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Video: Prince performing “Mountains” in 1986


Video: Prince on American Bandstand at 19


Links for 6.7.10: I don’t have an iPhone 4

*Food: The Ka-Pow is a candy bar MADE OUT OF COFFEE. HOW LIFE-GIVING DOES THAT SOUND? God, I’m a fatass.

*Blogs: I recommend checking out American Drink, a new blog from some very smart Twitter people I follow. In other quasi-Twitter links, Lonely Sandwich’s post on Apple and video is pretty good (especially the bit about hot and cold video).

*Media: NPR: Tastemaker or donation whore? I, for one, appreciate being able to find music that I like through public radio. Which point that buttresses, I don’t know. Buttresses. Heh.

*Music: Prince has a new song out today. It’s called Hot Summer. It’s also Prince’s birthday. I haven’t seen him around for years.

*Images: Hot Box by Skewville is an amusing visual pun brought to our attention by C-Monster. Who is also tumbling.

*Lists: The L.A. Times offers up the top 50 guitarists ever, one of whom (#25 alphabetically) was my father-in-law’s college roommate.

*Remembrances: I used to post prose that ripped my face off. My face is still here right now. All too here.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: 1984 Prince rehearsals

It’s impossible for me not to link to these videos, “When Doves Cry” and “Erotic City.” [the daily swarm]

Links for 12.20.09: Let it be.

*Words: If you know me, you are probably aware of the fact that I don’t believe in definitions. To wit: This. Additionally, here are the year’s buzzwords. I’m a big fan of Great Recession, but I think teabagging should have gotten its own entry (not just as an extension of “Tea Party.”)

*Humanity: Google Maps India gives directions by landmarks, since many roads aren’t clearly marked with their names. [waxy]

*Food: These photographs depicting last meals of death row inmates by James Reynolds are rather cold. [coudal]

*Beer: Heineken once designed its bottles to work as bricks? (Older, link, but I mean, it’s a beer bottle that’s also a brick.)

*Video: Watch this video showing how holiday music can be played on a washing machine. I haven’t used a washing machine in years. Also, I need to buy a new refrigerator. [notcot]

*Art: Doodling improves your concentration. I drew a Charlie Brown figure flying in a recent HR meeting. FYI. [marginal revolution] Also, if you feel like time has passed quickly, you had fun. That meeting felt long.

*Local: Slate takes on The Replacements’ “Let It Be” on its 25th anniversary. Unrelated to this link, I despise Slate. With great vigor.

*Today’s links: F

Links for 7.29.09: Prince, Van Morrison, Phish

*Words: Being a linguistic examination of a Van Morrison rant filled with swear words. Related: Go fuck yourself. [mefi]

*Comics: Sally Forth meets Thomas Pynchon. I met Thomas Pynchon once. And have the aphasia to prove it. [harper’s]

*Local: Was Purple Rain the high-water mark of Twin Cities music? I saw Prince play at the Mill City Music Festival once. Then I got extraordinarily drunk and danced on 1st Avenue. Remind me not to describe that in detail to anyone. Ever. [daily swarm]

*Music: I started a LinkedIn group called Professionals for Clarity, Levity and Brevity once. This Mashable article about music and social media would in no way qualify for inclusion in our holy bible. And I have high tolerance.

*Headlines: Love this headline re: Wired’s Chris Anderson – Chris Anderson Less Intellectually Curious Than George W. Bush [spincity]

*Furniture: Cassette lamps. Where’s the 8-track footstool? See what I did there? Hated myself. Intensely. [coudal]

*TV: I am currently watching a television program that’s telling me that Michael Jackson was addicted to eBay. But I can’t imagine him using a computer with any proficiency. He used IE, right?

Links for 4.29.09: Epilepsy, the Swine Flu and a skeleton…

*Purple: Prince had childhood epilepsy?

*Jobby: I wrote a thing for the jobby job. It’s about twitter. It’s called “I Don’t Know What Twitter Is.” Pay no attention to that hideous head shot.

