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Links for 10.13.08: M.I.A.’s child, AC/DC’s pop, Beastie votes…

*The circle of life: M.I.A. is pregnant. All of the retirement / engagement / etc. stuff makes sense now. If I may here loosely define “sense.”

*Money: AC/DC is second only to the Beatles in album sales (with 26.4 million total), ahead of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. They’re also doing the digital music thing on their own (weird) terms. Unrelated: Who’s got the biggest balls of them all? Kellen Winslow, Jr., apparently. (Grapefruits?)

*Literature: The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest Songs from Punk to Present comes out on November 11th. After Chinese Democracy, you will note. (I have the 1001 Albums book. I hope there is some overlap, or I am in real trouble.)

*Recession sell-off: Diamond encrusted iPod earbuds. They cost $60k.

*Cooking: Mario Batali’s personal playlist includes Cesaria Evora, Tom Waits and R.E.M. I think a blog that aggregated celebrity playlists, allowing users to visually make connections between and among them, would be a good idea. Also, it would be too much work for me to undertake.

*Rap: The Beastie Boys have announced a series of Get Out and Vote shows. Because, apparently, the 40-year-old white guy needs a kick in the ass to get out to the polls.

*Fashion: Lupe Fiasco helps design a Converse sneaker for next year’s (RED) campaign. Still? (With the Lupe Fiasco AND the RED?) Available in January.

*Words and politics: The New Yorker‘s James Wood on Sarah Palin

“She may claim, as she did in last Thursday’s Vice-Presidential debate, that ‘Americans are cravin’ that straight talk,’ but they are sure not going to get it from the Governor––not with her peculiar habit of speaking only half a sentence and then moving on to another for spoliation, that strange, ghostly drifting through the haziest phrases, as if she were cruelly condemned to search endlessly for her linguistic home.”


INFOGRAPHICS: R.E.M.’s recommended method of depression management

funny graphs
see more funny graphs

From GraphJam, a site which I blogged previously, and basically rules.

Video: R.E.M.’s “Until the Day Is Done” Take-Away Show

Many more R.E.M. Take Aways shows can be found here.

Links for 3.5.08: Radiohead socializes, Napster earns, Beyonce hitches…

*Radiohead launches a social network. I wonder if 50 Cent will become a member.

*Jay-Z and Beyonce got married. [concrete loop]

*Wal-mart’s music store goes DRM-free without SonyBMG and WMG.

*Napster’s revenue is up again. Yes, Napster still exists.

*Pop culture embroidery: Check out everyone from Bowie to Madonna to REM and more. [pop candy]

Links for 3.30.08: 50 Cent’s soc net, Stereogum’s sale, bands’ brands

*Check out this BrandWeek article about big-brand concert sponsorship being on the rise.

*ThisIs50: 50 Cent has a social network. (Huh. And I thought he was retiring.) [mashable]

*Stereogum gets bought again? [paid content]

*The Times covers R.E.M., who’s trying to do things differently this time around (releasing their latest album on iLike, etc.), but still sounds really boring to me. Hi. I’m sorry.

*WAIT. Am I the last to know that Panic! At the Disco lost the exclamation point?!?!?!?!?1/1/1/111

Links for 3.10.08: The Beatles on iTunes, depressed bloggers, aliases…

*Depressed people turn to blogging. I could have guessed this, were I not so apathetic.

*McCartney signs a $400M deal with iTunes to make Beatles songs available.

*AdAge covers the Walkmen (a personal fave) and the art of selling out (indie style).

*Check out the hottest music soc net’s (Imeem’s) guide to SXSW. SXSW. Guides. Effers, every one. [hypebot]

*SlicethePie (covered previously on the listenerd) crowdsources A&R and band management, allowing fans to back and make bucks on up-and-coming bands. They recently received $2M in venture funding. [hypebot]

*REM is releasing its new album through iLike before it hits stores. On a side note, I am somewhat bored with disruption of musical distribution channels.

*I love aliases. Not pen names proper, but the disposable aliases used by the famous to travel quasi-anonymously. Ron Mexico. George Fox (who is apparently a real person and acquaintance of Mr. Spitzer). Further study is here needed.

Video: REM’s “Superman” played on a Crayola phonograph

Links for 10.4.07: Gum’s REM, Wu’s Guitar, Jobs’ tour +

*On the future of the music business: Subscription is going to win over a la carte pricing. [via hypebot]

*Remember that item from yesterday when the Wu-Tang Clan said they’d been cleared to use a Beatles sample, from “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”? (Which would have been the first time anyone had been allowed to do so.) Not exactly true. Peefork explains (what they’re using is an “interpolation”) and offers a stream of what the Wu has created with said interpolation.

*The execrable and (sorta) local: The RIAA’s case (the first to go to trial in the States) against a Duluth woman accused of filesharing wraps up.

*The New York Times covers Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want program. How? By quoting a Stereogum commenter.

*Fake Steve Jobs is going on a listening tour. [Mashable]

*Stereogum gives its tribute treatment to R.E.M.’s Automatic for the People. WORTH checking out. (Previously: OK Computer tribute.)