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Links for 9.26.10: I am now 100% immune to polio

*Fashion: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn says not to call them the Twinkies, yet I have this incredibly awesome t-shirt from Campfire.

*Art: Don’t call it the bird: A giant statue of a middle finger being given, by Maurizio Cattelan. [notcot]

*Movies: Read this page devoted to skeptics of The Force.
“Thus far, two Dark Jedi powers have come to light (so to speak) which merit attention:
-Telekinetic choking, and
-Purple lightning bolts that come from their fingertips.”
[too much nick]

*Booze: Charles Bukowski and Roger Ebert write about the Mickey Rourke movie “Barfly,” which – incidently – is the last movie I ever had on VHS. Also, I like to pronounce it Barf-ly.

*Food: Rob Walker writes about the junk-food branding of baby carrots. I’m an adult carrot guy. Always have been. (Don’t read anything weird into that. Well, nothing TOO weird.) Also, here’s a Rob Walker interview. He would like to have dinner with a nuclear bomb. FAIR ENOUGH.

*Arms: This is a World War I-era pistol bayonet. I link to it here because it terrifies me. On a somewhat related note, today (in GQ – don’t ask) – I learned of the existence of men’s garters that attach to the bottom of a shirt and the top of each sock. They are military in origin, and also terrifying.

*Please note: I have received a polio immunization and am not confident that I will not contract polio.

*Television: Apparently, Bob Dylan appeared on Pawn Stars.

*Today’s grade: F. (Note: I could not even bring myself to proof this post, having watched two episodes of Hoarders on Netflix tonight.)

Links for 1.9.10: 16 Ways to Better Abs

*Reading: This incredible spreadsheet, created by Frank Kovarik, tracks details about all the fiction that has appeared in The New Yorker since 1/6/03. “Just 10 writers account for 82 (or 23%) of the 358 stories to appear over the last seven years. Just 18 writers account for 124 (or 35%) of the stories.” [the millions]

*Fashion: Kings of Leon have their own clothing line. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any clothes that weren’t purchased in 1999. [npr]

*Movies: The New York Times has an infographic examining the movie-ordering habits of Netflix users in major metro areas. That’s a lot of Benjamin Buttons. Which was, in its execution, a pointless movie. Apologies to any diehard Benjamin Button fans reading this. Benjamin Button. Funny name.

*Food: Roger Ebert doesn’t eat or drink anymore. “During that whole period I was Nil by Mouth. Nobody said as much in so many words, but it gradually became clear that it wouldn’t ever be right again.”

*Reading: This links has now appeared everywhere, but when I first read it, I couldn’t believe how good it was. Incredibly well done. If “The Big Lebowski” were written by Shakespeare.

*Wildlife: This article from The Atlantic tells how sonic bombardment can be used to move beetle infestations out of forests.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F-.

Links for 8.26.09: Silvered nudes, Bacon Oakleys, Charles Baxter…

*Communication: Woofer. It’s like twitter, but with a 1400 character lower limit. [buzzfeed]

*Social networking and youth: Should Twitter care if kids don’t like it? Ask Craig Ferguson.

*Fashion: Bacon Oakleys aren’t made out of real bacon.

*Mashup: Han Solo, P.I. [laughing squid]

*GPS: Bob Dylan might be telling you where to make your turns some day.

*Local: The Rumpus interviews author Charles Baxter. [harper’s]

*Imagery: I have two words for you: Silvered Nudes. [notcot]

*AA: Roger Ebert talks about Alcoholics Anonymous and 30 years of sobriety.

*Local: If the Uptown Bar closes, where will we get our pint glasses? Where, I ask you?

*Today: Sleek and straight.

Links for 8.10.09: Radiohead’s albums, twitter’s wit, Ebert’s lament, Pee-Wee’s return…

*Literature: Gawker gave “Twitter Wit,” the forthcoming book of tweets curated by @Nick, a D, but included a semi-amusing summation paragraph. (Note: Page 17 or 18 of said book might be worth a read… Just saying. Listen: Can you just take a hint?)

*Music: In a The Believer interview, Thom Yorke says Radiohead won’t release more albums. Who wants to make a bet that Radiohead “reimagines” the album some time in the future, and that it looks a lot like the current conception of an album? Also, who knows if it’s right or even ok to say “a ‘The Believer’ interview”? A the? [npr]

*Images: AgeMaps of people’s faces show them as both young and old. I am going to vomit! In a good way. But still. Vomit. Everywhere. [coudal]

*Buys: Facebook bought FriendFeed. What I think is interesting about this is that it moves Facebook beyond the reciprocal relationship to the potential for more robust (though still interactive) author/subscriber models. Yes, I’m being serious. (Oh, the price tag was $50M.)

*Innovation: An experimental hearing aid that’s ANCHORED IN BONE will have an AUDIO JACK for music. DUDE. [neatorama]

*Movies: If Ebert says we’re headed into a cinematic Dark Age, we’re heading into a cinematic Dark Age. “This dumbing-down seems more pronounced among younger Americans. It has nothing to do with higher educational or income levels. It proceeds from a lack of curiosity and, in many cases, a criminally useless system of primary and secondary education.” Now I feel like a real idiot for that whole “Twitter Wit” thing.

*Drug culture: The Pee-Wee Herman Show has come back as a live stage show. No masturbating. [laughing squid]

*Green: Watch the trailer for “No Impact Man.” [coudal]

*Worthy endeavors: Reconstructing Oscar Wilde’s library. [harper’s]

*Today’s links: F. Never forget.

Links for 9.29.08: Timbaland roars, Britney bangs, and the coming DEPRESSION?

*Green: Conscientious bands are putting out carbon neutral CDs. I have long thought that a network of biodiesel fuel providers with pumps at regional nightclubs is one of the few winning business models in the music business (at least in the mid-term).

*Music: Totally coincidentally to my posting an item about them yesterday, Mates of State recently did an in-studio thing with local radio station 89.3 The Current. You can listen here. Maybe I felt the vibes.

*Disturbing: I guess Britney has a sex tape with that paparazzi dude from a few months back. Guys! This makes me really depressed! Guys?

*Toys: If you thought that The Epidermits toy was scary, check out the 12′ Katy Perry doll.

*Crossover: Sasha Frere-Jones names the most important music producer of our times, DJ Timmy Tim. Oh wait; it’s Timbaland. Whew.

*Interviews: Geek guitar god Jonathan Coulton gets a talking-to from Ars Technica. The man on his business plan: “I will put music on the Internet, something will happen, and then I will make money.”

*Politics: Ebert brings the pain on McCain. Ouch. This is a dude (Ebert) who gave a thumbs up to “The Brown Bunny.” (Not a euphemism.)

*Winners and losers: The only company on the S&P 500 that gained today was Campbell’s soup. BUY CANNED FOOD, EVERYONE. Also, some Jim Beam might not hurt. And maybe shotgun shells.