*For Us, By Us: Paste has come up with a list of songs about musicians. Six items? No Big Bopper or shit like that? Why am I linking to such a weak-ass list? I ask myself that every time I link to a weak-ass list. [shorties]

*Health: Listen to the Swine Flu amino acid sequence as music. IF you’re not worried that simply hearing it will infect you. [waxy]

*Drink: I just learned about the existence of Ed Hardy wines from Murketing’s linkdump. And now I’m sad. And drinking wine.

*Internet radio: lets you listen to a stream of 8-bit music. And then you probably go crazy. [lyrical_miracle]

*Twitter: Hypebot pulls together a top 10 list of twitter tools for musicians. Why am I linking to a list that is labeled as one thing, but is not at all specific to musicians? Now I’m just getting sick of myself. RELATED: The Twitter Approval Matrix could be a useful way to frame your potential followees.

*Art: Someone has buried a real-live skeleton somewhere on the grounds of the Walker Art Center. Just FYI.

*Quips: Five funny things to read.

*Today’s links: Treading on a D. Self-loathing: A+.

Links for 3.10.09: Prince, the Dead, No Dig gardening…

*Album covers: The New Yorker‘s Sasha Frere-Jones asks “What Would Prince Do?” He would most probably hit on Salma Hayek in song. That’s what he would do.

*Music: The New York Times talks Grateful Dead concerts, collecting pics and anecdotes from hardcore fans. I never went to a Dead concert. I can do that…

*Plants: No Dig gardening sounds like a hell of a lot of work. And it can’t be as delicious as Lasagne Gardening.

*Documentaries: Check out this 12-part documentary on Philip Glass. [pop candy]

*Dental health: I have never tried cupcake-flavored dental floss. If I still have teeth after Easter, I might have to. [babble]

*Internet: More on the ATTRIBUTION debate (regarding which I linked to posts from Waxy and Kottke previously) from Anil Dash and Merlin Mann. This is weird for the listenerd to link to because if you don’t know it, you probably won’t read it. But if you know it, you probably don’t need to be told it. But I’m telling you, it’s worth reading if you care about what you read. Best of luck in your future endeavours and I am an idiot.

*Today’s links: D. Let’s try harder next time. A lot harder.

Links for 4.9.09: I have very little to say today.

*Seduction: Prince has set his sights on Salma Hayek. On his new triple-Target album he sings, “Hey Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call/ When she get tired of runnin’ after you down the hall/And she’s all worn out from those late-night feedings/and she’s ready for another rock and roll meeting.” I think that guy might be a weirdo.

*Men: My son isn’t unborn any more, but I’m still reading 1001 rules for my unborn son. “Never request a joke or an impression.” I couldn’t agree more.

*Beer: There is a new beer in town called Summit Horizon Red Ale and Heavy Table has drunk it. Has drunk it? I’m an editor, but I never took an English class past the 11th grade, people. Also, delicious, delicious beer.[s4xton]

*Internet: I linked to Waxy’s round-up of the All Things D attribution kerfuffle yesterday. Now Kottke adds a couple cents. It’s worth reading.

Links for 3.3.09: Snoop’s allegiances, Prince’s Target, Twitter’s sonnets…

*Hip-hop: Is Snoop Dogg a member of the Nation of Islam? There goes his Senate run. Also, what does DMX think about this political misstep?

*Art: See what it’s like to be standing, surfing inside a wave. Not only do I not know how to surf, I can’t even swim. Or read. [neatorama]

*Royalty: Prince is selling his next three albums as a bundle exclusively through Target. Apropos of Target, I’ve bought the wrong sized furnace filter twice in a row now. Can’t we just decide on a standard?

*Covers: Neko Case covers Neil Young’s “Dreamin’ Man.” A strange proportion of listenerd readership (which now numbers in the dozens) has a crush on either or both of these parties. And by that, I mean a SEXUAL crush.

*Camo: Urban camouflage: How to disguise your appearance in city settings. (This smells old to me, but I’ll link to anything having to do with Post-Its.) [swissmiss]

*Sponsorships: Dolly Parton is now the face of Cracker Barrel.

*Online music: LaLa’s performance encourages music labels. CEO Bill Nguyen spoke on a Music 2.0 panel at CES this year and he seemed like he had his shit together. I, on the other hand, loathed being there. [via gonze]

*Beats: How to tell which drummers brought a metronome into the studio. Like CSI, but for drummers. Who haven’t murdered people. [bb gadgets]

*Twitter: If Twitter is a “poor man’s e-mail system,” is a sonnet a beggar’s epic poem?

