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Links for 10.13.08: M.I.A.’s child, AC/DC’s pop, Beastie votes…

*The circle of life: M.I.A. is pregnant. All of the retirement / engagement / etc. stuff makes sense now. If I may here loosely define “sense.”

*Money: AC/DC is second only to the Beatles in album sales (with 26.4 million total), ahead of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. They’re also doing the digital music thing on their own (weird) terms. Unrelated: Who’s got the biggest balls of them all? Kellen Winslow, Jr., apparently. (Grapefruits?)

*Literature: The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest Songs from Punk to Present comes out on November 11th. After Chinese Democracy, you will note. (I have the 1001 Albums book. I hope there is some overlap, or I am in real trouble.)

*Recession sell-off: Diamond encrusted iPod earbuds. They cost $60k.

*Cooking: Mario Batali’s personal playlist includes Cesaria Evora, Tom Waits and R.E.M. I think a blog that aggregated celebrity playlists, allowing users to visually make connections between and among them, would be a good idea. Also, it would be too much work for me to undertake.

*Rap: The Beastie Boys have announced a series of Get Out and Vote shows. Because, apparently, the 40-year-old white guy needs a kick in the ass to get out to the polls.

*Fashion: Lupe Fiasco helps design a Converse sneaker for next year’s (RED) campaign. Still? (With the Lupe Fiasco AND the RED?) Available in January.

*Words and politics: The New Yorker‘s James Wood on Sarah Palin

“She may claim, as she did in last Thursday’s Vice-Presidential debate, that ‘Americans are cravin’ that straight talk,’ but they are sure not going to get it from the Governor––not with her peculiar habit of speaking only half a sentence and then moving on to another for spoliation, that strange, ghostly drifting through the haziest phrases, as if she were cruelly condemned to search endlessly for her linguistic home.”


Links for 7.1.08: Rhapsody MP3, 50 gayest songs, Jay-Z’s Brazilian wax…

*Rhapsody has launched an MP3 store. [lots of people]

*Also: HOT TOPIC is launching an MP3 store. No word yet from my grandma. [daily swarm]

*Also: The (RED) campaign will begin to sell MP3s (with proceeds going to African causes). No word yet from Bono.

*Great New York Times blurb from over the weekend: Bob Dylan is the popular musician most often cited in judicial opinion. He has the 80+ demo LOCKED.

*Warner Music Group signs on for Nokia’s Comes with Music service. [mediaeater]

*The 50 Gayest Pop Songs. Full list here, from Rhapsody. Heavy on the ABBA. [chum bucket]

*GROOMING: Jay-Z and P. Diddy both get Brazilian pubic waxes. Also, they both have letters as parts of their names. COINCIDENCE?

*Soundchaser: Using old vinyl to make rad model train tracks. Video here. [waxy]

*Make your own Elvinator robot Elvis impersonator. If you are crazy. [bb gadgets]