can’t think of a good reason why Rod Blagojevich has become the most hated man in America while Norm Coleman still walks the streets with his head held high.” [minnpost]

Links for 1.23.09: The Obameter, Kerouac quotes, Yo-Yo Ma fakes…

*Hello: Get a random Jack Kerouac quote. (It would be better if they truly were random quotes, like “May I have a doughnut?”) [shorties]

*Video: has Kraftwerk Minimum-Maximum video up for the next week. Seems like they’re offering media in what’s sort of a flip-side of Daytrotter. Instead of true exclusivity of content they’re using short windows of availability to create scarcity and pull traffic.

*Performance: Remember when the listenerd was freaking the eff out about Yo-Yo Ma using some 3080 carbon-fiber cello at the inauguration? But then he showed up at the thing using a regular wooden one? Turns out, he was faking it anyway.

*Music: Listen to Bon Iver cover Feist live at the Wireless. (I am typing this with seven fingers.) [s4xton]

*Politics: The Obameter tracks the progress Barack Obama has made on his campaign promises. [presurfer]

*Mobile/Social: puts out on application for Google’s Android mobile phone platform.

*Phonographs: tackles vinyl. Good opener, but then too many human faces and not enough records spinning. [d-prince]

Video: Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland “Aer OBAMA”

This video has Daft Punk, toys, Barack Obama, music, a Speak ‘n’ Spell and weird light FX. OK?

Links for 1.14.09: Rock vases, heavy metal flowcharts and acid trips…

*Furnishings: Holy awesome! Check out these rock and roll vases from Legarage Pierreblanc – Thrasher, AC/DC, KISS and more! But are they garish enough?! [eyeteeth]

*Charts: Holy awesome! Check out this flowchart for Heavy Metal band names! What wonderful RSS reader have I stumbled upon this evening?!? [coudal]

*Drugs: I have never taken (or “dropped”) acid. If any fine listenerd readers HAVE done so, could you please let me know if this site simulates the experience? Also, I watched this thing for 10 minutes and feel like vomiting. And not just in my mouth. [lisa]

*Alternative Reality Politics: How have the last 8 years under President Al Gore really been? [snarkmarket]

*CES: One of the coolest things I saw at CES was EasyBloom’s Plant Sensor, a gadget that you place in a prospective gardening spot and leave for 24 hours. You then bring it in, plug it into your USB port and it will tell you what vegetation you should or should not plant in your chosen spot based on soil, moisture, and temperature conditions. And it looks like a flower.

*Location: has added an event mapper that will recommend to you concerts and the like in your area. [duke listens]

*Local: The St. Paul Saints are planning an outdoor baseball game – an “icebreaker” for February 28th. It was -17 yesterday.

*Fame: If you are mental, you may enjoy reading CelebrityTweet, a Twitter that’s only for famous people. [mashable] Also: Pithy.

Links for 11.12.08: Baldwin’s tattoo, Nirvana’s baby and BAMALOT!

*Music marketing: Read up on the success story of the “Now That’s What I Call Music” series. It’s persevering even in a down market. (The article includes a great quote from Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish.)

*Interviews: The creator of Muxtape talks to Drowned in Sound. This guy sure does a lot of interviews for having launched a non-product that was around for like 3 weeks! [earfarm]

*Body art: Stephen Baldwin has been forced to get a Hannah Montana tattoo. At least it wasn’t a Zac Efron tattoo.

*Album covers: Nirvana’s “Nevermind” baby, now 17, recreates his classic album cover pose. (But with pants.)

*Videos: The Raconteurs offer a new Antiques Roadshow-inspired video at FromOldtoGold. [pop candy]

*Obits: Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix’s drummer, has died. My dad once saw Jimi Hendrix shoot up. Not kidding. I think it was in Atlanta.

*Covers: Cat Power will be releasing more covers on December 8th, including music originally from The Pogues and CCR.

*Politics: My day-job colleague Kate Muhl waxes poetical about BAMALOT, a land where Obama reigns and ladies in flats are celebrated.

