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Video: The Trapeze Swinger performed live

Who among us is not crying into his or her own cupped hands right now?

Also, I enjoyed this comment, by alexanderalexanders: “GOD I WOULD FUCKING RAGE IF PEOPLE WERE TAKING THAT MANY FLASH PHOTOS OF ME”

Video: Iron and Wine covers Nick Drake

Listen to Sam Beam sing Nick Drake’s “Place to Be.” Also, check out more Iron and Wine rarities via modestareloger’s YouTube channel.

It should be said here that Sam Beam still refuses to do a podcast with me. Note that it would be a whisper podcast. Still. Nothing. [via mefi]

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Tree by the River” Take Away Show

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Walking Far from Home”

Remember when I tried to get Sam Beam to do a podcast with me for like two months? NOTHING.

The barrier between the artist and the fan is as unassailable as ever.

I will now cry directly into my cupped hands.

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car”

Links for 6.5.09: The world, Goths, dance parties, Twitterbelle, seed bombs…

*Economics: This brief history of the world over the past 200 years – in vizzie form narrated with an awesome accent – is simply wonderful. I strongly urge you to watch the video if you are a human being with a mind or know any human beings with minds. [stubbs or reed]

*Books: The next major book deal from the world of the internet is upon us: Goths in Hot Weather. Did the creators of this blog not know about Tumblr? [urlesque]

*Politics: Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is running for county clerk of Wahkiakum County in Washington. County clerk. Heh. Geek.

*Offices: Check out David Byrne’s office on this video slide show. [psfk]

*Update: Friend of the listenerd music blog Spin City KIND OF almost knows that dude who started the Sasquatch dance party that we (and everybody else) blogged a few days ago.

*Podcasts: Friend of the listenerd music blog The Blisslist did a playlist / interview on Breakthru Radio. You can listen to the mp3 of the show here. Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam was not on it.

*Gardening: Horticulture jammers gets a new weapon – the seed bomb. Have I mentioned that I like to activate the nitrogen in compost heaps by urinating in them? Remind me not to. It would be embarrassing. [eyeteeth]

*Twitter: Twitter user @poeks has created Twitterbelle, a useful tool for seeing whom you have most favorited. The site’s especially handy for serial favoriters, such as those who frequent Favrd. If you don’t use Favrd, you should probably consider it. Unless you are bad at twittering.

*Local assignment: This is for someone at Heavy Table, or any other locals smarter than I am (the list as long and distinguished).

I’d like for someone to put Twin Cities neighborhoods on a Google map. Then I’d like residents of those neighborhoods to be able to indicate what restaurant or food experience they feel they’re lacking in their area. Then I’d like other users to be able to agree or disagree with them, or suggest alternatives.

For instance: I live in Como Park. There’s no pizza here. My neighbors all acknowledge the lack of pizza. Some have suggested alternatives. Some are OK, none are perfect (or even, really, that great). This idea properly executed would serve as both a nice recommendation engine for residents by micro-region and also a VERY useful tool for companies or marketers looking for food-related needs gaps. (Let me stress: This is not REVIEWS – which many sites have. The emphasis is flipped and consumer need is at the forefront. This is important. Or something. Thank you.)

Yes, I just said needs gaps. If there’s something out there already that fulfills these purposes, I apologize for my ignorance and would use it.

Video: Iron & Wine covers New Order’s “Love Vigilantes”

This is one of the few people on Earth who will not do a podcast with me through robot-voice megaphones.

Links for 5.20.09: Ramsay, Cutlery, Sam Beam, meat eating, pigeons…

*Podcasts: If you want to see the guy with the huge beard who refuses to do a podcast with me (his name is Sam Beam and his band is Iron and Wine), check out this video, for the song “Love Vigilantes.” I will now recommence crying into my cupped hands.

*Belief: What will your grandchildren be embarrassed you did or believed in? Circumcision? Self-medicating? Meat eating? [waxy]

*Graphics: The Daily Swarm’s commentary on Project Playlist acquiring Total Music. A pile of fecal matter. Steaming.

*Like, art: Do you want to see a pigeon going down a drain? From an exhibit called “The Space Between.” I once ran over a large goose while driving at night and it was extraordinarily sickening and depressing. FYI. [eyeteeth]

*Television: Everything Tracy Jordan ever said in season three of “30 Rock.” [urlesque]

*Videos: The Cold War Kids have an interactive music video called “I’ve Seen Enough” out. I remember when music videos were on on tv. And, like, had chicks. Dancing. And shit. [fimoculous]

*Architecture: The world’s architecture rendered in Legos. I once built a tower straight up, reaching toward the sky. Minutes later it was destroyed by the capricious whim of a two-year-old child. This is how one learns patience.