*Related: Now here’s a man (Brian Eno) who knows how to Twitter. [tds]

*Religion: Consider reading this mini-piece for the day job, which is about the Mall of America adding a space for Muslims to pray.

*Scrabble: From a recent letter to the New Yorker: “As the word list has grown, certain letters have become overvalued and others undervalued. “X,” an eight-point letter, is now far more easily played than “C,” a three-point letter. When “za” and “qi” were added to the official word list a few years ago, no adjustment was made to the ten-point values of the “Z” and “Q” tiles. The result is that the current game encourages players to exploit the inefficiencies of an outdated scoring system.”

Exactly! WHERE ARE YOUR PRECIOUS ALGORITHMS NOW?!!?!? (I don’t know what that last part means, but I’ve been wanting to yell it for a long time now.)

*Booze: For the 3rd year in a row, Minneapolis bar The Local sold more Jameson than any other bar in the world.

*Today’s links: C+. Ugh. GOODBYE.

Links for 2.21.09: Live air traffic chatter, Bon Iver cover, Beamcast update…

*Podcast: An update on my unyielding quest to secure Sam Beam for an interview for the listenerd’s inaugural podcast. Still no word from Mr. Beam, though I have now figured out my third question for the heavily bearded crooner: “What does the bottom of our current global economic meltdown look like? Is it a W bottom? A V bottom? An L bottom? Thoughts? Thank you.”

*Eavesdropping: Listen to Live Air Traffic Control chatter on Why do I find this so appealing? [neural]

*Covers: The Chairs cover Bon Iver’s “Flume” (an MP3). I typed that with my three remaining fingers. [blisslist]

*Data: An examination of more than 300,000 Twitter users puts them into a couple groups (NOT Retweeters vs. Favrders this time) – interacters (those who @ and otherwise talk to each other) and followers/followees. This is only interesting if you are a total loser. I find it fascinating. Well, maybe not this analysis in particular, but the system’s dynamics. Sorry.

*Charts: Andrew Kuo’s charts of Antony & the Johnsons’ “The Crying Light,” Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Beware,” and Morressey’s “Years of Refusal” for the New York Times. Too much yellow?

*Biz: Songbird’s CEO exits, replaced by the board’s chairman for now.

*Games: Barack Obama is apparently addicted to BrickBreaker, a game yours truly has been known to partake in. To wit –

-Me, reading RSS feeds: “WHOA. Guess who ELSE is addicted to BrickBreaker?”
-Her: “John Hodgman?”
-Me: “Cooler.”
-Her: “Prince?”

Video: Rehearsal footage from Prince

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Links for 1.2.09: Prince’s albums, torrenting records, vinyl bling

*Labels: Open Your Eyes Records distributes all of its new music via BitTorrent. This may come as a shock to you (geek that I am probably perceived to be), but I have never torrented anything. Because I am retarded. And about as impatient as they come.

*Prince: Supposedly, Prince is planning on putting out 3 new albums in 2009. He also seems to be regretting those anti-gay comments in the New Yorker right about now.

*Fashion: Vling is vinyl bling – jewelry made out of old records. There are SKULLS. [spinning indie]

*Sales: Go to Coolfer for charts (with COLORS) breaking out music sales for 2008. All things considered, not bad. I mean, we’re in a global economic meltdown.

*Economy: People are taking less pay in order to have any job at all. I’m crying on the outside. And inside.

*Fashion: The party’s over for makers of novelty New Year’s Eve eyewear.

*Green: Landsharing connects people with the yard space for great gardens with gardeners who want to expand their growing potential. Look, not everything in the world is about music. Also, I’m a shitty gardener.

*Mashups: Jay-Z vs Radiohead = Hovahead. [radiohead at ease]

*Local: Watch some video of Mark Mallman on New Year’s Eve at MNStories.

*Twitter: Tweetree actually looks pretty useful – though if I can’t star things from inside it, I can’t use it.

*Food: Where the Wild Things Are bento boxes. Wow. [neatorama]

Video: Watch Prince hop on stage with Q-Tip

The crowd pretty much loses its shit. Man, he’s small.