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Video: Robot Quadrotors playing the James Bond theme song

I had to do it. The pressure had become too intense to hold out any longer.

Links for 11.1.09: Tape ties, rats, and matches

*Fashion: Whoa. Sonic Fabric Neckties. Ties made from 50% polyester thread and 50% cassette tape. That you can listen to. WHAT? [ohgizmo]

*Language: All Sorts has a collection of collective nouns, including “a fixie of hipsters,” which I could have sworn was an old neologism.

*Books: Who are the 10 best rats in literature? I agree with the Orwell and Camus, of course, but no rats of NIMH? Also, there was a dead rat in the basement of our building the other day. I didn’t go look at it. [shorties]

*Games: You can now play Rock Band on your iPhone. You could also technically create a robot to play Rock Band on your iPhone. Like this guy did. Not very sporting. [neural]

*Consumerism: Matches are everywhere. “In remote rural communities, where television, radio or even street names are almost non-existent, relaying information is a pressing issue. Matchboxes may contain the solution.” [marginal revolution]

*Booze: They make whisky flavored condoms. I’m drinking an old-fashioned right now! Actually, those two things have nothing to do with each other. At all. [buzzfeed]

*Things: If you’re marvelously pithy, you can enter this Significant Objects contest, wherein you need to right a story of a thing in 6 words or fewer.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s grade: F.

Video: Have you ever wanted to see a robot pole dance?

The average listenerd reader abhors pole dancers, but loves robots. So please watch.

Video: Robots trained to pogo to punk music

The original site had a warning indicating that the video includes strobe lighting. So I should tell you: This video has strobe lighting. Want to read more? More (and more boring!) pogoing robot footage here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Links for 7.1.08: Rhapsody MP3, 50 gayest songs, Jay-Z’s Brazilian wax…

*Rhapsody has launched an MP3 store. [lots of people]

*Also: HOT TOPIC is launching an MP3 store. No word yet from my grandma. [daily swarm]

*Also: The (RED) campaign will begin to sell MP3s (with proceeds going to African causes). No word yet from Bono.

*Great New York Times blurb from over the weekend: Bob Dylan is the popular musician most often cited in judicial opinion. He has the 80+ demo LOCKED.

*Warner Music Group signs on for Nokia’s Comes with Music service. [mediaeater]

*The 50 Gayest Pop Songs. Full list here, from Rhapsody. Heavy on the ABBA. [chum bucket]

*GROOMING: Jay-Z and P. Diddy both get Brazilian pubic waxes. Also, they both have letters as parts of their names. COINCIDENCE?

*Soundchaser: Using old vinyl to make rad model train tracks. Video here. [waxy]

*Make your own Elvinator robot Elvis impersonator. If you are crazy. [bb gadgets]

Video: The Trons, a self-playing robot band

Is it just me, or is the keyboardist kind of hot? (Here, The Trons can be seen playing “Sister Robot.”)


Links for 5.4.08: JazzFest’s costumes, dancing robots, Boredom’s frogs…

*Phonofone II is a pseudo-phonograph designed by Tristan Zimmermann for use by iPod owners. It is white and gorgeous, but alas, has no soothing spinning motion. Also, the online NYT design magazine is a bitch to browse.

*Also: If you are sick of iPods (and I am; at least my own), you could have a dancing robot (in this case, WALL-E) play your MP3s. While capering. Unless you are also sick of dancing, MP3-playing robots. [popgadget]

*The New York Times ArtsBeat blog on JazzFest. I went there many years ago, and some guy stole our beer.

*The A.V. Club reviews “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold” by Minneapolis’ Atmosphere.

*TAVC also interviews Boredoms. On the influence of frogs: “In the fields of rice patties, there’s a leader frog in each one. The leader will start making the sound, then all of them will start making their noises. It starts to build up, and once it builds, it becomes a rhythm. Then it all stops.

*The Wall Street Journal asks Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard what his playlist consists of. Mr. Gibbard lies thusly: She and Him, The Hollies, Emitt Rhodes. Where do they train these publicists?

Video: A sampling, drum-playing robot

Let’s Make Robots has made a robot that plays kick-ass percussion.

[music thing]

Video: Toyota’s violin-playing robot


VIDEO: (NON-MUSICAL) A robotic mule

[eyebeam reblog]

Video: A robot version of a Patsy Cline tune

Theremin plays Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” Take that, Gnarls.

(BTW: Cee-lo is to Gnarls what Darius was to Hootie.)

Also, love this YouTube comment: “You win at life, that’s all there is to it. Fucking A, man, fucking A.” Amen, radiofan6872.

Video: Beck treats us to robots dancing

The song is Beck’s “Hell Yes.”

My take: Cool robots, too much Beck.

[via the thinking blog]

Video: Robots cover Gnarls Barkley tune

Yes, it was on Boing Boing. But it is still robots playng musical instruments. To be precise, it is the thereminbot and the thumpbot playing “Crazy.”