*Ideas: Eat Me Daily explores the idea of a Grand Unification Theory of Cutlery. Also highly recommended, Gordon Ramsay Swears at You. (Push the button on his head. The red one.)

*Today’s links: D. I’m a little worried about Lyrical_Miracle. He’s been suspiciously quiet lately….

Links for 5.12.09: Mead, twitter, beards, non-photos, unbrands and MORE

*Things I Hate: What this article from GOOD fails to tell you is that mead tastes like a combination of old mushrooms, dog shit and a nickel you’ve been carrying around in your ass crack.

*Covers: I forgot to post this yesterday. Because my brain cells are slipping away. If there were such a thing as listenerdbait, this would be it. Album covers reimagined as Penguin book covers.

*Negatives: Unphotographable offers prose accounts of pictures not taken. WHICH IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF SHIT I TOTALLY LOVE. (It would be nice if there were some more mundane ones, though.) [magnetbox]

*Idol: Is American Idol fixed? I once watched this show for an entire season. And I have the scars to prove it (they are emotional scars). [vulture]

*BEAMCAST: Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam has steadfastly refused to do a podcast with me. And yet he is streaming “Around the Well” on his MySpace page. Inconsistent much, jerk face? OH no. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry. I got emotional. Ugh.

*Branding: Product Displacement is a blog that tracks instances of fictionalized brands’ appearances in movies and TV, as well as unbrandings (the removal of branding from real companies). [murketing]

*Twitter: Paste tried to compile a list of the 10 funniest twitterers. Other than Bad Banana, this is an awful list. OK, Michael Ian Black is fine, too. Please stick to what you’re good at, Paste – which is releasing free compilation albums once a year in conjunction with eMusic. [spincity] Also: If Kanye were on Twitter, he might be one of the funniest. Based on this.

*Facial hair: Being a hierarchy of beards. I have grown a beard of my own in the past week. And now I must slaughter a fatted calf with my bare hands. [buzzfeed]

*Today’s links: C-. I’m not embarrassed by them for the first time in nearly 15 years.

Links for 4.8.09: Hype Machine, online attribution, letter from T.S. Eliot…

*Digital music: Hype Machine’s Anthony Volodkin talks about whether Hype Machine is bad for music. “We probably did play a role in the growth and attention that music blogs have received. This changes the dynamics of many things, as bigger audiences tempt the wrong people to do the wrong things (post link bait, poor quality content but in large quantity etc).” [daily swarm]

*Literature: T.S. Eliot – editor at Faber & Faber in 1944 – explains why he rejected George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” [inessential]

*Twitter: There is a race to be the first Twitterer with 1,000,000 followers going on right now, and I am losing. My money, as always, is on Britney. Though John Mayer (or his ghostwriter) is somehow not bad with the medium at all.

*E-retail: Click and wait. I don’t know how to read this language. Netherlandish. (Flemish?) [coudal]

*The internet: Waxy makes internet attribution debates not boring.

*Updates: Six things to read on twitter. (I started looking at the quality of the posts from some Minneapolis Twitterers and I’m scared. And I don’t scare easily.)

*Today’s links: Strong D. STRONG.

Links for 4.4.09: Postal slang, fish counting, undriving…

*Language: At the post office, a “deadhead” is a vehicles that travels without mail. See Schott’s collection of U.S.P.S. jargon here. I call junk mail “winter coats.” No, I don’t.

*Update: ZERO update from Sam Beam of Iron and Wine on the podcast I have proposed to do with him. I’m starting to think that this podcast will have to wait until at least Q3.

*Music 2.0: Yahoo Music to launch Artist Pages soon. [techmeme]

*Economy: Jim Cramer says the Depression is over. Uh boy.

*Nature: Fish can count. We eat fish. Therefore, we can count. LOGIC.

*Green: Read Worldchanging’s post on undriving. “Un” seems to be the prefix of 2008 and 2009.

*Local crime: Two Dozen More Bodies Found in Lake Wobegon. [s4xton]

Links 3.26.09: Meat faces, Los Lobos, epic sex with Gene Hackman…

*Words: The New York Times has launched a neologism blog, Schott’s Vocab, cultivated by the Schott’s Miscellany dude. Apropos of that, in Haiti, “Clorox” means you’re really hungry. How’s that for miscellany?

*Update: Still no word from Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam on the fabulous podcast I have proposed to him.

*WHAT??!?!?: Cloris Leachman Tells of Epic Sex with Gene Hackman. Talk about a headline you don’t want to read. (Interesting: The main HuffPo page includes “epic,” but the head on the article itself omits it. HM.)