Links for 11.10.08: McSweeney’s distills, M.I.A. eats, celebrity urination…

*Things: This McSweeney’s list is kind of like what the listenerd would be if the listenerd were distilled down into nothing but awesomeness, then baked on a sheet of rad and peppered with cardamom. (I don’t know what cardamom is. And I don’t really like the word rad.) [daily swarm]

*Crowdsourcing: At The Next Big Sound, you listen to demos of unsigned bands, pick the ones you think will become popular, then reap the social benefits of being smarter than everyone else. I can’t make the explanation any simpler than that. I’m sorry. [mashable]

*Free music!: eMusic is offering free music through Pizza Hut. The crossover in customers between these two brands cannot be high. IT CANNOT.

*Riders: Do you want to know what M.I.A. likes to eat? You can find out at the Smoking Gun. [stereogum]

*Hardware: Dell is scrapping its plans to build an MP3 player, and will instead focus on software that will compete with iTunes.

*Maximum incontinence: I am a huge public urination fan. Not sure if you knew that. Or if you wanted to know.

*Local: looks at the Minnesota Senate race recount. Holy fucking awesome breakdown!

*Parties: You should at least consider attending the Switchblade Comb 1st anniversary party on Friday, November 28 at the Nomad World Pub. I know I would consider it if I weren’t old. And bald.

Links for 11.6.08: Obama’s playlist, free Radiohead, streaming Twitter…

*Playlists: Barack Obama’s imeem playlist includes Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Kanye and Sinatra. OK, so Barack Obama uses imeem more than I do? Also, The Telegraph critiques the president-elect’s musical tastes. [largehearted boy]

*Free music: Thom Yorke offers up a free “Harrowdown Hill” remix. Just TRY to pay them for this one. TRY IT. [vicarious]

*The Wire: The Wire‘s Lt. Daniels is releasing an album. At least he is not on Heroes.

*Phones: Steve Ballmer says that Google’s Android is an “unsound” business decision. Ugh.

*Twitter: If Twitter’s streaming election site got you hooked, check out monitter for streaming tweets. I’m sort of back on Twitter anonymously. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I really don’t.

*Annoyance: From Hobo Matters to Mixtape USB sticks to gender analyzers, bloggers are posting OLD SHIT today. I mean, in some cases, even older than my shit. On that note: Stair porn.

Links for 11.2.08: Lil Wayne’s health, Joe Perry’s vote, Hank Williams’ beer…

*Rumors: Lil Wayne is not dead, I guess. Despite rumors to the contrary.

*Country: The life of Hank Williams. There was a tear in his beer. Also, I am now ready for some football. Also, Hank is dead.

*Endorsements: Aerosmith’s Joe Perry endorses John McCain. Being an understated asshole aside, I cannot imagine ever casting a vote for someone who purports to despise – and even mock – eloquence.

*Recession: Ads in Rolling Stone are down 18%. Ads on the listenerd holding steady. [dailyswarm]

*Off topic: Wait. Gas prices dip for a week, and Americans are back to buying SUVs?

Video: Hockey Mama for Obama


Links for 10.30.08: Country Joe the Plumber, Lil Wayne gets nasty, Bono on Facebook…

*Country: Joe the Plumber (aka Samuel Wurzelbacher) has a booking agent and a PR agency, and is considering entering the world of country music as a recording artist. [wired]

*The Miracle of Birth: Rapper Lil Wayne apparently helped deliver his second child recently. His commentary on the matter follows. “I delivered him. I held the left leg the whole time. It was nasty, very nasty, but it was wonderful.”

*Facebook: Those pictures of BONO with two 19-year-old girls in bikinis made it into the wild thanks to inept privacy setting management by one of the ladies in question. [all facebook]

*Pasterolling: Go here and copy/paste the symbol, please. [waxy]

*Disturbia: A collection of videos of little kids singing Katy Perry’s magnum opus, “I Kissed a Girl.” Sometimes I’m not sure what motivates people to put the things on YouTube that they do. Like Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend.”

*Mashups: Waxy looks at Girl Talk’s official sample list. (Wikipedia users identified about 75% of the samples before this list came out.)

*Politics: The Economist endorses Barack Obama. Whoa. Since when did the Economist start endorsing socialist candidates? [mefi]

Video: Cast of “The Wire” gets out the vote for Obama