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Links for 6.3.08: Neil Young’s car, Bovinus’ cow singer, Cobain’s remains

*Neil Young drives a 1959 Lincoln Continental that will soon run on electricity. I drive a 2000 Honda Civic. Or, often, take the bus. FYI.

*Bovinus is a metal band with a cow who sings vocals. God, Metal Sucks rules.

*The UkeCast is a podcast full of ukeleles. Seems perverted? [mefi]

*Kurt Cobain’s ashes were stolen. Also, Converse named a line of shoes after him.

*Radiohead’s back catalog goes up for sale on iTunes soon. You can’t pay what you want; you have to pay what Apple wants.

*Qloud launches “My Music” application for MySpace. It is pronounced like CLOUD. As I have been told so many times since I first blogged about them. [mashable]

*M.I.A. is engaged. And pregnant! With twins! [sorta, not really, not really]

*Local: Gnarls Barkley will be playing at the Minnesota State Fair this year. (You may park in my front yard for $8.) [mnspeak]

*Music/fashion mash: A N.E.R.D. t-shirt, perhaps? For their “Seeing Sounds” album.

*Off topic: Public radio nerds on Twitter. Most people are horseshit twitterers. Including public radio people, I assume. [mediation]

*Off topic item I am not going to dig deeper on: The Google trend of the hour at 7:58 pm was “what to do if inside of girl gets wet.” (No idea.)

Links for 3.31.08: Words and Tapes, my Bono hatred, Ludacris goes green…

*Minneapolis blog Culture Bully interviews Tapes N’ Tapes’ Josh Grier.

*Virgin Media is coming down on illegal downloaders in the UK for the first time. [techmeme]

*U2 signs a 12-year deal with Live Nation. It seems like it’s been forever since I mentioned my hatred of Bono.

*Tommy Lee and Ludacris will star on a Planet Green show called Battleground Earth. They’ll be struggling to keep their respective concert tours green, driving biofuel busses. And cutting down on their toilet paper usage? [treehugger]

*Music widget maker QLOUD (pronounced CLOUD!!!) has been purchased by Buzznet. [mashable]

*50 Cent, who threw his support behind Senator Clinton several months ago, has now shifted his allegiances and has endorsed Senator Barack Obama. As far as we know, The Game is still behind Kucinich. [huffpo]

*Beastie Boy Adam Yauch (whom you may know as MCA) has directed a film, Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot, a documentary about some of the country’s top high school basketball players. [pop candy. Seriously Pop Candy, your links that go to interstitial ads SOOOOOOOOOOCK.]

Links for 11.1.07: Bono’s boringness, Neko’s verse, Facebook tunes +

*Facebook is ready to launch a music service. (The listenerd mentioned it previously, but it’s realer now.) [listening post]

*QLOUD (which – and this is an internal link coming – we talked about previously) has now OFFICIALLY launched. [epicenter]

*Venture Beat runs an op-ed about the relationships and the music bid by Pandora founder Tim Westergren.

*Bono talks to Rolling Stone. I hate Bono. And I always will. No matter what. [via vulture]

*The iPhone is the invention of the year. It can make calls and play music. [time via techmeme]

*Lily Allen has her own credit card. If you don’t qualify for much, she will mock your small credit limit. [daily swarm]

*Neko Case writes for the latest edition of Poetry magazine: “We all have the right to poetry! How could I still think it’s for other people? Smarter people. What’s doubly confusing is I don’t have the same reservations when poetry is accompanied by music. [eat it, largehearted boy]