*Pics: I didn’t even know beer sweaters existed. [coudal]

*Interior decorating: Take a look at this Danish decor of the 1970s, as seen through carefully isolated portions of pornographic movie stills. It’s kind of NSFW. And a bit disturbing. Aesthetically. [mefi]

*Art: On refrigerators. With magnets. More art: MEAT FACES: The following photos might make you slightly ill – [eat me]

*Economics: Roubini says stocks will continue to fall and a bunch of banks will have to be nationalized in 2009.

*Interviews: My colleague Abelardo interviewed Steve Berlin of Los Lobos for Latino LA. “Nobody’s got more cousins than Conrad [Lozano]. Half the audience is either his cousin, knew him from high school or split a case of beer with him.”

*Local: Culture Bully interviews Cloud Cult. I used to like Cloud Cult. I will go no further in this comment.

*Today’s links: D-. What’s worse than piss poor?

Links for 3.9.09: Twitter radio, must-own albums, Lemmy’s ‘stache…

*Beamcast: No word from Sam Beam yet on the podcast I have proposed he record with me. I’ll be honest: I’ve spent the past 3 weeks crying, crying into my cupped hands.

*Twitter: ♬.ws is also known as Musebin. And it helps you search for music on Twitter. The music stuff happening around Twitter is interesting in a theoretical sort of way, but I am – as a user – part of the lazy middle, and still haven’t discovered any music-specific Twitter applications that have lit my fire. [tds]

*More Twitter: One experimenter is sorting tweets by sentiment and broadcasting them over the radio. (There’s video! Of radio! Kind of.)

*Furthermore: More people I know have been joining twitter lately and hating on it. This post from Online Fandom is as in tune with the possibilities of the medium as anything else I’ve read – especially point 5) “Twitter is temporal and cumulative”. OK, I’m done with twitter again.

*Men: Esquire goes all prescriptive, and tells the world the 75 albums every human male should own. Any asshole who’s ever heard the old saw “Build a house, plant a tree, write a book…” knows that “The Best of Elmo” needs to be on there. OK. I could be wrong.

*YouTube: Muziic pulls music off YouTube for streaming. I find the interface to be haunting. In a bad way. Like Linkin Park.

*More YouTube: RockPeaks is a collection of live music performances pulled from YouTube. [waxy]

*Pictures: Time runs the Cobbe oil painting, supposedly the only portrait of the bard made while he was alive. Weird, since everyone knows Shakespeare never existed. [mefi]

*Pop: Sasha Frere-Jones takes on Neko Case in the New Yorker. “I’m kind of the horn section of any band I’m in.”

*Hair: The 5 most important moustaches in music. LEMMY. [spinner]

*Loops: The Mimi Switch would allow one to control his or her iPod by blinking. [textually]

*Local: Brother Ali’s “The Truth is Here” EP gets a 7.4 from Peefork. Numbers are weird, and that’s why I keep looking at them, I think.

*Today: C, due to quantity. And too much effing Web 2.0 B.S.

Links for 2.28.09: Harvey dies, fake beards, flying penis omitted…

*Radio: Paul Harvey died.

*Beards: I have two items on beards to share today: 1) Are you a Christian hipster? (I am not.) 2) Beardhead – a combination winter scarf and fake beard. [lhb, kate]

*Lists: Are these the 100 worst album covers ever? And are these the 20 weirdest album covers? [eyeteeth, tds]

*Quotes: Howard Zinn talks about Viggo Mortensen, “I saw Viggo Mortensen on the “Charlie Rose Show” wearing a T-shirt – “Impeach, Remove, Jail” — that made me think, “Oh, Viggo Mortensen — he’s a serious political thinker.” I need one of these t-shirts.

*Bono: I have something in common with Bono’s children after all. United in our embarrassment, we shall stand together until the end of time. (I don’t know where that came from. Well. The heart, I guess.)

*Music players: Mufin is a music player that sorts your music collection by sound. (I haven’t tried it yet.) [cnet]

*Twitter: In the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley writes probably one of the most strangely angry articles about twitter you’ll see this week. “Those who say Twitter is a harmless pastime, which skeptics are free to ignore, are ignoring the corrosive secondary effects.”

*Side Twitter note: Is their revenue plan to take a cut from Big Telecom on SMS messages? Also: Google is on Twitter.

*Experience: 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced on the Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something. Memorize this list. And visit each site at least a few times. I’m just glad lemon party didn’t make it. Don’t ever ever ever go there. Trust me. As with any list, I need to quibble with one omission – No Kasparov attacked by remote control flying penis? [coudal]

*Sam Beam beamcast update: No word from Sam Beam about the beamcast I have repeatedly proposed…

*Today’s links: C effing +. (The remote control flying penis was the +.)